The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

History Of The Unification Church, part 2

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 28, 1971
Washington, D.C.
Master Speaks
Probable translator, Young Oon Kim

… Are our wedding ceremonies different from other wedding ceremonies? We have to restore through indemnity all historical things. Originally they take 21 steps towards the stage to signify the course of restoration through 3 stages, formation, growth and perfection. That means we are going through that course up to the perfection stage by going through formation, growth, and perfection. You make three bows at the end of each stage, which makes 12 times. You make 3 bows at the beginning and then at the end of each stage.

Number 13 being Jesus' number signifying the making, of couples, you make the final bow to the {missing word} Before this final ceremony we have many other ceremonies, the ceremony of the sacred wine, which signified the alteration of Satanic lineage into divine, lineage. You go through that ceremony only after you have gone through the course of restoration, uniting all the things done through the last 6,000 years. After looking at that mass wedding ceremony, the one couple looked like it was nothing at all. Even one of her sons, though he is not our member, wanted hi­m (Master) to marry him. "Could you please marry me?"

The wedding of the 777 couples represented 10 nations. By doing that he opened the 12 gates to the world. Three 7s, perfection number. In fact, he wedded 791 couples. He added more couples in case some would have been off for the military service. It could have happened.

… After movie on China: "Revolution Revisited," Master spoke again:

He thinks you do not know the life, of the Communist prison. After the Soviet revolution many Russians were put under forced labor. Communist theory is that before them there should not be any bourgeoisie or anti-Communist molecules. In their mind, they want to kill all their opponents at the time, but because of world public opinion they cannot do that. So they put them under hard labor, so that by hard labor they wait until the time they die. In North Korea, when our Master was in prison he was put into a hard labor camp. Kim Il Sung took the Soviet Russian experience and put all the prisoners under hard labor for three years and let them die. He will speak. about their propaganda.

In the labor camp, there were approximately 800 prisoners. On Sundays they had holidays. But they wouldn't let them rest. They had a so-called brainwash hour. They just tell lies which all the prisoners know. Actually prisoners are receiving, almost dying, treatment. But in their propaganda they explain that they are treating the prisoners so well, all kinds of false things. They didn't allow visitors, but in their propaganda, the say that anytime visitors may come and they can bring all kinds of food and things for the prisoners. But actually they didn't, but they talked that way. They say on national holidays they bring a fish, and let the prisoners eat beef and pork and all those things, but actually they didn't. They continued such propaganda all year round. And the prisoners were opposing elements to Kim's regime, but they teach such things, and after the teachings, they let the prisoners write their reactions to such lectures. And they make record books for reports and on first report they write such things, and second, they keep all records. They chose those who wrote nice reports and stood them before the prisoners and cited them. Let them praise Kim Il Sung and he gives them such good treatment. Let them unite with Kim Il Sung. And let them make a good speech before prisoners. And whenever they write such a report let them applaud. If a prisoner does not keep his hands clapping he will be checked.

And when they chose the speakers they pick those people who are the most influential, the most opposing of Kim Il Sung. They choose those people and let them speak. By doing that they influence the prisoners. On this day after their speech they send young, prisoners who live together with the speaker and let them ask how they can say such things, do they speak from the heart? So the speakers tell their minds that they were forced to speak that way. By that they caught them. They were just agents. They put them into solitary cell and cut men's heart. And have them gave them hard punishment. By such things, by the force of propaganda they forced the prisoners to change their minds.

They give rice at the meal. They give just mouths full of rice. That's serious, not enough rice. For soup they give water with radish leaf and salt. That is all. Let them work for 8 hours a day. They give normal daily requirements of work, quota. The work was to put ammonium sulfate into bags and load it. In the Orient we use straw bags. 40 kilograms of ammonium sulfate into each straw bag, tie it with rope and haul it to freight car. They bring straw bags and ropes from the warehouse, they fill the ammonium sulfate into that bag and tie it, all those things are done by prisoners.

Outside of prisons normal workers eat pork, because the ammonium sulfate affects the skin. When the skin is affected they cannot work. For the normal laborers, the maximum was 70 bags. But for the prisoners their quota is 130 bags a day, without pork, and little rice. Have you ever seen straw bags? We put rice into them. To do that 10 men form one unit. So they make 1300 bags. From a pile of fertilizer they put into bags, and tie with a rope. Before that they have a scale waiting. They put on scale. They have to drag the bags to the scale. On top of shoulders carry over a trail. Communists estimate that after 3 years more than 80 percent of prisoners die. Eating such a small meal and working so hard, after six months work skin becomes very injured. I think you saw the German picture "Mein Kampf." You saw the Jewish concentration camp. Lower legs become bigger than the thigh. If you do such kind of work you become smaller than children. They look like corpses. It is very hard to imagine.

With so small amount of meals and such hard work, you are always giving out energy, no supply. His stomach always having to work … Next day you get up and you find your pillow becomes like a plank. That is the life of the Communist labor camp.

If you cannot fulfill your quota, your rice ration will be cut in half. For prisoners, there is nothing more important than rice. From the prison to the work place the distance was about 4 km (2 and 1/2 miles). Every morning when they left prison they had to form 4 lines hand to hand, and at sides armed guards with rifle and pistol. If they loosened, if they are found that they do not hold hands they will be accused of escape. They cannot hold pistol. They cannot put their head upright, always this way. Let them die in 3 years.

How could Master survive in those kind of circumstances, Man is not physical body alone. If prisoners were to live on food, they would die; he knew that. He made up his mind … He knew the importance of mental control, when you have the experience that you are fed something spiritually you are not hungry. He had a special determination, spiritually. So he convinced his mind that he could live on half his meal. So after that he became accustomed to that thought. So from the next day he began to give half of his meal to others. He continued for 2 weeks. He became confident that with half of his meal he could fulfill his quota.

Because 10 men are one unit, they do work in parts. There is easier work and harder work. He decided he would do the hardest work. Even with the hardest work, he will not die. Even after 3 years or after 10 years. After 2 weeks, he was accustomed and so confident. So he began to take all his food. From that time on he thought his regular meal was half, and the other half was extra, given by God. So he could have spiritual consolation and he found that consolation was very great. So he decided to work even twice as much as other people. So whenever he worked he always thought he was put on trial. He analyzed and studied how his physical body was affected when he worked harder. Sometimes when he sped up his body changed. If he worked normally, then how did his body respond?

Among 10 men there are some, weak men. So sometimes he had to work more than his quota to supplement the men's work who couldn't fulfill their quota. He continued such work every day. During his work, if they think of meals they cannot work so he did not think of meals when he worked. He always thought that he was destined to do it. He was born to do such work. Always he put all his heart and all his sincerity into his work, just as if he were doing the, work of restoration. During his work he always thought of what he had experienced in spirit world, and he was the main star in a motion picture to be shown to his descendants and followers in later years. Seeing his starring work the followers and descendants will be moved. So he worked with such a mind.

From 8:00 work started and at 10:00 there was a 10 minute break. At that time they go to latrine. But he never thought of that. He didn't go when the time of break rang. When he found there was no one, then he knew it was break time. So his body was working, but his spirit was not working. He worked with such spirit that the weight of his physical body was almost maintained. He lost little. The staff was very puzzled. Whenever he went to work he always found the hardest work. After several months, he was called as the best worker...

(End of tape. From notes)

Everyday the units were changed to prevent the prisoners from scheming to escape. When the teams changed, all the prisoners wanted to come to where the best worker was, behind Master there were many people.

In prison he never said a word, because he knew the organization of the Communists. The hardest thing for him was to write down his feelings after hearing, the false speeches. The guards concentrated their attention on Master, looking for conditions to accuse him. The communists had spies in his cell. So he didn't speak a word. It was very easy for guards to use a prisoner as an agent (beginning of tape) by giving the prisoner a little more rice. In the Communist world they control men with rice.

He will give an example of how prisoners long for rice. When you eat rice you may sometimes find a rock and somebody will spit it out. If there is a bit of rice oil on the rock they will try to take it. If a prisoner was sick and could not work his rice ration was cut. So the work continued in this way. But for that prisoner it was more miserable and more sorrowful than anything else. When their rice ration is cut in half they feel as if they are dying. The sick prisoner could crawl out of his cell and get a full rice ration. Even if they had fever and much pain they tried to go out.

Lunch was given at the work site. Therefore, to have lunch they went to the work site. Even if they cannot work they have to pretend to work to eat rice. They could not fall down there, so if they were to get rice ration for supper they had to make all their efforts to come back to camp. You can imagine that.

When you get a ration, you get rice in a bowl. As soon as he gets bowl unconsciously he puts rice into his mouth. While he is eating his rice, his eyes are stuck on other men's rice, his eyes stuck on their bowls. Before the distribution is ended he is finished eating his food. They forget that they have eaten, and they think, after the other person gets a bowl of rice that there is no rice. Sometimes fighting the neighbor, "You got my rice." There were many men who put rice into their mouth and then just died.

Such indescribable life is the life in the communist prison camp. That is to diminish all the reactionary people. When a prisoner died before finishing his rice, then the others fought to get few grains from the dead person's mouth. If You understand that you can imagine how miserable life was.

The most difficult work was after putting fertilizer in the bag to carry it to the scale. That was the most difficult work, and Master did that. Nobody else wanted to do this. One bag weighs 88 pounds. Carry this to the scale. Master carried 1300 bags to the scale. If you become skilled there is a way to carry it. As the work proceeds the pile is decreasing, therefore it moves away. But you cannot move the scale, because you would have to adjust it; and that takes time, about 3-5 minutes, and if you do that you cannot fulfill your full day's work. So without moving the scale you carry them. In that case you take this bag and have to throw it … Once a year they chose a model prisoner for a worker, and he got it.

Among those prisoners were many who followed our Master, but they were taught from, spirit world. There were 20 people. Even though they followed him, he couldn't speak to them. So at break time they go to the latrine and back. So even though they couldn't speak, they came beside him and spoke to him that they had received revelation.

The pile of fertilizer was as high as this house, one block. In the one pile there are several teams working, but when, break time begins they just take time out to go to the latrine and back. Master did not say anything and he pretended he did not know anything. But the guards follow God's man. He noticed this. So he told them not to come close to him.

In the morning, when they come out of the cells and into the narrow corridor, they line them in 4 lines. At that time the corridor is narrow, then the followers come to him and hug him, just like a wink. That was most impressive. At that time, if he gave them orders, they would do anything.

Once a month prisoners were allowed to have visitors. When relatives or families came they brought rice powder. Whenever they got rice powder that man alone cannot eat it, they divide it among prisoners in the same cell. Those followers who had such powdered rice, keep a small amount of such rice in paper and wrap it and hide it, and make a cake. Because every day the prison guards examine all the body. They hide it not to be found out by the guards. They take it out at the work site and during break time bring it to Master, and share that together. And they had lunch. That thing was most unforgettable. In prison they could trade for a piece of bean. So precious, rice or beans in, prison. But they spared those precious foods for Master.

After they were released from camp by the United Nations forces, they went to Pyongyang. On the way, just 4 followed after him, the others scattered. They went to their homes. Four people did not go to their home. They followed him.

These things you can imagine. For Communists, word is one thing, action is another. America should not be deceived by Soviet Russia or Red China. Even though they signed a pact (on nuclear disarmament) they will make nuclear weapons. You can understand that by seeing North Korea. The armistice has provisions that both sides cannot reinforce any weapons or any military strength. But they increased all kinds of nuclear weapons.

So Master knows about Communists very well. And even under Japanese days, in Japan together with the Communists he fought against the Japanese government. The organization in the Communist prison is the strongest. In North Korea they control all people by rationing. If they find somebody who has reactionary thoughts they decrease the rationing. So they make them change their mind or commit suicide.

When the Russian army arrived in Manchuria and North Korea they began to strip all the machinery from the factories and moved it to Siberia. They took away the smallest motor. You cannot understand Communism as your living standard, as your way of thinking. They may take a natural attitude before you, but behind you, they bind your arms, legs, neck and pull your neck.

So tonight he wanted to make your realize this.

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