The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

History Of The Unification Church, part 3

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Washington, D.C.
December 29,1971
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

You understand now how much God labored, through such struggle, to restore the Adam, Jesus. By the birth of Jesus God could have God's-side son. Then who is on Jesus' side besides Jesus? That becomes the problem. To stand in the position of perfectly restored Adam, he has to have Eve and three archangels restored. He had to restore the original members who were in the Garden of Eden before the fall. In the Garden of Eden by the Fall Adam lost Eve and three archangels. Therefore Jesus had to restore Eve and three archangels at this time.

For the Lord of the Second Advent to appear on this earth he had to restore all these things lost in the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age. So God's providence of restoration can be simply said to be the restoration of Adam, Eve and three archangels.

When God created this universe He first created angels. Then He created Adam. Then He created Eve. So the three disciples of Jesus were children of faith and at the same time restored archangels. You have to know that clearly. The fall was caused by the failure of serving Adam by three archangels. Therefore three archangels must become one with Jesus. They have to work with Jesus to restore Eve. The three archangels had to go the way of even sacrificing their lives for the work of Jesus. They had to obey absolutely because the archangels didn't serve Adam and couldn't become one with Adam and God. They had to indemnify that.

So they had to follow wherever Adam goes. Therefore the three disciples of Jesus had to go with Jesus even to the line of cross. If at Jesus' time the three disciples had gone with Jesus to the cross, then spiritually Jesus could have restored Eve on this earth. By doing that Jesus could establish the four position foundation spiritually. If he could have established this four position foundation spiritually, then Satan couldn't intervene in his work. But by losing his three disciples, because they did not follow Jesus when he was crucified but denied him, he lost his three spiritual archangels. He had to restore that. So after his resurrection for forty days he called those disciples who had fled.

Spiritually Jesus restored three disciples, but for Jesus there was no Eve restored. Because of the disbelief of the three disciples after his death, Jesus and his disciples were put under the dominion of Satan. Satan always could intervene. That means that although Satan could not accuse Jesus himself, whenever Jesus tried to bring disciples, because they disbelieved Jesus, by that condition Satan could always take them and intervene, invade. Can you understand that? Because they disbelieved, they fell under the dominion of Satan, and from there Jesus tried to take them back. Therefore Satan always had a condition to accuse or invade them.

Therefore, even when Jesus has to restore her from the dominion of Satan... Therefore, to have resurrection work, the separated Adam and Eve had to come together and be reunited. Jesus himself had no condition to be accused by Satan, therefore he could ascend to heaven. But Eve had to be restored from the base which was laid by the restoration of the three lost disciples on the earth. Therefore, Eve's spirit had to come on the earth. Do you think you understand so far?

Question: Is it true that Christ did ascend to heaven and not Paradise? Individually he did ascend into heaven, right?


Question: What is the relationship of the three disciples to unite with Jesus and the need to restore Eve?

If they had become one with Jesus before he died, Jesus could have restored the four position foundation. But they disbelieved, they denied Jesus. Therefore, Jesus was left alone. Jesus could not restore the four position foundation. After his resurrection he had to continue his work with them. His disciples remained in Satan's dominion. Therefore Satan could invade them.

Question: How does that relate to the need to restore Eve?

If Jesus had three disciples, and the three disciples had united with Jesus, on that basis Jesus could restore Eve. That means that Eve could stay with Jesus and the three disciples spiritually. Then Jesus and the Holy Spirit both could ascend into heaven. They could work on this earth spiritually. Then we could not be invaded by Satan spiritually. We could be invaded physically but not spiritually. If that had happened, then for Christians it would not be hard to pray to see Jesus. As it is, though, for Christians to see Jesus they have had to pray very hard. They had to go through great sufferings. They could not easily meet Jesus and receive instructions from him.

Because we have four position foundation on this earth, we can easily have relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. By losing this spiritual four position foundation, the Jewish people lost their country. Otherwise, they would have remained independent. If that happened, God could restore the country. If the Christians had subdued the Jewish nation, then they could have won the Roman Empire. If the disciples had believed, then Jesus could have established the four position foundation vertically and horizontally. But by their disbelief, Jesus ascended into heaven, so the four position foundation was formed vertically, not horizontally. So for a spiritual foundation the Christians had to receive the Holy Spirit and become one with the Holy Spirit. Then they could go to Jesus. So it took much effort. By becoming one with Jesus, they could be saved spiritually -

The space between Jesus and the Holy Spirit was occupied by Satan. To become one with Jesus they had to break through this space. So the individual has to go through Satan's dominating area. Whenever men prayed hard, Satan came and sometimes choked their neck. So Satan's interference came because of the disobedience of the three disciples.

Question: Are you talking about the actual Eve, the Holy Spirit or some woman?

If Jesus had become one with three disciples on the earth, then Jesus could have restored Eve physically.

Question: What person are you talking about? Eve who was with Adam?

No, Jesus is not Adam himself. The same thing applies to Eve.

Question: Who would he have chosen? Some woman?

Of course -- not a man. A woman. But there's no more time.

So the Jewish people lost their nation, their country, and were scattered. The Christians received persecution from the Roman Empire. And from there they are being restored.

So when the Lord of the Second Advent comes again on this earth he must restore the three lost disciples. The three disciples will be the restored archangels. After that he will restore Eve.

To restore Adam God came through the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age. The reason why He had to go through these three stages was to restore Adam. Therefore, to restore Eve, he (Master) could not just do that, but he had to make conditions that he had restored the Old Testament Age Eve's position, then New Testament Age Eve's position, and finally Completed Testament Eve. That means, originally God wanted to love Adam and Eve together. But in the Old Testament Age God only chose men in Adam's position: Noah, Abraham. In the New Testament Age, it was the same thing. That means that the women in Eve's position couldn't be loved by God until the right conditions were made. Therefore, he (Master) must restore such conditions in the last days. Understand?

In Korea in the field of archangels there were three stages of the providence. To restore the three archangels, God had to go through a three stage providence. As Master explained the day before yesterday, in Korea on the East coast there was a man's group and on the West coast a woman's group. The man's mission was succeeded in three stages: Mr. Paeg, Mr. Lee and Mr. Kim. The woman's was the same. If Master can restore one man and three women united with that man, from the spiritual group, by that he can restore all the conditions for the restoration of Eve.

The Old Testament Age can be compared to the old woman, the married old woman; the New Testament Age to the woman who is engaged but who couldn't get married. In one family, the old woman can be compared to the grandmother, the New Testament Age woman to the mother, and the Completed Testament Age woman to the daughter. (That means a sister for Jesus.)

Master went to the group of Mr. Kim, who was the third man. Before Mr. Kim blessed Master, there were three women who testified to Master. If these three women and Mr. Kim had become one with Master, then all the conditions would have been restored at that place and at that time. If Mr. Kim's group had become one with Master, then that would have become the Perfection Stage group.

Then he would have had to find another Christian group and with that group to make connection to Christian ministers; and then to the Government. (At that time Korea had no President, because there was no government yet. So one of those connections would then become President.) So that makes three. That means Mr. Kim's group becomes Perfection Stage.

That is because the vertical providence must be restored horizontally in the last days. That means Mr. Kim's group becomes Perfection Stage group. New Testament Age comes this way, and Old Testament Age group becomes the last one. Therefore, the center will be established by Christians. So that becomes Growth Stage. The government group becomes Formation Stage. Like the Old Testament was formation, the New Testament Age growth, Master is perfection stage. They have to become one. Those three women testified to Master. After that, they had to become one with our Master, but they didn't follow him. So that's the reason why he had to go to North Korea,

In North Korea he had to go through all the conditions to restore the three women and one man. Jesus lost the foundation. The time when Jesus was crucified on the cross can be compared to the time of Master's imprisonment. Prison is physical hell. Jesus lost everything on the cross. So Master had to go through the same situation. So in North Korea he was imprisoned. In the prison he had to restore all the figures.

At this time, not from his side, but from their side, they had to come to him. They left Jesus. Therefore they themselves must come to him. Going to North Korea was going to prison. It was hell. The Christians after Jesus' death went to the Roman Empire. Those Christians were in the position of Jesus. Jesus was lost under the Roman Empire. To restore that, Jesus' followers had to go to the Roman Empire and from there begin restoration work. North Korea was Satan's-side Roman Empire. The Democratic World is the spiritually restored disciples' position. To come to the present Christian world Christians had to go through persecution.

If Mr. Kim's group had become one with Master, then eventually all the democratic world would have become one with him. If that happened, the Communist world wouldn't be like this.

At the time Christians should have become one with our Master, Korea was under American military government. So through the Christians he could have united with the government. And through the government he could have united with the democratic world. And through the democratic world he could have destroyed the Communist world at that time.

Soviet Russia developed the atomic bomb in 1948. Before Soviet Russia developed the atomic bomb, she was weak after the Second World War. To come back to a former position it takes twenty years. (We have to sweep away the Communist world by 1981-85, by that time). Since he went to North Korea, he went the path of hardship and suffering. Therefore all the followers, members of the Unification Church, will also have to go through the same path. That is the reason why our members suffer. We have to take things back from the Satanic world. When the parents are restored, the children will automatically be restored. Therefore all people will be restored through the family lineage. That failed. Therefore, to restore people he had to go out and fight the Satanic world. So we are now on that way. That way will continue until we reach the spring season, the time of restoration of the nation. Even when we restore the nation and the free world, still the Communist world will remain.

For us to fulfill this mission there are two means: one is Divine Principle for the Christian nations, the other is anti-Communist theory for the Communists. Are you confident and do you believe that we can restore Christians through the Divine Principle? Can we destroy Communism through anti-Communist theory? To go this way, we work in Korea in two ways. The first blessing took place in 1960. From that time on, Master wanted to have anti-Communism work. In Korea we came to receive attention in both ways, Anti-Communism movement, and Divine Principle movement. When this applies to the nation and world, the providence will be complete. To do this, we must establish anti-Communism institutes for Communists.

America is the archangelic nation in the democratic world. He hears that 60 percent of American couples get divorced. That means most American homes are broken. Archangels are not supposed to get married. Beyond divorce is the time of the fall. So there are many such broken homes. Now the unmarried boys and girls have sexual relationships. So we have to restore that, restore that relationship too. So now families, couples are separated. So we have to separate those who are unmarried. If we cannot sweep away these things the providence cannot be realized. Originally, the Lord of the Second Advent comes to bless those unmarried men and women, not those married couples. Now the time has come that all the families are broken, so on that condition he can bless even married couples again.

His two works must unite in America. The work to restore Christians must be done in America, and also to overcome the Communist world, to prevent Communist domination must be done. Now, the Communist world is becoming stronger and stronger, and at this time we, the members of the Unification Church, must stand up and fight. If we can restore America, then even if we lose Korea and Japan, we can go ahead. He thinks that there will not be such a situation, but even if we lose Korea and Japan to the Communist world, we will be able to restore the whole world. We will have to go back and make a firm foundation here. We have to start that work from now on. So Master spoke to you that he was going to have a revival meeting here in America.

Now he is going back to when he was in North Korea! He had to restore those lost three disciples in prison. In prison he met Mrs. Ho's group, as he said the night before last. There were also her husband and men members. There they didn't obey Master's words. So he had to go to prison again. Jesus' three disciples rejected Jesus. So when Master went to prison there had to be at least three disciples who would follow him in the face of death. So when he went to prison he had hopes to see those three. In prison he met them.

One of them was a young man who had lived originally in South Korea. After the war he went to North Korea and became an artillery officer in the North Korean people's army. His rank was lieutenant colonel at the time, but he was put in jail. He had connections in South Korea, so he was accused as a South Korean spy. He was sentenced to death at that time. The day of execution was coming near for him. How serious would he have been. Before he was put into jail he worked under the commanding general of the artillery command of the people's army. The commanding general's name was Muzon. When he was arrested the commanding general was in Manchuria, not North Korea. After he came back he found out that his man was put into jail. But he loved this man very much, and he thought he could train this man and that he would become a very good officer, and that he could use him greatly in the future war. So he sent an appeal to Kim Il Sung. Such was being done at that time. Before such a thing happened, God worked.

At that time he already was ready to die. He had his mind serious and he was ready to be executed. In the daytime he had a vision and a white old man appeared before him. That old man told him he would not die. The old man told him that he would meet a young master who was coming, from South Korea, and if he met him his problem would be solved. But he did not believe that, because he was not a very, religious man. So he forgot his vision. He did not remember what he saw in the vision.

Then a second time a white old man appeared, the same man, and asked him why he did not believe what he had told him. He said again you will have to meet the master from South Korea. But he did not believe, so he was beaten by him in the dream. So he begged him not to beat him any more. Then finally he began to believe the vision. Several days later his sentence was decreased to four years. Those things were done by the guidance of heaven. Before Master went to that prison he knew that there must be some prepared men, so he had a great deal of hope.

In 1948, February 22, he (Master) was put into prison in Pyongyang. In the jail, in the same cell, he met that man. He went into the cell where that man was. He was put on public trial on April 2. After that trial he was put in that cell, and that was on the 10th of April. Then he was the head of the cell. If he would speak such things he could not finish. There Master met him. But even though he saw Master he didn't think Master was the man he saw in the visions. After Master went into that cell he didn't recognize him, so he again saw a vision.

Again he saw the father and the white old man appeared before him. So they said, I will show you this man. So he was taken to the palace. To enter that palace he had to go through a gate and there were many steps. When he had taken three steps he had to bow. He repeated it again and again. He came to the throne. Because that was such a brilliant vision he couldn't raise his head. The man on the throne told him to raise his head. In that palace there was a big meeting; a big conference was being held. A man was sitting on the throne and beside him were many people. The man sat on the last seat and he couldn't raise his head. Then the white old man told him to give a deep bow, which he did. Then the old man told him to raise his head. Then he saw the man on the throne, and that was Master's face. So from the next day he began to follow. If he speaks in detail he can talk many days.

By such teachings from spirit world he could collect many men. Peter denied Jesus three times. Therefore those people denied three times. Every time, heaven taught them, and gave them visions, dreams, and different things to make them follow.

So he stayed in prison for two years eight months, a period corresponding to Jesus' public ministry, and he could restore all those twelve people. And by restoring twelve people he can restore all the conditions that Jesus lost. Even if those people would not follow him, he could put other people in their places when he was freed. Because he fulfilled all the things he was supposed to do, the archangelic nation (the United States) and the United Nations attacked North Korea and freed him. So he came out of prison. Four men followed him. Because the United States and the United Nations freed South Korea, for that condition heaven can come again to the Democratic world and work again to restore Christians.

Before he went to jail there were many members who followed after him in his group in Pyongyang. Jesus' disciples fled when he was put on the cross, so among the group there must be someone believing in Master. By fulfilling all the indemnity and conditions to restore a man in the position of Mr. Kim (leader of the Eastern group), his number of followers had to remain the same when he came back as there were when he went to prison.

So there was a man who played the role of the South Korean Mr. Kim. That was Won Pil Kim. Also there were three women. By having one man and three women, he had the four men he wanted to restore in Mr. Kim's group in South Korea. So he had these four men (three women and one man) in his group and the four which followed from prison. He took one man with him when he went South, and that man had a broken leg. He took him with him down to Pusan. And there are many stories about when he came down to South Korea. Because he restored such a number of people, he could start spiritual work in South Korea. From that the Unification Church began. By fulfilling this he could restore what Jesus had done on the cross. And the providence after that was a new one. That was the one that Jesus without dying could restore on this earth. From 1960 he began that work.

Mother came from that group. On the West Coast was Mrs. Kim's group. Mrs. Kim died, Mrs. Ho [Ho Bin] continued. Mother's mother was a devout follower of Mrs. Ho. She took Mother to that group when Mother was four years old, and Mrs. Ho blessed Mother. So that was a succession of missions to Mother. Mother, of course did not know that. When Master met Mother in 1960 at that time he knew. All the things which were prepared by God came into one in 1960. So now True Parents appeared. From this came the blessing of children.

When he left North Korea, it was winter of 1950. He came down to Pusan on the coast of South Korea in 1951. From that time for ten years he fought severe persecution until 1960 when he succeeded. Even after 1960 we have received persecution, but our work can grow.

The restoration providence is the fighting between Cain and Abel. So in the work always a Mr. Moon appears in the Cain position. Always the one who persecutes Master is a Mr. Moon. A man with a Moon surname. Also at the family level and national level. When we wanted to register with the government, the Ministry of Education handled registration, and Mrs. Moon, the Minister of Education rejected our application. We had to fight it. After one week, it was reversed. So that one week, seven days, corresponds to seventy years, seven-hundred or seven thousand years. At that time if his rejection was not overturned, we could not have any religious movement. He was supposed to reverse. Finally we had registration, May 31, 1963. At that time we had thirty-six couples and seventy-two couples blessed. That was the time to fight the state and nation. By undergoing such a process we came to our present status. In the future we will have a record book in which we will explain these things in detail.

Now he is going to speak about the way for our members to follow him. Jacob's course became Moses' course. Also Jesus had to follow Moses' course. Jesus' course became Master's course, and Master's course becomes our course.

Now he is going to explain the four conditions that our movement must fulfill:

1. Perfection of the individual
2. Perfection of family
3. Restoration of the nation
4. Restoration of the world

These four things must be fulfilled by each individual of our Unification Church. And if Master dies at this point then our members will do all these things. If we lose Master we will have to go through hardships three times as much. That means if you do not know the detailed contents of the Principle then it will be impossible for you to fulfill. Do you think you need Master? [Yes] So you think how much you need Master. You need Master more than family, more than nation, more than world. You have to know this perfectly. ,

[To someone in the audience:] You have thought of him as you like, you think, "Master is Oriental and his way of thinking differs, and he does not know Western ways because he was born and raised in the Oriental world." Do you think God's Will will be realized by following Western style? It cannot be done. Because we are new individuals, new families, new tribes, we are the first ones to restore this earth. So there is no tradition. For us there is no style. We don't have any culture. We have to make a new one. From now, we have to make new customs, new tradition, new culture, new life, a new way of living, new morality, new laws. Are you ready? You have to be more confident. You have to be confident more than your life. That is the absolute way; that cannot be changed.

So Master's mission is to establish new tradition, new morality, new ways of life, so even if he loses thousands of millions of people, even risking those lives he has to establish new tradition, new culture. Like Master, we, you, have to be that way. Our weddings also must be done for his purposes. Do you understand?

This time he feels that the purpose of his visit is to make you sure about this. You have to remember this always. So when we do something, we have to do it in a separate way, not like worldly men. When he says let's do something, there must be someone who is ready to run. If we are such men, then the providence will be shortened. Can you imagine when we do not have Master with us? He cannot stay with us always, all the time. Ten years, twenty years -- nobody knows how long we can have him with us. Without fulfilling such mission on earth, our descendants have to suffer. If we cannot restore a nation, other nations, worldly nations will oppose us. If we can restore a nation, then from that base we can go to the world-wide scale.

Now in the present world situation, the nation which is in the most difficulties is Korea. So we have to restore that nation. Now the North Korean Kim Il Sung is about to attack South Korea. Especially when Master is not in South Korea. Master thinks it will be thirty days to one hundred days, that will be his world tour period. So when he left Korea he did not explain such things to Korean members, but he told them to have special prayer. So now in Korea at the headquarters church, every night more than five blessed members (men) with other members come to the church and stay and pray overnight. The very next day after our Master left Korea the government declared an emergency state. That is not just an accident. Also he wants not to have a cold winter this year, not to have rivers frozen. Because of this you have warm weather now. If two weeks pass, it will be all right, no freezing cold. April 15, 1972 is Kim Il Sung's 60th birthday. The perfection number for Satan is sixty. If he goes over that year, he comes down.

The three year course from 1970-72 is a most important time. The second seven year course ends in 1974. So by 1974 we have to establish certain conditions in South Korea. So far you did not know that we will face great difficulties if we cannot restore a nation. That nation must be the nation that is divided into two, as he explained before. Also there must be a place like Panmunjom where God and Satan accuse each other.

Now Western civilization comes to Eastern civilization, to become one. So in the Western world there are many young people who study Eastern things. You might think that in the East are India, China, many other countries. But those countries cannot be the nation. That nation must be the nation that is divided into two and has the place where God and Satan accuse each other.

North Koreans call Kim Il Sung father, and in our church we call Master father. The civilizations of East and West must be united in Korea, no other place. During the Korean War 16 nations, including the United States, came to aid South Korea. Such a thing never happened before in history. It was like a civil war between North and South. Then why did so many countries come to aid?

At that time Truman was President. The United Nations resolution passed. Soviet Russia had veto power, but at that time the Soviet government did not send its representative to the Security Council. So in his absence, it passed. For the United Nations troops, that was the first time to come to the aid of another country. Young people from sixteen nations shed their blood. They had to make such conditions that they participated in the restoration of the nation, for all people of the earth. The number sixteen also has significance. It is 4 x 4. The number represents all nations. That was the first time the Korean and American people and other nations sacrificed for the independence of one nation.

If we see externally, there is no connection between Korea and America and the other countries. But if we see it from the view of the providence, that fight, the Korean War, was the war for the restoration of their own country. The restoration (unification) of Korea becomes the chief piece for the unification of the whole world. So everything lies on Korea. Now Korea is making rapid progress in an external way. That is because the time is coming to restore the internal.

In Korea we had three regimes. The first was Syngman Rhee's regime. The next was Eung. But at that time the boss of the party was a woman, so that was Eve. Now we have the Park regime, and Park is a military man, symbolic of the archangel. This military regime supports our movement. President Park is the seventh President. That means Syngman Rhee was elected three times; President Eung one time; and now President Park is in his third term, which ends in 1975, the end of the second seven year course. Number eight is the number of a new start. So that time is the time of a new fortune for the world.

So the history of God's providence coincides in this way. That is not the only one, but through thousands of years God worked. And there will be no time like this again. If we lose Korea, then where can we find such a nation again on this earth? So this is the most serious time. Master knows very well how serious it is. It is not just serious for Korea and the Korean people, but for the whole world, all people, heaven and earth.

Our members, Korean and Western, must become one with our Master and work together hard enough to overcome the situation of North Korea. We have to surpass the degree by which the North Koreans and Kim Il Sung became one. We have to surpass North Korean Communists, and those in Red China and Soviet Russia. We have to be strongly united, more so than the Communists. If that is done, the free world cannot be destroyed. Therefore from such a standpoint, the United States cannot withdraw from Asia. The United States would suffer great loss, and after, she will have to come back to Asia.

So now India is falling to Soviet Russia, and Southeast Asia will go to Red China or Soviet Russia. The United States will face again the situation which she faced in the days of Japan before World War II in Asia. At that time, the British Prime Minister said that if the United States, Great Britain and Japan become one, then the free world can be saved. America has trouble with Japan regarding the devaluation of the dollar and the yen, and also trade, but the United States must hold Japan on its side. America must open the way to aid Korea through Japan. That is the view of the Providence.

Now America is starting to withdraw from Asia; therefore we have to put an anchor in America not to withdraw from Asia. We have to do this through our members. So at this time we have to send our members to all fifty states. We have to make bases in each state. During his tour he will do that. So he wants among you many volunteers. It is much better for you to volunteer than older people. You are in the archangelic position. Therefore you must do that by yourselves. You have to help Adam. Do you understand me? Will you make application?

If you fulfill your mission in America, you can restore America and at the same time help Korea to be restored. So now we have to make bases in fifty states. We also have to restore Senators. So Master will assign three young ladies to each Senator. The Senators are archangels, so restoration will have to be done through Eve. So we need three-hundred young ladies. To restore the Senators you first must make the aides your friends, particularly secretaries. Do you understand that? They do not know what the future will be. So if you know the Divine Principle and can communicate it well, he will give you directions how to do it in the future. So we need many young ladies. After we restore the Senators, those ladies will be sent overseas. By doing this you can save America.

You as individuals must follow Master, your family must follow Master's family. Jesus couldn't restore his tribe. So we have to restore our tribe, and surpass Jesus' mission. By doing that we can restore the nation. So that is our mission.

The individual, family, nation, and the world; those are always the problem, always the question. For Jesus, too, his purpose and mission was to restore himself on the individual level, and then to restore his family, tribe, nation, and the whole world. We are in the position to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus. It is the mission of our Master, and what our Master has to do is for you to do also. He was left all alone, like Elijah, and from then on he was going to perfect himself on the individual level, and then restore his family, and tribe, nation and whole world.

By going through three regimes, three periods, Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament ages, by going through all those stages, performing the restoration through indemnity, he has set up the tribal level, and from then on horizontally all the rest of the types or scopes will be solved. So he is now on the way to offer sacrifices. By having you, the dedicated members, sacrifice yourselves he is going to save the whole world.

Your mission is on the tribal level, because he has already laid the foundation on the tribal level. From now on he is going to lay the foundation on the national level, and then you will have to open it up. On the national level we have to fight through our way until we gain restoration on the worldwide level. If we do that then those who are born from you can grow up anywhere unreservedly without having to go through any indemnity course. Do you understand?

So in a sense our Master is ahead of you, one age ahead of you. That is why you are still on the stage of the tribal level. Your tribal level corresponds to his national level. If Master has attained or gained the goal of the national level, you will go there, by a jump and a leap. You will not go through as much suffering as Jesus had under the Roman Empire, because Jesus did not have the national level of restoration. He was even persecuted to death. His death was caused by the Israelite nation. So you must stand in the position of one who can restore the Israelite nation which persecuted and killed Jesus. When you have done this, you are qualified to have a world-wide level mission.

When he blessed 430 couples, that meant the gate for the world-wide level mission was opened. After you attain the goal on the world-wide level, that means you are in the position to be the Messiah on the tribal level. For those of you who are blessed, you are not in the position of the dead Jesus now, because you are blessed. You are in the position of Jesus having come again to restore the tribe.

Master is in the position to develop the restitution course to restore the nation. If the blessed families in Korea can restore their own clan and tribe, then the nation-wide restoration will be much easier. For the blessed couple to restore the tribe or clan means to restore the family and the church, just as Jesus had to make into one his family and Judaism. He must repeatedly say that you are in the position to have to restore the tribe. In having blessed. the families, he means to have them stand in the position of having restored the clan and family level restitution course. So from then on their ancestors, their passed away ancestors, can come to stand in the position of those figures, personages of God's choice in past history: Abraham, Moses, etc. So they have to come into the position of those people who have carried out their mission.

In that case you, the blessed couple, are in the position of having attained the restoration on the family level. So from then on, your clan can have the condition to be saved. So those passed away ancestors of yours, if they have been good, correspond to those historical personages who belong to those ages. Your ancestors who belong to the age of Abraham, of Noah, Jacob, or all those people can have the same grace on the same level because you, as the fruit of your ancestry, have attained that much. They are privileged to come down, to come again and through you to work to attain their own mission.

Spirit world corresponds to the angelic world. So you are in the position of Adam and Eve, and they are coming down in the position of the restored archangels to work through you. They are free to associate with you and contact you at any time. By centering on you and your individual home, they can work on this earth in restoring your relatives and clan. As your family foundation broadens, more of your ancestors are free to work. The world is darkened by evil. If those good spirits come down and fight against those people who are occupied by the evil spirits, they can bring them to surrender. Good ancestors of yours are in the position of the restored archangels. With the whole of the spirit world mobilized like that, fighting against the evil spirits, then the restoration of the world will come about in the nearest possible future.

The blessing of the 430 and 777 couples means to have laid the foundation of Jesus having succeeded. The 777 couples represent the whole world. In that case those couples are in the position of Messiah in their country. Each family member who got blessed must be in the position of Messiah to his clan and must be in the position to set up his three sons. Then each son should bring in more people (at least twelve) and make them blessed, making thirty-six. Then we can widen the scope into seventy, and then 120 couples. That is the point where Jesus lost his clan which caused his death on the cross. So you have to restore from that point. You are in the position of the Messiah on the tribal level, so after having brought new members, you should be able to bless them. You can do the same thing with your own family, relatives, cousins.

Master could not do that. He could not witness to or influence his own family. He never once talked about the Divine Principle to his own brother, parents or any relatives. Why? He was in the position of Jesus, who was driven out by his people. So all alone, in the outside world, he had to restore those personages. Now that he has restored outside people, and formed clans by blessing, and has formed the tribal (and almost national) level, from now on he can witness to and bring in his relatives.

You have your own clan and relatives. So you can restore your own relatives. You can bring them. By witnessing to them you can form three disciples, twelve disciples, and people on the tribal level. Can you evangelize your families? In that sense you are in a better position than he is. You have inherited what he has gained by going through his whole life. You can be blessed after having worked for three years or more. By going through only three years course you can be blessed, just like that. You are greatly privileged. In fact, you must be resolved to bear the cross ten times as much as many have done.

When he was in prison, if his parents visited him, he just drove them back. He had to. He has never seen his brother. At the cost of his brother, family, relatives he was going to find new ones. He has loved you more than he did his parents, brother, sister, or his own relatives. Why? Because God is like that. He wanted to save the whole world at the sacrifice of His son. God had to sacrifice his beloved one, His nation, His only son's life. He wanted to save the whole world. Master had to follow that example.

Therefore Jesus, following God's example, had to put himself on the cross. Even on the cross, he had to bless the people who rejected him and persecuted him. In Christian history too we find how God wanted to restore the world at the cost of many martyrs. Master is in the position of saving the gentile world at the cost of his own beloved ones. How much more you should be doing the same. But you don't have to do that. You are only to do what he has told you. You are in such a privileged position. From now on, you are responsible for bringing in your own parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives. You must be loving them and trying to bring them in more than he did the gentile nations. You don't have to go through as much suffering as he has, because people are naturally attached to their own relatives.

But for Master he could not do that. He had to go round about and seek people in the outside world without being able to restore his own family. Now he imagines that his parents have been persecuted. He imagined all those things before he left North Korea, but abandoned his relatives and thus brought those disciples down. So you realize you are in a blessed position.

His mother was a loving mother who loved her son more than anyone else. She was a very loving and understanding type of person. But Master put himself in the position of Jesus who said to his mother, "Woman, what have you to do with me?" His mother was in the position of helping him and cooperating with him, but he still turned back.

There is not an inch of modification in the course of restoration. Now that you have heard Master speak these last few days, you can understand to a certain extent what he means. You must love your parents, brothers and sisters and relatives and you do that in his stead. You restore his not being able to do that. Try to love your parents, sisters, brothers, and relatives as he would have. Can't you imagine how much our Master wanted to witness to them, and teach them the Divine Principle in detail?

His elder brother was spiritually attuned. He was taught by spirit world and sensed somehow that his brother, our Master, was the best brother in the world, more than any other brother anyone could have, and more than any other brother he would have. He only vaguely sensed his mission, but did not know it in detail. He was ready to do anything for his brother, he loved him so much that he could do anything for him. But Master couldn't tell him the story. He couldn't witness to him. Jesus was driven out by his family, and Master was in the position of Jesus, so he couldn't do it. Knowing these things he couldn't do it, but he was agonized in his heart. If he had been allowed, he could have stayed up all night many nights witnessing to them.

Knowing that you are in a position of having to restore those people on the horizontal level, you should work hard to gain those people. If it was he, he would have talked all night and written many letters everyday. It will be easier for you to gain relatives than to bring in outsiders. You must show them that you are blessed because you joined this group. If you bring your parents here and show them the life you have here and all those things, they will be overjoyed. If your parents could prove the fact and you tell them that you are in a blessed position, it will be easier for your brothers and sisters to join. When you go home you could have your parents gather all the relatives, on your parent's birthday, and you could have your parents preside at the meeting and you could speak there. You could have your mother lead the hymns and have your father preside over the meeting. And then you could give lectures on the Divine Principle. Then they will be astonished, with wide open eyes, and say, "I should never have persecuted them. I see that they are in such a blessed position and they can do such and such things, and they are capable daughters." Do you think you can do that? From now on, that is for you to do.

Oriental tradition is very good for the restoration. The younger brothers are supposed to obey their elder ones. If not, they will be beaten. On the permission of the parents, any elder brother can bring in the younger ones. Nephews and nieces are of no question. It is much easier for Korean people to bring in their families. The situation here, I see, is a little different. But people are the same everywhere.

In the United States, the adolescents are the question. But if your parents find that you are spiritually elevated and you have become a good influence after you have joined this group, they will be willing to send you their problem children. Why is it easier to bring your relatives? When you have been recognized by your parents, or your brothers and sisters, the rest of the people are easily brought in. Your younger brothers and sisters will watch, and if they find anything good in you after you have joined this group, it will be natural for them to be drawn.

Suppose you have to bring in outside people. Though they are taught the Divine Principle, and study for quite a time, yet they cock their heads and become skeptical, and they compare the life here with the life outside, and they vacillate. To be fruitful, it may take a year or more. But for your own brothers and sisters, once they are resolved to follow and come into the movement, you can just drive them out. That's what makes it easier for you to bring in relatives. From now on he wants you to write as many letters as possible to your brothers and sisters, and you can put in some flowers from the garden here. Even though some of your brothers and sisters do not know you are in this group, they will be influenced like that.

Why don't you send a plane ticket for them to come to visit you or pay the train fare, and they will be pleased to come visit. They can find out what circumstances you are in. Even in witnessing to outside people you can use that amount of money. So, bearing in mind that you are in the position of Messiah to your tribe, why don't you bring those people into our movement? From the position of Jesus, accomplish that mission. Well, let's mobilize all the people here and dash to the goal.

In a blessed couple, one is in the position of Adam and the other in the position of bride. In that case will you prefer to bring in your own relatives, or go to the outside world? For all the members here, even though they are not blessed, the man should think of himself in the position of Jesus and the woman in the position of bride.

You must understand that Jesus had to be put on the cross because his bride and relatives could not lay the foundation for the bride. And Jesus on his side failed to take a bride because he could not lay the foundation on the tribal level. So in order to restore those things, you have to be able to bring your relatives. If a man who has restored the tribal level and a woman who has restored the tribal level get together and are blessed in marriage, how happy and blessed they are. They can never part from each other. Though they may turn, there is no place else they can go...

(End of tape. Continued from notes)

And within the scope of relatives and tribes, he can bless thousands of couples. If you can bring in three people from the outside world and not one of your relatives, you will be accused by the spirit world.

You must bring people from three generations (four including yourself). Grandparents, parents, your own couple, and your children after the blessing. Until you can love people of three generations, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. In the United States, after 18, you turn your back on your parents. This is because you are in the position of the fallen archangel, and archangels have no parents.

Orientals make restoration easier. Each stage builds on the preceding one. After three stages, you are given children and the eternal heritage of the Kingdom of Heaven is yours. Your children are in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. Because of the fall Master had to go through restoration. After you gain the blessing you must give birth to children having nothing to do with sin. You have to inherit three generations, the mission of three stages. Is this Master's word, or the Divine Principle?

You should respect your grandparents and parents more than yourself. Then you teach your children to do the same. Thus you set up a new tradition. You can enter the Kingdom of Heaven with your grandparents, parents, and children. If you have no grandparents, put it to practice with elderly people.

Everybody is born from their parents' love and grows up in their parents' love. In that case, they want to die in love. Everybody here will become aged. Do you want to die all by yourselves? You should love your grandparents and parents in place of Master. Your parents and grandparents will be overjoyed to know he is telling you this. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without respecting older people; because God is the oldest one!

Vertically and horizontally we are supposed to inherit all the good things having taken place in history. You should love what is old, including God, because you are the fruit of these things. If you visit home you should make those people think that you are different from what you used to be.

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