The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Safeguard The Unified Front

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 31, 1971
Washington, D. C.
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

As you know we are now in the first moment, the first day of the new year. There is a 14 hour difference between America and Korea. This morning at 10 a.m. they observed the new year celebration in Korea. At that time you were at the breakfast table. There we had prayers, praying for the safety and success of God's providence in the Korean nation. I think it is a great glory to have God's Day in America and observe this day with the American leaders.

The motto last year was "Secure the Unification Base." With this motto we did much work in Korea. This year we will have the motto: "Safeguard the Unified Front." That will be the motto for this year. The reason for such a motto this year is that the democratic world is the frontline in safeguarding God's providence. If we view this from the world situation, the democratic world has come under very difficult circumstances. It is in great danger. We know all the world is threatened by the ideology of Communism. We know too, not only America, but all countries in Asia and Europe -- all countries -- are affected by the threat of the Communist world.

God gave the external responsibility to the democratic world as their part in the providence of restoration. But because of their incapability of fulfilling their responsibility, the group which bears the internal responsibility for the providence of God must take on the external responsibilities too. In the democratic world religion bears the internal responsibility. Among religions the specific one is Christianity. To accept this responsibility Christianity must be prepared to bear all additional responsibilities so as to overcome the threat of Communism. As we know, in reality Christianity is not prepared to overcome such a threat. Consequently if Christianity is unable to bear such responsibility then there should be another group which is able to do so to safeguard God's providence. We will establish that group with our Unification Church. Thus we have to protect Christianity and the democratic world as well as overcome all threats of Communism.

In our church we have been preparing on two fronts: one was to work to unify Christianity, i.e. the evangelical movement, the Divine Principle movement. The other was to prepare for the fight against Communism, i.e. the Anti-Communist movement. Within the providence of God's restoration we cannot but admit that the Unification Church -- our movement alone -- is the last front. It is God's unified front to safeguard all peoples and God's providence. Therefore the most important thing for us is to safeguard Christianity, the democratic world, and God's providence. That's the reason we have set up such a motto this year: To protect the unified front this year.

We believe we are taking great external responsibilities for the world. Also, we are assuming the providential mission of restoration internally. In order to achieve the final goal of God's providence we have to fulfill both the external and internal responsibilities. Then the question is: which one is more important, the internal or the external? The internal responsibility is more important. The reason is this: the internal responsibility is for the sake of God, for the providence of God. But the external one is for people, for man alone. We have to lay more emphasis on the providence of God. And God's plan is to develop His will in accordance with the individuals who become one with God internally; with families which become one with God internally; with tribes which become one with God internally; and with the nation which becomes one with God internally. Throughout history God has always directed His dispensation putting most stress, most emphasis on building a God centered nation. For such providence then God must have the man who can take on the responsibility for the restoration of the Nation.

Thus after the 4,000 year dispensation God desired a man who would bear the responsibility of making the family, tribe, and nation one with God internally. That central figure was Jesus, who was sent by God. To send him God worked for 4,000 years. Jesus was the fruit of God's 4,000 year endeavor.

Due to the disbelief of the Jewish people, however, Jesus couldn't establish the individual base of victory or build the victorious foundation for the family, tribe, and nation. He was unable to build any one of these. Consequently after his death God's providence was prolonged 2,000 years. In the last days God placed the Unification Church among the Christian church (which has taken internal responsibility) to take on greater responsibility at the center of His providence.

Here we should consider some important things: we can understand that Jesus couldn't build his victorious base because the Jewish people couldn't safeguard the unified individual base. Besides this, Joseph's family and Zachariah's family couldn't safeguard the base for the victory of the family. Also, the tribe couldn't safeguard the family of Jesus. Finally, the nation couldn't safeguard the Jewish tribe. God is now producing such bases: individual, family, tribe, and nation. So let us protect all the bases of those people who couldn't fulfill their missions.

Our Unification Church has thus been fighting to establish the individual victorious base as well as the family victorious base to safeguard the individual. We have also been trying to establish the tribal victorious base to safeguard the family. In addition to this we are trying to establish the national victorious base to safeguard the tribe. Through a new relationship we are now forming new families and new tribes and on that foundation we are heading for a new nation.

Hence all of our members as individuals must establish the base upon which we can protect ourselves from all Satanic invasion, as a family and a tribe. To protect ourselves as individuals we have to establish the necessary base in the front line of God's and Satan's battle. This means we have to surpass the positions of Peter, James, and John so that we can defeat Satan as individuals. Then we can protect the Lord. Since Joseph's family and Zachariah's family could not establish that victorious base against Satan they couldn't protect Jesus' family. To indemnify this we must establish the family base overcoming Satan in order to defend the family of the Lord. Then, to protect the tribes of the Lord many nations which have established the national base of victory over Satan must appear. On this national protective base we must protect the tribe of the Lord. So far no one had thought of such a thing. Therefore we have to build such a protective base among ourselves.

When God sees the many members gathered here under our Unification Church He thinks in this manner: these people have not come for the salvation of their own individual selves. They have come to protect and safeguard the Lord. God thinks this way. Also, God makes families by blessing among our members. The reason God makes such families is for the safeguarding of the Lord's family. It does not mean their lives are made happy, but by making Cain-type families to the Lord's family (Abel-type), and by their becoming one -- Cain families and Abel family -- God wants to protect that Abel family. Also, God has formed tribes. These tribes are to protect the families of the Unification Church. Those families in turn are to protect the Lord's family. The nation must fulfill the responsibility of protecting the tribes. In this manner it can indemnify the Jewish nation which could not safeguard Jesus' tribe. Thus we can restore the nation which can then fulfill its mission.

The reason to safeguard is that this year is the last year in crossing over the most dangerous period. So far Master has been working to protect you as individuals, as well as your families, tribes, and nations. But it cannot be this way all the time. Now he considers he has reached the limits of his responsibility. It means he has fulfilled his mission already. Henceforth our members must fulfill their missions to safeguard the Lord, his family, and his tribe. So far you have been working by following Master. But from now on you must come to him with fulfilled work. Then he can settle down and rest Up to now Master has had no place to rest, either as an individual or for his family. When his family is settled then the families of the blessed couples can settle down. Thus all blessed families must settle down. If, as a result of this, we can acquire a national base then restoration of the world will be accomplished very easily.

The important thing therefore is whether our members can inherit Master's mission as individuals. That's the problem. Master fought to restore the nation. We should be resolved to restore the world to safeguard the nation. Whenever a problem arises by which Master can be attacked or affected, all our members must rise up and prevent such happenings. We should protect him in this way. Now our Master is making his third world tour. Likewise all our members must be determined to make three world tours to establish God's will. Whenever Master's family is faced with great difficulties our blessed families must take the stand to take over these difficulties. When we find those of a religious group who can protect our blessed families and all other members then there will be a place for us to settle down. And when we find the nation which will protect this other religious group and our Unification Church, then not only our Unification Church but also this other religious group can settle down. Finally, when there appears a nation which is ready to protect that nation, then that nation can also rest. And when, through that nation, we find 10 such nations (more than 3 nations) then the restoration of the world will take place.

As we know, when Cain and Abel become one then the individual can be saved. This forms the Abel family. Further, when the Abel family and Cain family become one then the family can be restored and the tribe is formed. This is the Abel tribe. When this tribe becomes one with another tribe, the Cain tribe, then the Abel tribe is saved and a nation is formed. When this Abel nation becomes one with another Cain nation then the nation can be restored. For all this to happen we first need one man for individual restoration.

Before Jesus was John the Baptist. Through him this all important individual could have been restored. Thus one man became the problem. For family restoration the Jesus-centered family, i.e. Joseph's family, was the Abel family; Zachariah's family stood in Cain's position. If Zachariah had completed his mission then the Abel family (Joseph's family) could have been restored. If they became one then they would have formed the Abel tribe. Now, if the chief Priest, representing all the Jewish churches became one with this Abel tribe, then the tribe could have been restored. If the King, representing the nation, became one with the Jesus-centered tribe then they together would have formed the Abel nation. With this union of the King of the Jewish nation, the nation would have been restored. All of them became responsible men. If the responsible men were restored then that nation could have been restored at the same time. Consequently, the most important ones were the King, the Chief Priest, the Tribal Chief, the Head of the Family, and Jesus. If these five people were united then the whole nation could have been restored. Do you understand this?

But for our work we don't have such persons. Since we have received persecution from nation, tribes, churches, families, as well as individuals, we don't have this structure even in the external world. So we have to make such people within our movement, on our own. Do you understand that?

In our Church blessed families are united first, then the tribe. The Christian church stands in the position of the Cain tribe to us. We are now working to make them one with us. If they unite with our tribe then the restoration of the Nation will take place since by the union of the Christian church and the Unification Church the Abel nation can be formed. But there is the possibility of disbelief by the Christian church. Therefore we are establishing a third Christian Church. It is named the Union Church. We now have over 50 churches in Korea, Japan, and Free China. If the Christian churches do not come to us or unite with us we will replace them with this Union Church.

As you have heard, Master said he wanted to hold revival meetings in America. He wants to hold such meetings in order to encircle the established Christian churches in Korea because Korean Christian churches are directly influenced by American churches and American ministers. If he can influence American ministers then he can directly influence Christian churches in Korea. In spite of this there is the possibility that American churches won't come to our movement. They may reject us. To counter that situation he is going to organize a world-wide revival team. In order to proceed with the providence of God we have to take all kinds of measures to cope with emergencies. We have to prepare a second team to succeed and finish our work if one team fails. At this time, our time, we cannot afford failure, as in Jesus' time.

If Master comes to America then, to work together with you, you would be pleased. But he cannot do that because there is no base for him to work here. Yet, America is a base to restore the world. Therefore, if he is to come to America he must have a national base. But he does not have such a base. And if he leaves Korea now he cannot build the national base there -- whatever is there will collapse. If that happens then the base in America can't be built. That is the reason he couldn't leave Korea but rather concentrated all his efforts there.

Now, American members are not "Americans" but are the relatives of the new tribe which is the extension of the new families in Korea. For the establishment of God's will we have to work as members of the tribe for the restoration of one nation -- Korea. Thus far you have been thinking of establishing as many centers as possible in every state. By so doing you want to form the base to restore the world. But that cannot be done. Because the Principle is that the world can only be restored upon the base of a nation. Without that Nation the world cannot be restored. Consequently, the most important thing is the restoration of the Nation.

If a man appeared and restored the world without such a base we would have to go through the whole process again. It cannot be recognized by God. For the restoration of the world he must go through the Principle path, the necessary steps. If you are marching forward for the restoration of the world and Master orders you to come back for restoration of the nation, then your work will have been destroyed and wasted. Thus when you make a base you must utilize that base for the restoration of the nation. With the strength you acquire by becoming one with that nation you should march forward for the restoration of the world. That is the normal course. It is very important. Do you understand that?

As individuals you want to witness to families. You want to make your own family and your own tribe by witnessing to your relatives. Though you accomplish this you still have to make the connection with the Abel family and Abel tribe. Without this connection your work will amount to nothing. Following this the same thing applies to the tribal level. Then, when your tribe tries to restore the nation it must again become one with the Abel tribe and together you must work for the restoration of the nation. You should always remember that. Your work is for the restoration of one nation. We have to combine your work with his idea and bring them together. We must thus combine your work with his work and help each other.

When you deviate from this principle you will be overcome by Satan.

By making your own field you have to safeguard this Abel side. Just as Cain had to obey Abel you have to give out everything you have. This relationship is just like that of bone and flesh. We may be hit but our bone should not be hurt. Our flesh must bear the hurt, instead of bone. Flesh must protect bone. When Jesus came his flesh was broken but not his bone. If his bone had been broken he could not have been resurrected. We have to make sure of this.

We now have our centers in 26 countries and they all work for the restoration of the Nation. That is all fight, but they must always bear in mind that their work there is to support the restoration of one nation. Hence they must be connected with this nation and must become one with the movement.

God has no nation yet. We are not trying to restore Korea. Korea is not the nation we chose. We have been fighting against Korea. You don't know how bitterly we fought. During the formation and growth stages that is all right. But when we grow to the stage of perfection children must recognize their parents. When they find their parents suffering then children cannot rest, cannot enjoy themselves. Children must then stand in the position of parents and should be ready to take any risks and shoulder all the difficulties of their parents. Such a principle applies to all our blessed families and to all our members. We must remember too that Cain is for Abel; Cain family is for Abel family; Cain tribe is for Abel tribe; and Cain nation is for Abel nation. When such a thought or idea is set up then the Abel side can be protected. The reason Jesus was crucified and the Jewish people perished was that this thought was reversed. These people expected Jesus to serve them. They thought Jesus would build their nation, a nation above all other nations of the world, and would bring happiness to them without their having to fulfill their own responsibilities.

Master noted among American blessed couples those blessed families who wanted to live apart, excluding other families. He read this. That kind of thing should not happen. The reason they received blessings was that by forming a family base they would have a base to protect Abel's family in Korea so that they can do Master's will and protect Master's family. American blessed families must become one with each other and one with Korean blessed families. They have to express this by mobilizing and fighting in the front. But if these families are scattered and don't become one with each other they cannot become one with Korean blessed families nor can they fulfill their mission. We will hold a special family training session in our church. This refers to a training session for blessed families. Master will build, in the future, a big apartment house where about 120 families can be accommodated. There he will train those families to live together, and to live as blessed families. Have you ever thought along those lines?

American individualism makes you want to separate from your own parents, your own brothers and sisters. The couple wants to live just by themselves, all alone. If you live that way, that's the way you will be when you go to spirit world: just the two of you, all alone. Do you want that kind of Kingdom of Heaven? It should not be!

1972, for which we set up the motto: "Safeguard the Unified Front," will become the turning point for our movement. When we build Master's residence will we build a better house than Americans' or worse? And should that house be built by him, with his own hands, or by our members? If you desire to do that, do it! In Korea for instance we held a conference to build Master's house. He wanted to know the amount of money deposited. Then he wanted to take that money and use it for his work. We use that money for the nation and for the world. We need to build Master's house as well as the national headquarters, world headquarters, and an international training center in Korea. We need a great amount of money for this. In spite of this he is thinking of bringing money here for the work in America. What should you think on hearing this? Are you happy or sad? Now he is thinking of buying a seminary here. For this he will need to bring money in from Asia. Is there anyone here who thought of returning the money to Asia as you just now heard this? Then do you have any spare money? As you hear such things you should feel ashamed and should unite and use all your efforts to make money.

The first shoot from the seed becomes the main trunk of the tree. It must head for the highest point. Following that are the branches, all should be upright. If the trunk goes down like this then the rest of the tree will do the same. You have to think of how to make this trunk straight, upright. Our Master constantly thinks of this. Even with a small number of members we should have an upright trunk. But if the trunk grows crooked it will be of no use though we may have many members. Presently he is planning to make this trunk upright. By so doing he will be able to establish the right tradition.

We now come to the conclusion. The safeguarding of the Unified Front can be realized when the internal is protected by the external. When this is realized the internal can grow. Consequently our members all over the world should become one and protect the center. After we form the individual world base we must form the family world base and then the tribal world base. In such expanding circumstances the circle can be more solidified. It will continue to grow and the world will see this.

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