The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

A grudge of Restoration (Part 2)

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 1971
Mapo District Church

Then how can it be possible for us to leave our fallen situation?

What will appear if a prodigal son is left alone? It can't be questioned, he will die away.

Therefore to keep him from falling into a Satanic trap, God could only interrupt the way His son was pursuing.

Since not means but only purpose can make or break good or evil, if a wicked person kidnaps a good one, it will surely result in evil; whereas when a good person kidnaps a wicked one, good will result.

Forced to be alone and in sorrow, man comes to ponder what life and universe really are and is willing to get in close touch with the Absolute Being or Absolute Good if any.

As there are four seasons in a year, there are the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in our earthly life and in the spiritual world. Childhood corresponds to Spring, youth to Summer, old age to Fall and death to Winter. For the day, morning is Spring, noon is Summer, evening corresponds to Autumn and night to Winter. In Spring flowers bloom and everything returns to life. In our hearts, when we long for the original garden to ripen, there will be surely come the day when our open hearts unites with God, our Father and following His way, we will attain the Spring of life.

When one understands the direction of Providence, he will naturally follow its way. But it's not so easy for us to meet with the Providence and though meeting with it, if we keep silent, opportunity is fleeting. So everyone should devote himself to close a connection with Providential opportunity in prayer.

From such a point of view, a straggler in life is neither miserable nor poor rather he is at a new starting point.

This is the reason why the true way for fallen persons is no other than the right way -- the way opposite to their fallen inclination -- straight is the gate and narrow is the way which leads unto life.

There have been the periods of clever men, periods of powerful persons, and periods of laborers and farmers, but who will be heroes of the future? Of course, it will be the period of religionists who are over 2 billion. Finally there should come the day when God rules the universe. That is why our Unification Church has been standing for religious unification.

Then how shall unification be accomplished? It can and be fulfilled by going in the opposite direction from the way the men under the Satanic dominion considered good. The degeneration of mankind was brought forth by ungodly and selfish ways of thinking. So the Teacher of the Unification Church chases you and orders all the members to be in pain.

Which one will God choose? Mere hearers of the Divine Principle who learn the pains or those who bear pain based on the principle? It's needless to say, God likes the latter. Whoever devotes himself to the fulfillment of God's will, at all hazards, faces trials in difficult conditions. There is choice other than absolute obedience in the Way of Faith.

When leaving North Korea in Korean War, I was accompanied by a follower whose leg had been broken [Chung Hwa Pak], and the way to our South Korean refuge was cut off. I was willing to be the most miserable one among the refugees.

It has been God's course to chase out His followers to be sacrificed, without making them happy or blessing them. To make the lineage of the fallen foe return to life, God has been forced to make a scapegoat of His beloved sons.

Grudge for restoration! How can it be possible for God to be in peace when He is going to take such a way!

Why can't there be another way in God Himself, the Omnipotent and omniscient? There is only one true way, there can't be two ways.

If God, the subject of mankind is absolute, then there should be and absolute Adam and Eve, His objects. But due to the Fall, they left the position of being absolute -- being true. Where there are no true man and woman, there can be no true family, true society or the true world.

First, Providence sought a man, because the Archangel Fell first and man followed him. So according to the Principle of Creation, first there should be indemnity for a man, the symbolic Archangel; and then there will be the time to restore a woman. That the period of 70 years after the end of World War II. Had Adam and Eve not fallen, how they have been married? Surely God would have been the officiator.

Conjugal love did not belong to Adam and Eve. It belongs to God, the lord of love and the Fall means the cutting off of the root of love. So, God has been seeking for the individual, family, racial, national, and universal Adam, Eve and Archangel. And it has been the grudge of heaven not to have found them.

How can the grudge be restored?

When we have intention to take suffering on ourselves and give the good to God, Heaven's grudge it will surely be cleared. 

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