The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

A grudge of Restoration (Part 1)

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 1971
Mapo District Church
1971 translation

Master had been a round visit to all District churches in Seoul City

Restoration means to put everything back to its original state.

Under a Blessing of God's hand in Eden's garden, Adam and Eve had to make a relationship of a married couple. Then they could get a victory under God's idea and all creatures could enjoy under the truth of our Heavenly Father.

Thus, if our ancestors could have succeeded and fulfilled God's idea of love and truth and live with Adam and Eve, mankind would have been blessed perfectly by God. But our progenitors failed.

If the forefather of mankind had not fallen under Satan's love, man could have asked questions and received answers directly with our Heavenly Father. And mankind could have represented God's love. Also all creatures of the world could have had a relationship with the children beloved by God. But, as the result of our ancestor's Fall, mankind cannot form any relationship with all the things of this earth. This is the grudge and sadness of mankind.

Now we are living unconcerned with all creature and things. Also we are living disconnected with God's love. This is our deep sadness. This is the reason why man cannot supervise all the things created by God.

But God cannot give up on fallen man because He created man and the relationship with the man is that of a parent to children. God has to accomplish His responsibility of the creation of man as His perfect children.

We can easily understand the fact that parents cannot let their fallen son alone. They cannot give up their relationship with their prodigal sons. They cannot forget their first love for them and cannot give up their original relationship with their son.

Similarly, our God cannot abandon from His fallen children, our forefathers, Adam and Eve. God has deeper love than fallen man's parents.

Therefore, we have to consider the fact that our Heavenly Father has deeper sadness than mankind. It is true that the deepest disheartened love makes the deepest sadness. This is the situation of our God with His fallen children. We should imagine God's broken heart. He wants heartily to open a way to save His fallen children in deepest sadness and love.

This is God's, our True Father's heart.

Therefore, we, the fallen people have to make some conditions to restore true love, true freedom and true relationship with our Creator. We must understand our Heavenly God's situation, His deep sadness and love.

Of course, we can think that God is willing to forget His creation of man and give up on His fallen children, but the way of the love is not such a way.

During the workaday, a person wants to keep his relationship of love with his partner and he fears to separate from his relatives.

In view of such a standpoint, we know the fact that our Heavenly Father did not give up on Adam and He continued to heartily love in deep sadness. But Adam didn't understand God's heart and could not revive God's love.

Therefore God's deep love became His deep sadness. Then, there could be a deep grudge in His inner mind.

Because of Adam and Eve's fall, they had to live in distressful situations. Such a life was not their normal life. Under the holy blessing of God, they had to be a blessed couple. And they live in God's deepest love. They could have been the center for all created things in the universe. We must know of God's circumstance, and understand God's inner agony.

The Fall of man was not caused by God but was caused by the disobedience of Adam and Eve under a commandment of God. So, our ancestors had to take the entire responsibility for their falling. And they (Adam and Eve) were forced to go the eternal hell.

Our Heavenly Father didn't want to let them go to the eternal hell. He wanted man to take responsibly for the Fall of Man, His beloved children, because He created them with His own hands. We cannot understand and imagine His deep heart and sadness.

Here, let us consider about a situation of pitiful parents. Their son committed a grave crime and was hanged. Then, what do the parents think of their son's death? Would the parents of the convict under sentence of death want to lead him to death? No. If there was any way to save their son's life, they would take it. This is the heart of even fallen parents.

What would the heart of our Heavenly Father be? We can imagine our true God's heart. He didn't want to lead His fallen children, who were created by His hands, to death. He heartily wanted to save His children.

Therefore, Our Heavenly Father had set a condition for the return of His beloved children. He requested that His fallen children establish some conditions to welcome them in His eternal home.

God had to set a condition before the fallen children because they could not save themselves. So, God asked them to make a condition to return to His love.

To make the condition, the fallen children had to truly regret their disobedience. They had to swear to obey God's order.

Since the time of Adam's Fall, his descendants have been born by the love of fallen parents. Accordingly, all motives of human life and desire weren't produced from God's ideal love. Therefore, fallen man's life started from a position contrary to God's True love.

(To be continued) 

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