The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

The Importance of Heavenly Heart

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 30, 1971
Washington, D.C.
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Tonight Master is going to speak shortly. And after that he will receive questions from you. First he will speak on the subject of the importance of the heavenly heart in the providence of restoration.

By the fall of the first ancestors, man fell into the realm of Satan. You know that. So when we were born we had no idea about God. And most people are brought up without a proper knowledge about God. We know there are few people who die with a knowledge of God. Even among Christians we cannot find many who have confidence in the existence of God. Among our members there might be two types of people: one is rather suspicious of God's existence, and also God's providence; and the other has confidence about God's providence and His existence. Do you know God confidently? (Yes!) So to those people who are not sure about the existence of God, to those people we cannot talk about the love of God. If we love them, they wouldn't know the value of love, because they do not understand the relationship between man and God. Therefore, the most important thing is to know God perfectly, to know God confidently; and the second thing is to know the relationship between God and ourselves.

Every man longs for the highest position in the universe. He (Master) believes every one of you is the same. Is that true? (Yes.) No one likes to be the last one, but to be the first one. Also, when one makes friends, he wants to make the best friends, not inferior friends. Also, when they select their teachers, they want superior teachers, or nice teachers, not inferior teachers. For the President who will lead them, they would want a special one, a model one. And if here is a famous President, then you want to have an intimate relationship with him. The reason why you want to have such a relationship is to absorb all the good things from him, to inherit all the strong points from him.

But one thing you cannot inherit from him. All young men cannot inherit the relationship of love which lies between the President and his son. The problem of love is not an external problem, but it is the most basic relationship, and it cannot be inherited by external authority or external things. So the third man, however good his knowledge or experience, still cannot surpass the relationship between the President and his son, even if his son might be a very weak one, or small one. And, too, the President himself would want his son to have a superior position to that of other men. He would want his son to become that way. He would cooperate with him and assist him by all means, if he can help him. So by that we can understand that the most important thing is to inherit the love of the President. Now let us apply such thoughts to God, the Almighty.

Let us say you know God, and you are working according to His will and you become very intimate with Him. So now you have become His friends. If there is a better place, a better position than friends, then would you want to reach the better place, better position, or would you want to stay as friends? Everyone would want to go up to the higher position than friends. Don't you think so? (Yes.) So for yourselves, how far you go, how much you know God that becomes the question. And the degree of knowledge of God will differ for everyone. If you have one hundred men, their degree of knowledge of God will differ. So whether or not you know the relationship, and also how close you are with God, among the one hundred, will determine what place you will be the first one, or the fiftieth one, or the one-hundredth one. It is important to know what place you are in. Without knowing this, you cannot understand whether you are going up or whether you are going down. As much as you know God, you can still possess a higher position.

And also for God, there are four directions, four sides. You stay on one side of God. You are either on the bottom side, right side, left side, or upper side. And also for each side there are steps. If you see Master from the right side, you will know Master's face looks like this, and also you will see his right arm. As he walks, you can see his arms and legs moving. Then you will understand God moves that way, just like that.

And that picture will be different by the angle or view. There are 360 degrees around him so, depending on your standpoint, the picture will become different. Someone who sees God from the back will see God in one way. And someone who sees God from the side or from the top will see God differently.

Now we have 3.6 billion people on this earth. Therefore, just as they are different in face, their views of God will be different. And there will be just one place from where they can see the front of God, on a certain level. Do you think there are two directions from where you can see God from the front in the same way? (No.) Without knowing your position in relation to God, then you cannot find the true answer, or the true solution. Then where, what position, what direction, are you.

With our Master, all our members' positions are different -- there is the same relationship with him, too (as with God) -- between Master and ourselves. And all of you want that one place. Isn't that right'? (Yes!) So you have the knowledge or ability to discern whether you are sitting on the south side, or north, or right side -- you have to have such ability, such power. If you are on the West, then you have to go up to the North, and you have to come down, clockwise, for the season of Spring. The northernmost place is a cold one, so most people wouldn't like to go North, they would like to go down South, to a warm place. If you go in the wrong direction, you cannot reach your position.

Now spirit world is mingled in such a relationship. All the historical persons are put in such a relationship with the one personality they are heading for. So that problem is a serious one for you. From whichever point or direction you understand God, that becomes... (an important matter). Now let's assume that you have reached a certain position which God recognizes, acknowledges. Then the next problem will be that of finding the way to receive God's love. Which way will be the best way for you to reach God's love that becomes a problem to be solved. God is the God of love, therefore He would want to have His children in the best position, one in which He can give all his love.

There are many young men and women, but for one man, there can be just one woman -- one woman only can be his spouse, not two -- just one. Even if there are many thousands, tens of thousands, it is the same. If there were one hundred thousand people here, and one man would want to choose a woman for his spouse, at that time he would want to select the best woman whom he could love. The man would have an ideal for his spouse. He would want a certain height, a certain face, or a certain nose, certain eyes, certain mouth. So he would have an image for his mate. Even fallen man has such an image. Then how much more would God have such an image for his beloved children. Also, God is the Absolute One, and the highest One, so he would want the highest son, an absolute son, for Himself. If you were asked which son you wanted to be, then you would answer: first son, not second or third son.

After the fall, God gave the order to the fallen people to come to Him to become His first son. Then all people, all men on earth, would compete to become the first son. Then what kind of man can become His first son? Just think of it. Someone would insist that God's first son must be like this. So many people would follow that way. Someone would follow that way for ten years, one hundred years, or for a thousand years. And man does not want to go a difficult way, he wants to go an easy, simple way. So God is selecting only one man. Therefore, if you want to follow the multitude, then you can understand that your ideal, your thinking, is wrong, because among so many people He cannot choose you. God also thinks that He would not want to select His beloved son from among those who come the easiest way.

If you were God how would you think? Even among universities, if you are to go to the best university, you have to overcome severe competition. How difficult would be the test for selecting the Son of God! He must be one who is not ashamed when compared with the past -- if the Son of God is inferior to those of the past, those past spirits in spirit world would accuse him. And if the Son were selected from among those people who come in the easiest way, then other people would want to pull him down. Therefore, that man must be the one who overcame the most difficult way, the way that no one could overcome but him. That man must become the standard for all descendants too. So he must have authority as the Son of God, and God must be proud of him -- in the past, in the present days, and in the future.

So have you ever imagined such a man, who can be the model for all mankind -- in the past, present, and future? And imagining such a man, would you want to become a man like him? (Yes!) Also, have you endeavored to become like that man? Such a position will become the problem. So we have to compare that man with the past men in history, and you have to think among sacred men, what kind of man can be compared to that man? You have to know if there were such a man in the past, or in the present day, or if you will find such a man in the future. That is the question.

If such a man existed in the past, then we have to study how he could become such a man. If he lives in this world, then how could he come to such a position, become such a man. And also, you have to study the standard for future men to become such a man. Those sacred men like Buddha, Confucius, or Jesus, were not patriots of one nation. They had greater ideas than universalism. They thought of heaven and earth. So all the sacred men thought of religion. The leaders of religions became sacred men. Isn't that true? (Yes!) Then could the philosopher, Socrates, be a sacred man? No. Because knowledge cannot rule life, control life. God alone can control life. Therefore, through religion man's life can be given dimension. From this, the position of sacred men is determined.

So throughout history, all the moral standards and all the ideal standards were set up by the ideals of sacred men. History has taken us along the path of sacred men, and now we are heading for the ideal nation. As history goes to the end, so the world also goes to the ideal of sacred men's thoughts. As Arnold Toynbee said, for human culture, there is Christian culture, Buddhist culture, Muslim culture, and Hindu culture. There were many minor cultures, but they couldn't remain to the last days, but these four cultures still remain on this earth. And now we have four cultures left on earth, but they are in various positions around God, some in the East, West, southward, or northward. So from among these four, we have to select one which faces directly toward God. There will be just one place from which man can face God directly. That place must be the place where man can have the deepest love with God. So among those founders, Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, and Mohammed, we have to find out who had the deepest relationship of love with God. So by the degree of the relationship of those founders, that will decide which religion can stand in the closest relationship with God.

If we see from that point, Buddhism is a little vague about God. Also, Confucius teaches of God as a God of morality. Islam is almost the same in that sense. But Jesus was different from others. Jesus spoke, when he was on the earth, the most dramatic words. Jesus said, "God is my Father." No one else spoke in this way. He said "God is my Father, and I am His only begotten Son." He emphasized that there could be no other Son than himself. So that means he can receive all of God. Also, he was the only Son, so he loved God. There was no other one who could love God. Jesus was the only one who insisted upon such a claim. Others didn't have such a feeling, such sense; but Jesus had such a feeling; therefore, he must be superior to others. Also, he mentioned that he was the bridegroom, and you are the bride. He called his disciples friends. Then from what point did he say "brides" and "friends?" He said such a thing in the position where he and God were united into one. From that position he called us "brides" and "friends."

What was the purpose of his saying this? So far, Christians thought that it was to save us. But that is not so. His first purpose of saying "brides" or "friends" was not to save individuals and bring them to the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather it was to establish the first family on earth. For him it would be proper to think to establish the first family to which God could give His full love. Because he was the only begotten Son, therefore, there must be the only begotten Daughter through him. So these two, the Son and Daughter, must be united as a couple. And from that couple Jesus wanted to bring forth children who could have the deepest love.

If you were to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, would you want to go alone to the Kingdom of Heaven, or in order to go, would you want to establish such a family on earth? Which one? (Family!) So to go to the Kingdom of Heaven -- that is not the problem -- but for that you have to establish a family. Isn't that right? (Yes.) Everyone, all people from the first ancestors to the last descendants would want the same thing. Then how about God? God also would want that. That is man's cherished wish and also God's.

Then what will be the object with whom God wants to have a direct relationship of love? That will be the family, no one else can stand in that position. If you think that another thing can stand in the position of object to God, speak up. Let us conclude: is it true, or not? (Yes!) So now we know that among the 360 degree directions, there can be just one direction. And this family alone can stand in that position. God felt so; therefore, Jesus also felt that way. And if the followers of Jesus had felt that way, then the Kingdom of Heaven could have been established on this earth. Therefore, the most important thing is how to reach the position of only begotten Son, and only begotten Daughter.

Jesus lived for just thirty-three years. When we compare his life with others' lives, let's say, who lived for one hundred years; between these two -- between other people and Jesus, who loved God more, Jesus or the one hundred-year old one? (Jesus.) How could Jesus be that man, because the other one who lived longer than Jesus could claim that he loved God? How could you say that Jesus loved God more, because he lived for a shorter period than the other man? It is decided by the concentration of love, the degree of love that determines it. If he loved God three times as much as other men, then God's love would come on this man. So during daily life, if this man thought of God three or four times, and the other one thought of God just one time, so this man would be thinking of God three times more -- then God's love would come on this man. If the other man just thought that he would like to see God, but Jesus wanted to see God while Jesus was weeping, crying; and the other man slept as he wanted, ate as he wanted, and lived a regular life, but this man Jesus didn't live that way. He sacrificed all his eating and sleeping and working. So that makes the difference.

Master thinks Jesus would live this way: whenever he saw a man, he would think "that man must be the one who can give some news of God," or when he heard a voice he would think "that voice might be the voice which will introduce God, or bring news of God." He concentrated all his perceptive senses for the love of God, and he concentrated other things, such as all his strength, for that purpose. So Jesus would live this way: whenever he had clothes, he wanted to give his clothes to God, if God had a physical body. Whenever he had something to eat, he wanted to give this food to God before him. And not only for God but for other men he did the same way, because God wanted to love other people. Therefore, he wanted to open the way for God to love them, and also he loved them in place of God.

If a man sees other men from that viewpoint, and he loves them in place of God, then he can become one who can receive God's love fully. When God sees such a man, then God feels he would like to give all things, all His love, all that He has, to that man. Jesus' life must have been that way. Also, when he was put on the cross he was dying, but he still gave his life for God and for other people. He prayed that God would not do as Jesus wanted, but that God would do as He willed. He went the way of the cross thinking of God's mind, how sorrowful God would feel by seeing his crucifixion, and he wanted to console God's mind. He felt sympathy for God.

Also, Jesus knew that he only could understand God's love, and he was the only one who could exercise God's love. But he was killed by others. So he couldn't curse them, but he blessed them. So from the time of his birth to the time of his death, Jesus lived that kind of love, that kind of life, so always he wanted to give God's love, to manifest God's love for God to other people. So where Jesus went, God had to follow after him. And where God and Jesus go, all people must follow. This is the only way by which one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, when fallen men know this way, they cannot but follow this way, and by such a way the providence of restoration can be quickly fulfilled.

So when Christians wanted to testify that they loved God, they proved it by giving their lives. Therefore, their lives were the lives which manifested God's love to people. Therefore, if those who died thought that they died to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, with such a mind, they can never go to the Kingdom of Heaven. If the purpose of a man's dying is for himself, to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, then he cannot go there. So when he is dying, he has to bear this thought: that he is dying for the sake of God and for the sake of people. With such a mind, if they like, they can go. That is the main course to receive God's love. That is the only course to love Him, to love man. If you go this way, you can go the same way as Jesus went to receive all the love of God.

So among many directions, this way alone can be the straight way to go to God -- the last way and the only way to get God's love. During the thirty-three year life of Jesus, he concentrated everything for this cause. And he walked such a way to give love to people and to receive God's love. He was the first one in history to do this. Jesus lived in such a way, and he gave his life for God and for people, but on this earth, he never had one day in which God could be pleased.

If God is, then He would want to make His Son live on this earth with great joy. And also, the people who owe greatly to Jesus must make such circumstances for His son, that he could have the happiest life on this earth. That is God's mind and human mind. That must be God's mind. Also, man must have such a mind for Jesus. Wishing such a thing to happen on this earth, God predetermined the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. Jesus wanted to love God, and wanted to love people with his life, sacrificing his life. But God Himself couldn't love sacrificing Himself and His Son. Also people couldn't love God's Son with all their hearts on this earth. Therefore, we have to indemnify that by making such circumstances.

In other words, Jesus gave his life for God and for people. Therefore there must come a time when he can get his love back from God and from people. So when such a man comes again on this earth, God must follow after him day and night, loving him. And also, all other people must follow after him, loving him day and night. If God wanted to get love from him, then God would become a greedy God. Also, if people wanted to receive love from him, they would become such greedy people. God owes love to the Lord, and people owe love to him. Therefore, we have to return love to him.

So there must be a fundamental difference between the First Advent and the Second Advent. At the First Advent, the Lord wanted to love God and people. But at the Second Advent, God and people must want to love him, and thus indemnify what they owe. Jesus came as a bridegroom and wanted to love brides; therefore, people, as brides, must love the bridegroom when he comes again. When God first sent Jesus, he sent him to be loved by people. But that was reversed by the disbelief of the people. Therefore, in the Last Days, God must restore that. When we have him on this earth, we have to have such a mind "to become crazy to love him."

So Jesus told people to love him more than their own mother and father, sons and daughters, or sisters and brothers. So people must make such a condition that they can never forget the fact that they love him, that they love him more than anyone else, even through the greatest difficulties. So you have to forget eating, and doing things to love him.

Then why is that, why do we have to do that? That is because the Lord comes with the love of a father, the love of a son, the love of a bridegroom. He comes with these three types of love. So he stands in the position of father to all mankind, and also he is in the position of bridegroom for all people. Also he is the Son of God.

By the fall of man, mankind lost the three most precious things. One thing was that he lost his position as son to receive God's love. Also, Eve couldn't have a husband's love. Also, they couldn't love their children as father and mother in God's love. They lost these three types of love. So by the fall, man lost these three types of love simultaneously. Therefore, God must restore these three types of love with Jesus or the Lord of the Second Advent. So we, the fallen men, are the ones who lost these three types of love. So we have to think of the Lord of the Second Advent as our father, and think of him as the bridegroom, the subject; then as the Son and Daughter. So when you see him, you have to feel you are his children, his son or his daughter; then you have to feel you are his bride -- that is in the woman's case -- and for men, you have to feel like his brother. Next, you have to feel as parents with him; together with him. You have to feel these three feelings.

By feeling these three feelings, we can restore the three hearts in one human generation. For Adam lost all these things in his generation, so we have to restore them in our life. Therefore, among us we have to feel as Adam and Eve before the fall occurred. The love between us does not come from ourselves, but it comes from the Lord. All the love comes from him. He is the origin of new love. All love starts from him. This is the first place where God can love. God received love, but He couldn't love His Son. This is the first time He can do this and also, people -- mankind -- must love him.

Therefore, in this place there are three kinds of love united. Here the sonship, or the position of son., and also bride and bridegroom, and also parental love, God's love, can unite. So here the ideals of God concentrate into one. That is the reason why we have to love him m_ ore than anyone else. So you have to feel the Lord is the one you long to see; you must want to go and live together with him. When you live in your place, you always have to think these things. So whenever you hear something, you have to feel you would like to go to that place. When you do things, you have to do that, to live with him, you have to always feel these three things in your place. Also, when we love each other, we cannot love each other directly. We have to come through him -- we have to come after we love Jesus, we love God, and we love people. We have to indemnify all these loves. Then we can come back and share love between ourselves. That is the difference between the Lord and ourselves. So now you came in our church, and you met Master, but we have to go out and fulfill these things. Then we must come back. Did he make this clear, have you understood'? Do you think you can do that? (Yes!) He will see.

Last night you talked about how we must bring our family, and grandparents, parents, and our children together, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I wanted to know what would be the best way to work when one's grandparents are in the spirit world."

So in case your grandparents are in the spirit world, then you have to love elder, old people in the place of them, your grandparents. Jesus said, if you love the little one for me, then you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

The other night, the Master said that love comes from the object, not from the self. Could you explain that further?

That means love cannot be manifested without an object. So you must have an object, from there love can be. So the object becomes the foundation of love. You may have your love, but your love can be manifested and reflected only through and by your object. So if you have love, but are without an object, it is the same as if your don't have love.

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