The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Blessed Families are to Stand for High Priest for their Race and Nation (Part 1)

Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1971
1971 translation

Today is January 6th in lunar calendar and my 51st birthday. It's my starting point toward the latter semi-century. Looking back my course and responsibility for restoration of Korea, I have been accompanied by a variety of troublesome and disastrous hardship and persecution. But I'm sure that the time is gradually getting near when what Jesus hoped for and was anxious to fulfill.

In 1971, nothing is more important than our dominating the steadfast attempted infiltration by Kim II-Sung into the South Korea in parallel with fulfillment of our responsibility for this race and nation. For that purpose, during the period between 1970 and 1972 we can and should try to do our best for the insurance of both internal and external foundation of us at all hazards. And unless we make sure of superior and powerful union centering with God exceeding the Satanic union centering with Kim Il-Sung, it's sure for South Korea to be unable to end its time of hardship.

The blessed families are to make their way of living a stand for the high priest of their race and nation. The frontline blessed women are dispatched in not only Korea only on the universal frontline to keep Satanic power from overwhelming us. Their husbands will think of and follow the situation of their wives and be ready to perform their priesthood and the families should be united with Master's family.

None of blessed families should be disconnected with Master's family in their way of living and thinking having to do with the Holy Spirit Association or Master's family. For both internal and external connection between them and Master's family, nothing but connection in the frontline can make it possible. That's to say, all the blessed families should be the avant-garde for thirty million Korean people. 

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