The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Let's Establish the Foundation for Unification (Part II)

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1971
New Year's Message
1971 translation

In the family's viewpoint, the women dispatched to 120 places stand for the family position prior to the illicit love of Eve with the Archangel and 120 places symbolizes the entire world.

Consequently it can be understood that the blessed women play the subject part in making all hostile families into one, namely in subjugating Cain's family at the cost of their lives.

Thus dispatching 1,200 blessed women came to make an epoch capable of restoring the relationship between God, husband and children who had left their original positon to return to their original positon; restoring their work and concentrating all the broken connections of parents, husband and wife, children, tribe, race, nation and the world.

Therefore this time of dispatching of the women was made for particular purposes, quite different from the conventional ones.

Since the degeneration originated from Eve's acceptance of Archangel's love, all the women in Eve's position should hand out God's love to the world of the Archangels standing above the Archangels; which will surely form a connection of God-centered love and bring Cain families to their knees.

This is linked to Master's family centering God's love and life; your families are families in Cain's position. This is sure to spread out as a new historical movement for the race and nation.

For this purpose, all of the women representing the Unification Church should get in touch with the established Christian families rather than non-religious ones. By touching them we can bring forth the Moment to Subjugate Cain Religions Association.

If the Satanic world be in the Formation Stage and in the position of the Satanic Archangel, the established Christian families are equivalent to the Growth Stage and are Archangel families entitled to restore to God's side.

After the environment for making our Unification Church and the established churches into one is formed; the established Christian families should lead the restoration of the Republic of Korea; and as the day comes when the republic is linked to the dispensation, South Korea in Abel's position can and should invest God's love and life into North Korea in Cain's position. The most precious thing is for the enemy to submit of their own free will to Able, just as directly as Jacob's bringing Esau to his knees.

From such a viewpoint, it's urgently required for the Unification Church to do its best, lest the dispatched women be isolated, until the end of 1972.

Of course, our church and all members can and should do their best and if possible to witness to their relatives so that they join our activities. This is the reason why I had the dispatched women leave their sons and daughters with their mothers or mothers-in-law.

As you know, there have been separated parents, brothers, husbands and wives, and tribes between South and North Korea for 25 years, ever since the emancipation of Korea from the Japanese.

Then how can it be possible for us to reunite all these separated ones? South Korea is Adam's side and North Korea as the Archangel's side are hostile to each other. As long as the hostility between them lasts, there is no hope for fulfilling God's will. Hence the Third Israel has not appeared yet.

Only when the policy for unification is prepared, can there come into being the Third Israel in Korea herself.

You should bear it in mind. Then by whom is the foundation insured?

Where there is no combined performance of one's own responsibilities with family members, there is no expectation of forming Abel's family. There is no other way to give a proof of such a union without by making a sacrifice of love and life for the Providence.

Since the dispatched women were taken away from their husbands based on obedience to God's order, their husbands are to be grateful to Heaven through their wives, and the substance of love should be offered to God so it can be given to Cain. Able families' our own lives and loves should be taken over and given to Cain. Where there is love and life, given with all your heart, Cain will be restored by them. That's the Principle for Unification.

Even though there were some persons unqualified to be blessed in the International Mass Wedding of 777 Couples, I blessed them so as to make them alive and their relatives join by us of participating in the nation-wide movement.

The families into which the women have married expected their daughters-in-law would serve their parents-in-law, but contrary to their expectation, their daughters-in-law left, to witness far away from their families. This may give rise to reaction, but it's an unavoidable condition for making indemnity to restore those who opposed their sons and daughters in 1960s.

Why do we visit the established churches which have keenly opposed and persecuted us?

Comparing the established churches' attitude with that in 1960s, they are much more interested in our movement and willing to know and hear the Principle and 700 or more Christian pastors are to hear the Divine Principles in January, this year.

Meanwhile we have been concentrating our efforts for the restoration of universities. Since 1960 Kunkook University and Yonsei University have played a major part in opposing and prosecuting our movement. They are making an epoch to return to the process of the Providence through the study of Divine Principles by Prof. Nam Dong Suh, Dean of Theological College, Yonsei University and positive cooperation of Professors of Kunkook University. In view of such a trend, we should make haste in establishing a standard for union of Cain and Abel orders, which was considered impossible. So, family should be the starting point. 

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