The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Sincerity Overcomes

Sun Myung Moon
March 15, 1971
1971 Translation

Man seeks for the precious thing and wants to maintain it, and he is anxious to keep the true one unchangeable.

So does God.

Nobody wants to be without precious true ones.

But why in the world, there has come to appear the numerous wicked things?

What's the reason for so many wicked things to come into being?

Because we have not been accomplished the ideal yet. By wishing to have a close relation with good and precious things, we will be in a better situation.

Where can the Kingdom of Heaven be found? In the sacred, true and precious place. Jesus said that there would be the Kingdom of Heaven in our mind, and his saying means immanency of the Kingdom in the precious part of our minds.

Therefore the primary question is to find the precious Kingdom of Heaven in our own selves.

If it is not accomplished, we have nothing to do with goodness.

Good is goodness, and evil is no goodness.

Men of faith try to seek for life and reflect it in the precious, sacred and good things from his own being year by year, through his career and forever.

It is possible for evil to occupy or digest goodness and precious things? Since it is not absolute yet, they can be invaded by evil.

It is the believer's primary question to form internal contents of goodness and external circumstance of goodness.

For that purpose, believers can and should gain a victory over evil through internal struggle and expand goodness's territory.

How can we tide over evil environmental conditions? No other thing than sincerity can do it. Any action without sincerity is liable to close with evil, and sincerity will be made by prayer, and prayer means self-centrism and reliance on God's help.

Ecstasy comes only from this point.

Sincerity is the savior of tomorrow. Sincerity is also for the foundation and environment of goodness. Sincerity must be invited into ourselves now.

Sincerity should be made where it is known to no one, and a man of true heart can say no insincere word. There is no restriction in sincerity. No one in the world could be superior to God in the realm of sincerity. Here is where the relationship between God and man is bound together.

God makes nothing of utilitarian sincerity.

Men of true hearts and sincerity keep this world from extinction. 

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