The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

The True Way of Life

Sun Myung Moon
January 4, 1971
1971 translation

The word "family" comes from blood relation but we call ourselves family members regardless of surnames. Originally the word "family" began to be used since the day of Jesus. So as to be family, there should be parents and children.

Jesus Christ, who came as True Father of Mankind, wanted to make family members centering around Jesus. If he had there would have been in no need of the word "family" for us.

Force becomes smaller when it works.

How can it be possible for such a unicellular animal as ameba to evolve into more complicated one?

Now there is no denying the fact that the more force acts, the larger it becomes contrary to the Principle of force, and that can be because of another force (the 3rd force), That's the force of love standing aloof from the principle of force. It's not fraudulent and gives pure love back several times more than it receives. There is no everlasting life without love.

God is the Absolute Being. There is neither joy nor happiness in Him without partner. God, the Absolute Being is in need of a relative absolute being and man, nay, a true man can be His absolute object.

Who is the true man? A man who achieved the supreme purpose both in flesh and spirit; and is united with the supreme connection. Final object of man is God's love. It's man's resentment not to have been united with His love. Great names are not beyond the national boundaries but Saints are above race, nation and the world. (Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Confucius etc.) and a true man stands above the time and space.

Jesus is great. He disclosed the world of harmony to the whole of humanity and divinity through calling God his Father. God's desire is for man, His children, is that they become better.

Christianity is a religion of love and has become Center of the Democratic Sphere of Culture.

Adam and Eve are God's body as well as His children.

We can see Jesus only in the spiritual world and God is invisible. But we can know God because God is within Jesus. But for the Fall, there would have been unity of flesh and spirit.

The fall of man made them enemies of each other, so that human flesh is the base of Satan based on blood lineage whereas man's spirit is the basis on which God looks out.

So every one of the offspring of the fallen parents is to make recovery of the lost union of flesh and spirit. 

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