The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Let's Establish the Foundation for Unification (Part I)

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1971
New Year's Message
1971 translation

Master's prayer for The God's Day at Seoul Church

At the beginning of the New Year, I sincerely hope and advise you to do your best in following the way to loyalty and filial piety to God. May God be with you.

The motto for the year of 1971 is "Let's Establish the Foundation for Unification".

During 1960s we have been laying the base for the Foundation for the Providence, chiefly by means of "All Out March" or "Victorious Front Line for Unification" aimed at the external world. During the period much has been said in blame of the Unification Church from social, racial and religious world which have necessarily forced us to make sacrifices of individuals and families belong to the church. I know well that the Holy Spirit Association has given rise to hot criticism in Korea. But it has been inevitable to break down the fence which has prevented us from restoring this degenerated creation. Now is the time for the individual, family and church to raise a stable foundation, namely to make sure of being beings who serve God faithfully.

For my part, it is the new tradition to spread the root of unification in the hearts of race and nation to renew them as required by God. That is to say, we must make the root of unification of the universe. Then what should be its standard and basis?

First of all, insurance of the basis among the race or nation should be preceded by that base among the families. Then is it possible for us to expect the family basis without that based on the individuals of each family? What's the starting point of individual basis for unification, then? Needless to say, it should trace back to the Garden of Eden before the Degeneration of the Fall.

In the Garden of Eden, Adan and Eve, the first parents of mankind should have been united with God. The Archangel should have been united with the human beings. Had this been fulfilled, then Archangel could have been united with God. So every individual can and should restore what Adam and Eve lost.

What has God been wishing for each individual? It's God's desire for His children and Archangel to unite through the connection of life through His love. As you know, Degeneration could be no other than tying the blood relationship with Archangel, Lucifer instead of with God Himself. Of course, it was the life that neither God nor Adam nor Eve nor the Archangel had wished for. There is no doubt for it to have originated resentments between God and His children to say nothing of Lucifer.

Then who should be restored first in the historical course for restoration? It goes without saying that the restoration of Adam should be made first. As you already know through the Principle that there is no restoring Adam without the cooperation of Lucifer, because Degeneration was made by their collaboration.

Accordingly the person in Adam's position should return to God by collaborating with the Archangel, that is to say, restoration of Cain and Abel. Consequently we can easily come to the conclusion that for the emancipation of mankind, individual perfection and the liberation of the angelic world cannot happen without the unification of Cain and Abel.

Then how can it be possible for the satanic connection of life to be cut off? The person in Cain's position should be united with Abel in Adam's position as a restored Archangel, which is the basis for unification centering on God's love. Therefore it is urgently required for each individual member of the Unification Church to move themselves to the position of the restored Jesus Christ, God's begotten son; namely, every member should make fulfill what was left undone by Jesus by going the course of indemnity.

So let us make everyone the faithful successor of Jesus Christ, every individual should restore the resentment of Jesus, the delayed dispensation of the Israelites due to the nullified mission of Jesus. The failure of Jesus' mission has forced all the Christians to follow the path of martyrdom. The Holy Spirit Association has struggled against external world -- individuals, families, tribes, and race to have external Cain submit to Abel during the 1960s.

But in and after 1971, we can make the restoration of both internal and external mission given to Adam successful, for the victorious foundations of individual, family, tribe, race and nation. Our external struggle during 1960s has been a war of attrition, calling external world of Cain together, because Cain's submission was impossible. So during this period heavenly love and life have been forced to overcome those in the satanic world. The foundation for unification to be made in 1970's means the victorious one centering Adam.

Then it is possible for us to say that the base set up during the past ten years is enough to conquer the external world? Even though there are individual Cains and Abels, they are far from being united, and generally speaking, we can see that though individual, family, and tribal Cains are inclined to give in to individual, family or tribal Abels, there is still some distance between Our Holy Spirit Association and the race and nation.

Speaking of the religious world, if relation between HSA and the established churches is Abel and Cain, then Cain's unification with us is not yet guaranteed. Come what may, we have made success in forming individual, family and tribal foundation of Abel to conquer the world of Cain. This means the restoration of the foundation of Jesus' family, without which he was compelled to bear the burden of cross.

Had such a base of family been formed right after the liberation of Korean people in 1945, there would have been the instant restoration of the Korean people and established churches. But as ill luck would have it, the Unification Church has been obliged to follow the way to indemnity for individual, family, tribe, race and nation amidst persecution and misunderstanding from the established churches and tribes. We are to follow the course of indemnity for the established church, race and nation. Our future course with the family base will be necessarily be accomplished by the process of indemnity, which will take place during between the latter half of 1971 and 1972.

Now let me look back on the age of Jesus. What was the desire of Jesus? Of course the Jewish religion in Israel was Jesus final object. Since the Jewish religion was center of spirit of the chosen people, had there been unification of the Jewish religion with Jesus, natural unification of the race would have been fulfilled.

During the period from 1971 to 1972 we are to fight for the base of unification of Christian churches in the position of Cain and Abel worthy to represent the entire race and nation. When the unification between HSA and the established Christian churches is accompanied, we can restore by indemnity what Jesus wished to fulfill through the chosen people and Jewish religion uniting with Jesus family and tribe.

Now it is necessary to make the Foundation for the Third Israel in South Korea. Then what can make it possible for us to make such a firm foundation? Where there is no unification between my family and yours, there may is no expectation of the established churches submitting and it will make or break the prospects of the Unification Church.

Where there is no unification of the Archangel and Adam, there is no original standard. If my family is in the position of Adam's family, yours is in the position of the family of the Archangel. Therefore you should copy the way I and my family have gone.

Then where should unification be made? It should be on the front line rather than just in the church, family or the rear area. The front line is between God and Satan. My family centering on God is in Abel's position. Your families are in a position to subjugate Cain's family, so you are in the position of Abel too. Now can you subjugate Cain? Your course is to follow the way of the family in Abel's position. This is the official course to be applied from individual to nation and the universe.

What's the formula? It can be drawn from the relationship of Adam and Archangel centering on God. As you know, the Fall of Adam's family was brought about the Archangel Lucifer's initiative. So we should reverse the process; the Archangel should submit and return dominion without force.

As in Adam's family, your family has such a mission, investing your love and life. For such a mission, I dispatched all of your blessed families to the front. In sending the families to the front, I choose wives instead husbands because women represent Eve, the ringleader of Degeneration; who blocked the way to unity of Adam and God; and lost the way of eternal ideal marriage and has broken down the theocratic world. So their husbands and children should support them in doing their best, to make them capable of distributing God's love to the world of Cain in the Archangel's position, which will enable them to restore the position of Eve prior to the fall. 

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