The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Master's 51st Birthday

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1971

Master addressing on His 51st Birthday

At 7:00 on February 1st (January 6th in lunar calendar), 1971, there was the congratulatory ceremony on 51st birthday of True Parents at Headquarters, HSA (Chungpa-Dong) with the presence of staff members of the Holy Spirit Association, 34 Districts, the International Federation for Extermination of Communism, Tong-il Industrial Co. Ltd including 36 and 72 blessed families.

Meanwhile at Sootaek-ri, there were variety of congratulatory events as follows in the presence of over 1,000 family members (Japanese 300, Korean 70, including District and Sub-District Leaders, members in Seoul).

Mr. Byung Woo Kim receives 1st prize of Musical Concours

February 1st

Sermon: (9 a.m. -- 1 p.m.)

12th Nationwide Inter-district Musical Concours (2 p.m. -- -5 p.m.,)

Prize Winner District Headquarters

Honor Prize

1st Byung Woo Kim Taegu

2nd Yoo Gyung Choi Headquarters

3rd Eun Ja Hahn Inchon

Incentive Byung Hwan Choi Headquarters

Mr. Soo Jung Lee, first prize of Oratorical Contest

February 2nd

14th Oratorical Contest (10 a.m.)

Youth Prize Winner District

1st Prize Soo Jung Lee Taejon

2nd Eung Gi No Yusoo

3rd Dong Soo Lee Kangneung

Incentive Sang So Lee Suwon


1st Prize Won Ja Park Yungdeungpo

2nd Sung In Moon Headquarters

3rd Seung Gi Sa Chongjoo

Incentive Yung Chul Shin Suwon

Congratulatory Festival (8 p.m.-3 a.m.)

Mr. Won Jin Whang receives Master's trophy


(Classification) Performer

`Mother's favor' and other 3 Hansun Children Chorus numbers

Piano solo Sonata No. 14 Moon Ye Jin

Duet Wild rose and Spring Ye Sook Lee, Soon Sook Kim

Piano solo Sonata No. 12 Ye Sook Lee

Stereopoem In search of New Life Chongjoo District

Chorus My sweet home and other 5 numbers 4 children besides Ye Jin Moon

Chorus Joy on earth and other 3 numbers 10 children besides Ki On Yoon

Juvenile drama Who will be the heroes of Unification? Sunday school children (Sungbook District)

Vocal solo My fist Hyo Jin Moon (Hq. District)

Vocal solo `Sea' and other one number Moon Sook Choi (Choong-Ku District)

Sister trio Beautiful Rose and other 2 numbers Jin Hee Hahn, Do Sook Hahn, Soong Sook Hahn

Kayageum solo Sanjo Yung Nang Lee (Hq. District)

Chorus Favorite song and other 2 numbers Sunday school children (Hq. District)

Pantomime An orphan's missing mother Sung Geum Lee (Mapo District)

Vocal solo Oh! Danny boy Hyo Yool Kim (Hq. District)

Classical dance Peace reign Women Department (Sungbook District)

Play Legend of Choon Hyang Student Dept. (Hq. District)

Flute solo Because He Rang Lee

Short play At Tokyo Station (encore of campaign) Tong-il Industrial Co. (Japan)

Vocal solo Largo, Handel Je Chung Yoo (Hq. Dist.)

Piano solo Chopin 40 Chan Ho Park (Chonjoo District)

Chorus Kaigara Bushi (Song of shells) Tottori District (Japan)

Chorus Song of half-moon and freedom Tottori District (Japan)

Comedy Romeo and Juliet Chongjoo District (Korea)

Vocal solo Letter to mother and other 1 number Yong Hee Lee (Mapo District)

Short play Shimabara Kouta (Ditty of Asano team (Japan Shimabara)

Vocal solo Song of loyalty Doo Jong Yoo (Chonjoo District)

Play A prodigal son Educational Dept. (Japanese HSA)

Vocal solo Where clouds are flying to Byong Gon Kim

Congratulatory poem True Parents be far beyond the darkness Kwang Yul Yoo (Director of Cultural Dept.)

Vocal solo Up the old hills Choo Yong Park (Hq. District)

Chorus Farmer's song and other 3 numbers Trainee sub-district leaders

Play Up to the day of glory Chongjoo District

Mr. Jung Whan Kwag, Master's trophy Winner.

Prize Winner District

1st Prize Japanese Tong-iI Ind. Co.

2nd. Ho Yul Lee Chongjoo District

3rd Women Department (Sungdong District)

Incentive Je Chung Yu and Yung Nan Lee Hq. District

General Meeting of Nationwide Sub-district Leaders (2 p.m.)

Prize Awarding Ceremony (8 p.m.)

Trophy winners from Master

HSA Name Leader

1. Won Jin Whang Sungbook District

2. Bong Chul Kim Andong District

3. Dong Won Kim Kimchon District


1. Chung Hwan Kwak Kyungbook Provincial Branch

2. Bong Gi Kim Kyunggi-do

3. Keun Shik Song Choongbook

Tong-il Industrial Co.

1. Joo Won Choi Kyungbook Provincial Business Director

2. Sang Jin Park Choongnam

3. Kyung Sun Chun Kyunggi-do 

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