The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

True Destiny and Mission

Sun Myung Moon
May 7, 1971
The completion of blessed women's training
Sootaek-Ri Training Center
1971 translation

Now is the time for you to return to your mission and I pray for God's blessing to your departure. Every person you get in touch with at your mission may have but momentous, providential connections. In each person there are dark historical grudges and the sorrows of mankind.

Men and women are quite different in their characters, matters, natures etc. but there is no separating them from each other. Man and father stand for heaven whereas woman and mother stand for earth. Unfortunately there is no connection between the Absolute Being and the whole creation. So where there is no normal connection and common purpose between human beings, thus historical grudges cannot be resolved.

All of us know that human history set out with illicit connection of man and woman. Knowing about the Fall of Man, we can't comprehend the Creator desiring such an illicit connection. There is no wonder that at the end of the non-principled world men came to the conclusion that God is dead.

Then how can it be possible for ego to normalize his fallen illicit connection? No connection can bring about normalize the relationship. Inquiring into the subject of existence closely, everyone comes to recognize that it is God. If God is the subject, the universe and man should appear from Him. God is the sovereign of love, so there is bound a connection of love between Him his creation. In other words, God and we are in the relation of father and son, and there been such a connection from the beginning. Would that connection have been miserable? Consequently the true connection is unchangeable.

Why should we want to be one for ever and ever? It is because two values are made one. Once man and woman become one through eternal love centering God, their love can't be separated -- it is everlasting. The couple wishes everything within their love to be eternal around them. Everyone wishes to keep all of his love forever. Thus love is the source of multiplication and action and nothing can make a true relationship between man and woman, husband and wife, boy and girl, son and daughter without love.

However, is there anything for God to love in this world? Absolutely not. There is nothing that He can love, for no illicit connection can be loved. This is the very reason why religious life has led us away from the result of illicit love. Accordingly the more spiritual knowledge is acquired the less the material world means to us. The Orient set out with religious thought, while the Occident with materialistic thought. Therefore nations higher in spirit but poorer in material will surely have their time in history. When the end of the materialistic world draws near, the intrinsic world of spirit begins. Therefore we desperately want to normalize our fallen, illicit connection by being born again with a true connection to God.

"Seek for the True Parents!" That is the great strong point of our church. For True Parents, true connection and true love, everlasting object of all things -- past, present and future, regardless of generation, gender, occupation, etc., we can and should do our best.

When a nation loves the entire world with sovereign love at all costs, the entire universe will finally be under their love. You are now on the path to such a precious and noble way to life. 

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