The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

History Of Unification Church, part 1

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 27, 1971
Washington, D.C.
Master Speaks
Probable translator Young Oon Kim

As you know, during World War II, Korea was under Japanese reign. Among Korean Patriots there were many who fought against the Japanese regime. As you know from the Divine Principles, God lost the four position foundation. Therefore, for Him, the purpose of restoration was to restore this four position base. Therefore, there were many number 4 in the Bible and in His providence Therefore, 40 years and 400 years providence. So all the restitution, indemnity has been done according to Principle. For Korea to become the Adam country in God's providence she must be put under Eve's country. By overcoming Eve's country she must get independence From Satan's side, Japan was united with Germany and Italy, which were all satanic countries. For the democratic side there were the United States, Great Britain, and France. During World War I Germany was almost completely destroyed. But the reason why she could recover in 20 years was because there was great significance for her to play in God's providence in the Second World War. Always the defeated countries, first attack. The three countries, the United States, Great Britain and France united and got victory over the Satanic countries. For Korea, she must be ruled by Japan for 40 years Japan was the female country on Satan's side During that 40 year period. The Japanese tried to kill all the cultural tradition and even the language of Korea. Master himself was imprisoned by the Japanese during that period. So there were many Koreans who were imprisoned and suppressed by the Japanese government.

To be called by God those people must be Patriots, pious children, or devoted people to their society. Patriots are those who are determined to devote themselves for the sake of the nation -- for God's providence. He also needs those people. When God finds and enlarges His foundation for His providence He always does His work under rejection by Satan. During that period, he was a young man, and as a young man he prepared himself for the coming public life of his ministry.

As the time went by near to the end of World War II the oppression became much severer. At the last period of Japanese ruling, the Japanese increased their oppression and forced Christians to worship idols at the Japanese shrines. Devout Christians refused and lived underground. Some went to Manchuria, some went to Soviet Russia, some went to the mountain's and had a hidden life. There were many people who longed for the day of liberation from Japan, believing in God. There were many Christian ministers who worked with the Japanese government. They did according to Japanese directions. But on the other hand there were many patriotic devout Christians who fought underground, in the mountains, still keeping their faith and waiting, for the day of liberation.

As the end was coming near, those devout Christians became more serious, and they prayed to God that decisive judgement or decisive sentence be brought to Korea. Also there were many people who were led by God or by spirit world directly and they could flee or escape the Japanese police when they tried to capture them. Most of them knew about when the Japanese would be defeated. Also many received revelations from heaven that after World War II history would be developed centering on Korea. Also, Master was connected with several such groups. But even though he had connected with such groups, he Could never speak any of the Divine Principles which you are now learning. Because there was word from God and he had promised God to begin this work right after Korean liberation, therefore he couldn't speak at this time. The will of God could not be established by one man alone. There must always be the object to work with. Also, God showed that after World War II all the Christian churches would be divided. Among the Christians were many who received revelations not to work with existing Christian churches.

The land of Korea is distinguished by East and West. Eastern side is more mountainous and. Western side is more flat. Also there was a group which had special mission to restore the Garden of Eden in Korea. The Eastern part of Korea has male-like nature and the Western part has female nature. Like the shape of Korea's land, God's providence also took the same pattern: male characteristics on the eastern part and female characteristics on the Western part. In North Korea on the Eastern coast there is a city called Wonsan. In this city was a Christian movement. On the Western coast there was a place called Konsan, and here a Christian movement arose. On the Eastern coast many men followed this movement. To them Jesus Christ himself appeared and told them his past life and what was to come, all those things that were to happen.

In Won San the leader was Paek Nam Su. Also there was a woman that was taking the counter part to the man. Her name was Han Myang Pa. To Han, Jesus appeared and through her, Jesus began to speak to Mr. Paeg. She spoke, Lord is with me, and Lord is speaking through me. So Mr. Paeg knelt down and he told through the lady, "Speak to me what you are going to speak." From that, trouble-began to occur. What was spoken to the two was transmitted to the ministers, and by hearing such things the ministers began to persecute them.

So, always such spiritual groups and Christian churches have fights. Even though they received such revelations or words, they didn't know the inside of spiritual movement. Therefore, they couldn't control such spiritual phenomena. So that group was moved according to the lady's speeches, as she spoke. By the words from heaven she was told that there was another group on the West coast, and to have connection with that group. So Mr. Paeg began to walk to that place. When he went, heaven told him to not wear any shoes, barefoot he was going to go to the West Coast. The distance was going to be 130 miles.

In Wonsan, the West coast town, there was a not too old lady, about 50 years of age. Centering on her, Mrs. Kim Son Do, a movement arose. She had her husband, and when she began to receive revelations from heaven her husband persecuted her and drove her almost to death. At that time Confucianism was prevailing in Korea and most people believed in that. When a man becomes Christian they don't worship their forefathers. Therefore. her husband did not like her to become Christian. Also she always got up early at 1:00 in the night and prayed until mid-morning so for a stranger such behavior couldn't be understood. Not withstanding her husband's persecution, she continued her work. So she was ready to give her life for the service.

She was recognized by the spirit world as an especially devout Christian in Korea at that time. She had direct conversation with God. She received direct revelations; she was taught many things from heaven. She was told the exact date of Korea's liberation, she was told that the Lord of the Second Advent would come to Korea as a physical man. Also, she knew that by the Lord, Korea would become a privileged nation, and by Korea all the world would be restored to God.

There were 12 main teachings which she received from heaven, and among these were:

1. Liberation of Korea from Japan

2. Lord of Second Advent would come to Korea not in clouds, but on earth as a physical man. And that man is Korean.

3. Fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was not fruit, but the fall was the action of love; the fall took place by misuse of love.

4. Man and woman should not marry, because such marriages are not true marriages, but false marriages. She taught married couples not to have sexual life.

5. Lord was coming to establish new blood lineage. Therefore, all those who were to receive Lord of Second Advent must have purified mind and body. Therefore, there should be no sexual life between husbands and wives.

Many women came to her and they received many graces from heaven, and they were awaiting the coming of the Garden of Eden on earth. For her there were two sons. The wife of the elder son was the daughter of a minister. The minister was a very devout one. Her daughter-in-law also had spiritual experiences. Therefore she agreed with what her mother-in-law received from heaven. Her elder son believed in what his mother was doing, but he did not positively participate in his mother's work.

The old lady told her son and daughter-in-law not to have married life between them. But her son did not obey his mother's words and had life with his wife. Therefore, spirit world took her away, and she died. At that time the old lady did not know the principle of indemnity but her action was to indemnify her husband's action because he persecuted her so severely. Therefore, she wanted to indemnify it through his son (her son) and daughter-in-law. Also to indemnify all those wrong things which her husband did to her son, and also, she wanted to pass on her mission to her daughter-in-law. For her daughter-in-law to inherit her mission she alone couldn't inherit it, but she must receive the cooperation of her husband. But at that time she did not know that. So by uniting her son and daughter-in-law, she can indemnify her husband's persecution and pass on her mission.

By her words her second son did not get married. Also her other daughters did. not get married. When such things happened to her son the man from the East coast came to her place. That was to unite family level and God wanted to unite tribal level. God wanted to unite churches. By uniting West group and East group that could be done. So from the viewpoint of restoration the East coast group was in the position of archangel and the West coast group in the position of Eve. Also heaven told the archangel group to go to Eve's group. So the one who went was not Eve's group, but the archangel's group.

By such things this movement became known all over Korea. By this all the Christian churches began to persecute them. That was the worst time of the Japanese oppression. Soon after they received that the Japanese would be perished. What they received they began to transmit from year to year. Now this was broadly known. Such things reached the ears of the ministers. They wanted to destroy this group. Therefore they went to the Japanese government authorities and they told them such things. At that time the churches worshipped at the Japanese shrines: therefore devout Christians did not attend such worship services, because Mosaic -law prohibited worshipping idols. These people tended to follow this group. Therefore the ministers wanted to stop them from going to this group. That is the reason why the minister's went to the Japanese authorities. By the ministers' accusation the old lady was imprisoned. She was tortured bitterly, and after her release she died. By her death, God's work which was programmed underground came into good luck. Therefore God picked another lady to begin the same kind of movement.

That lady was a most devout lady who followed after Mrs. Kim Son Do. That lady was Mrs. Ho Ho Bin. Her husband was also a devout Christian. He also followed after Mrs. Kim Son Do. This couple were united as one, and they were decided, they had a determined mind to follow whatever difficulties may be ahead. So this couple came to pray to God seriously. They wanted to inherit Mrs. Kim's work. So they prayed fervently, believing that this work through Mrs. Kim was the providence of God. This wife, Mrs. Ho, also began to receive revelations. Then Jesus appeared to her. Jesus told the couple that he had tried to find one man and one woman who could inherit the final mission on earth. And finally he was able to find the lady Mrs. Kim and through. her he wanted to prepare for the last mission. Those ministers who should have received her did not receive her story …(end of tape)

Jesus began to give revelations to this couple. He asked them to bear all difficulties in any situation and to uphold His will. Mrs. Kim received persecution from her husband, but this couple was united, so there was no persecution from the husband. But persecution began from the external world, from outside, from Christian Churches. From this time she began to receive special revelations. This couple was taught the heart of God, how grievous God was at the fall of Adam, also God's providence at the time of Jesus. All kinds of things. Also, Jesus told the story of Mary, the situation when Jesus was born in the world. Also, Jesus spoke about his childhood life and also that Mary his mother couldn't fulfill her mission. Also, they were told that John the Baptist couldn't fulfill his mission. Therefore, Jesus was crucified on the cross. So by these things, the cause of Jesus' crucifixion was the disbelief of the Jewish people.

So when this couple received revelations, they received in fragments, not as whole ones. They also taught that the Lord would come as a Korean man. They received that the Lord comes as the prince of heaven, and he is the one coming after the sacrifice of 6,000 years of history. Therefore, he cannot be traded for all the things of earth, or all the things of past history. Those who were to receive him must be those who fulfilled, restored, solved all the resentments of Jesus, and who solved all the things that Jesus couldn't fulfill during his lifetime.

Also they received order from heaven that Jesus was born as the prince of heaven. Therefore his life should have been the life of a prince. He shouldn't have had any difficulties in his life time. Everything that he wore should have been the best clothes. Jesus had to have four meals the highest ones. But by the failure of the Jewish people, Jesus couldn't have the food and clothes. So they were told to indemnify all these things that Jesus couldn't have in his life. This group started to indemnify all those things. They started to make everything for Jesus.

So they were told to make clothes the size which Jesus would have worn from his childhood to 33 years old. As many clothes as Jesus could change every three days. So you can imagine how many that would be, And that was not one, but in Korean costume and also Western style. One Korean costume and one Western suit every three days. And when they made his clothing they couldn't use sewing machines -- they were told not to stitch more than three at a time, and to make this they had to clean out the whole room, and they couldn't stand up until they had finished one garment. They didn't allow them to go to the toilet. "Even though you pay such a price you are not worthy to receive him," that is what heaven told them. And when they made a mistake in something they were severely chastised from heaven. So they couldn't but follow after heaven's instructions.

At that time the group had more than 1,000 followers. And those 1,000 men worked for 7 years. For the food, they prepared 3 meals a day just like a banquet -- meat three times a day. The size of the clothes became larger and larger as he became grown-up. Then, after they finished making clothes for Jesus they were told to make clothes for the Lord to come. Also, they were told to give more sincerity in making the Lord's. clothes.

When they brought a, meal for the Lord, they were told to bow 300 times, sometimes they were told to bow 3,000 times. Heaven told, "Even though you pay your courtesy and respect to the Lord by bowing 3,000 times that is not enough to pay your respect to the Lord." To bow 3,000 times took almost 10 hours; after finishing bowing, they collapsed. Heaven told them all sizes, the length of sleeve, everything. Also her husband was told what she was told -- the Lord of Second Advent was already taller than her husband. She was told his academic background, everything from heaven. So they were waiting for the day they could meet the Lord. Waiting day by day to receive the Lord. Also, those followers of hers were so resolved that they were ready at any time to lie down and die if they were told. They were ready to give their lives. They were trained in every way.

Also the lady especially trained her husband. She told her husband, "You are the archangel who made Eve fall. By the archangel, her chastity was defiled. I was the one who was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent, but by you, my chastity was defiled. So you must die." She sent him out and told him to die. This husband obeyed her words. When he was told to die he was ready to go out and die. So when he started to do that thing, she told him not to die.

In wintertime she drove out her husband wearing sackcloth. In those clothes, barefoot she sent him out and told him not to come back for 6 months and told him to eat by begging. That was to indemnify the 6,000 years caused by the archangel. He began to wander away, and after 1 week she called him back. So he indemnified 6 months in 6 days. (Whenever she was told what to do, if the man believed her and obeyed, then indemnity was made and it was shortened.)

The peculiar thing was that whenever she received a revelation her whole stomach moved according to the words she received. The reason why she had such experiences was this she was a Christian and believed that the Lord would come from the clouds of heaven. Heaven didn't want her to think that way. So that was to remind her that the Lord would come through a mother's womb. This group was named by Christian churches, "Inside Belly church." Whenever her stomach moved she received revelations. By such experience God made her believe that the Lord would come through the mother's womb.

Also she testified that Japan would surrender on 16 August 1945, that was, 7 July by lunar calendar. She often spoke in public of what she received from heaven. So it was very significant that the day fell on July 7 by the lunar calendar. The reason she spoke openly was that if she were put in prison she would soon be liberated. She was told that, so she could speak. The day before her release by the Japanese police, she received a vision of an angel standing over the Japanese Emperor's head, telling the Emperor, "You are the enemy of heaven, and you will be destroyed." The very next day, the Japanese Emperor spoke on radio. She was also told what hour the next day the Emperor would broadcast. The next day the same thing happened -- All the things which she received from heaven were realized just as she was told. Therefore all her followers could not but follow her. By such they could receive the liberation date. They received, "When Japan perishes, you will meet the Lord of Second Advent." When they were released from prison they danced for joy.

But still they had persecutions from the Christian churches. When Korea was liberated, many devout ministers who were imprisoned by the Japanese were released, They started reconstruction work on the Christian churches. So even for Christian churches, they were divided into two, internal and external.

For Eastern coast spiritual movement, there was another successor. His name was Lee Yong Do. He was a minister. He gave much spiritual fire to the people By doing such works, heaven wanted to have a united work among such spiritual workers. For spiritual movements also there were two types; one was internal the other external. Centering, on Minister Lee, a new Jesus church was started. At that time there were instructions from heaven to unite these two churches: "Inside Belly church" and the "New Jesus church." The West group went to the Eastern group to be united, but this group did not receive them. By failing to accomplish the unification of these two groups, God had to have a new movement, and pioneer a new field.

So God wanted to have another man who could receive His direction. That was Mr. Kim, another man. After that time Mr. Lee died. The spirit of Minister Lee came to Mr. Kim and spiritually Mr. Lee passed on his mission to Mr. Kim. From this Mr. Kim a new group began.

So if we see it from the path of growth, the first path was the formation stage, Mr. Lee the growth stage, and Mr. Kim the perfection stage. So Minister Lee was in the position of Growth. That was the same position as Jesus. He died at the age of 33, in 1932. Korea's liberation took place in 1945. There were 12 years in between. By this you call see how heaven wanted to make the way of preparation for the Lord. God started from so early a date to overcome Japanese oppression.

In these circumstances, Master began to prepare his way.

The West group, centering on Mrs. Ho, waited for the Lord of Second Advent after liberation. They knew that the Lord to come should have a bride, and that he comes to form a family. So they prepared everything: bride, circumstances to form a family, 12 disciples, 70 disciples, they selected them at this time. They bought the best house in Pyongyang. They bought a fine house and prepared it for the Lord. At that time Master was in South Korea.

From the providence of restoration, there must be a lady who proclaims herself as the wife of Jehovah. Without finding this lady the providence cannot be carried on. Therefore he looked for such a lady. So in South Korea he visited every religious group and all prominent ministers to find such a lady. And Master met that Mr. Kim in November 1945, three months after the liberation. He knew that on him was a great mission, so he met him.

At that time he had a (Protestant) seminary. He was told to have a seminary by heaven. He was told to prepare forces to receive the Lord of Second Advent. That was what he was told by Heaven. So Master went to his group and met him there and stayed with him for six months. During that period God worked in various ways. There were many women who followed after Mr. Kim. Before Master went to that place they were told to follow Mr. Kim After Master went to that place they were told to follow after Master, not Mr. Kim. At that time he didn't speak of the Divine Principle. Just as Jesus was blessed by John the Baptist, Master was to inherit everything from Mr. Kim.

After six months Mr. Kim received a revelation from heaven, and he put his hand on Master's head, and blessed that the glory of King Solomon of the whole world would be on him. But at that time he (Master) didn't speak. He did the most menial things. He cleaned his place all those things. Master was in the last seat. His meeting Mr. Kim had great significance, so Master prayed very hard at that time. If Mr. Kim was told to give such a blessing to Master, he had to ask Master questions to find out things from him. That was his 5 percent. But at that time his former devout followers followed after Master. he knew that, and didn't feel good seeing that Master received blessing from him, so he inherited what he had.

After he received the blessing from Mr. Kim he had to find a lady like Anna, an old lady. That lady should be the lady who claims herself to be the wife of Jehovah. At that time there were many people who went between South Korea and North Korea, and he found out that there was a lady who was claiming herself to be the wife of Jehovah. Beside these groups were many, groups like Old Testament Age groups. That group was a New Testament Age group. There was Mr. Paeg who played the role of an Old Testament Age group. (We don't have time to refer to all those groups.)

In the last days all those things written in the Old Testament and New Testament must be realized horizontally.

He learned that the lady was in North Korea and that there was such a group. According, to the principle of indemnity and restoration, Master himself cannot meet those groups which are prepared, waiting for him. The reason why Jesus died was because he couldn't have a bride. Because there was no preparation of Bride to receive Jesus, that was the cause of his death. Therefore when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, those prepared groups in the position of bride, must come with their preparation. If the lady, (Mrs. Ho) who was the leader of that group prayed to God to find the place where the Lord was, then heaven would teach her. Heaven could have taught her the place. So Master was waiting until they came. He couldn't go to their place.

During that period, he came across the old lady who was like Anna. That woman did both works. Sometimes she worked on the Heavenly side and sometimes neutral. (If not Heavenly side, neutral, but not the Satanic side.) After meeting the old lady he sent a man to that group, and told Mrs. Ho to pray to find out what Master's group is. But at that time Mrs. Ho expected a great sign, she did not expect a young man, Master sent a regular man, not a special man. Meeting that man she did not realize he was of great mission, so she sent him back. Next, he sent a young woman to that group. But there was no action from that group. Then Mrs. Ho received another revelation that when her group staff members were gathered at one place they would meet the Lord as Chung Yang met her husband. In prison. [From Korean folk tale.] She was told, "You will meet the. Lord as Chung Yang met her husband in prison. At that time North Korea was occupied by Communists. Then the Communists found out that this group collected much donations from people, made fine clothes, bought a fine house. So they accused this group of being a religious deceiver of the time. So, they put all the staff in jail. And also at that time Master was accused of having a connection with that group. Actually he had no connection, but he was accused that way so Master was also put in jail.

Master was put in the same room with the man leader of the group. (under Mrs. Ho was a man leading that group.) That man was in the same room with Master. That was the 11th of August 1947. Those staff members were tortured by Communists very severely. The Communists told Mrs. Ho that if she denied when she received revelations her stomach moved she would be released. That was the time of Kim Il Sung and he persecuted religions. He wanted to diminish all religions. Mrs. Ho's brother died under all the torture. Mrs. Ho was also tortured severely, and her clothes were almost all torn down. (At that time Master was also tortured by the Communists, Master was, released on the 31st of October, At that time Master bled so much that he was almost dead. So his followers thought he was dying. But it, was a miracle that he recovered.)

It was at night that Master went into the room where the man next to Mrs. Ho was. He went into the room at 11 p.m. That night the man received a revelation about him. When Master went into the room they were sleeping. Master had such experiences before, so he was very accustomed to such circumstances. He slept beside the toilet. In that room there were many prisoners. The next morning, the head of that room (the man leader of Mrs. Ho's group) spoke. The custom of the cell was for the last comer to sleep in the worst place. But the head stood up and told the other men that this newcomer is a special man, so please let him sit beside him. When Master sat beside him, he bowed to Master. Master asked why he bowed, and he answered that he had a revelation last night. In his revelation, he saw Mrs. Ho bowing to him, and she told him, "Now I have met the man I wanted to meet." Looking at his face, that was Master.

So that morning Master told him, "I can understand every thing you have experienced, so please tell me all you have experienced." So the man began to talk. He explained everything that had happened in his group. Master knew, all the principle of restoration, but those men did not know. But those men performed to such an extent that he could understand how much they had suffered. Also he knew that the Communists would release them if they denied what they had received from heaven. So Master told him, "I will take all responsibility if you deny all the facts you have experienced before the Communist authorities."

Also, Master told him to inform. Mrs. Ho that a young man would take all the responsibility if she would tell a lie and deny all that she had experienced. Master asked him to convey his words to Mrs. Ho. At lunch time when lunch was distributed the young man talked to Mrs. Ho and told her everything Master said. Mrs. Ho said that she had received a revelation from heaven that she would meet the Lord as Chung Yang met her husband in prison. She said, "I see nobody, so I cannot follow your words." That man was released because, he denied. After that man was released the husband of Mrs. Ho came to Master's cell. Master told her husband what he had told the young man. Her husband said he would follow after his wife. So he would not receive Master's words. For the last Master himself wrote a letter -- he thought that on paper it is one thing. That was the morning of the 18th of September. He asked the man who holds the rice at meals to convey the letter to Mrs. Ho. After she read the paper she wanted to destroy it, but at that time she was found by the Communist watchman. That was because the man who carried the paper informed the prison watchmen. Master wrote, "The writer of this paper is a man of heavenly mission, and you should pray to find what he is. If you deny everything you have received, you will be released." That paper was discovered by the prison guard and Master was tortured. That happened at 2:00 p.m. September 18, 1947. At that time. Master was accused of being a spy of the American forces in South Korea and he was, questioned by a Soviet Russian investigator, but he was found innocent. He was released on October 31, in the afternoon. (If he was to speak in detail it would take so much time. Mrs. Ho and her followers did not deny. When the Korean War broke out in 1950 they were all slaughtered.)

Because of the failure of that group, Master had to find other people. He worked there until he could find a conditional number. After he was released from prison he made connections with other groups and also led people of that group and he had a church movement of his own, and his members increased. But at that time the North Korean government policy was to diminish all the religions, and also, Christian ministers accused him because many members of their churches came to him, so he was imprisoned a third time. That was February 22, 1948.

In prison he met many people who followed him. They were told from heaven to follow after him. But those followers who followed his church became suspicious asking, "How can the man God loves enter prison? They couldn't believe in him any longer, so they scattered. When Jesus was put on the cross he lost his 12 disciples. So Master had to restore those 12 disciples in prison. Even in prison there were many Communist spies disguised as prisoners. So he couldn't speak a word in prison. But the spirit world witnessed to the men and they followed him.

When he was hungry many men whom he did not know brought him powdered rice because their forefathers told them in dreams to take powdered rice to Master, so they brought it. In such way there came followers that numbered more than 210 men. In 1950 the United Nations forces attacked North Korea and first landed in North Korea at Hungnam harbor. Our Master's prison was nearby. He was freed by the United Nations, forces.

Until that time there are many. stories. He walked back to Pyongyang from Hungnam, which is on the East coast. He walked to Pyongyang on the West coast. He sent men to all of his former followers informing them that he had come back, but most of them did not come. But he, could collect several people. He went South to Pusan to find his followers, who had fled down South. He went to see. Christian ministers. At that time the work of reconstruction, was very active, so they did not hear Master's words. So Master had to start again with new members. The first man who followed Master without seeing Master was the former President Eu. He saw the original book of Divine Principles, and by reading that he decided to follow Master, without seeing Master. He wrote a letter to Master.

Mr. Eu was six years older than Master. John the Baptist was 6 months older than Jesus. So Mr. Eu was in the position of John the Baptist. He had to explain the Principle in the position of John the Baptist. The book Mr. Eu wrote is not "Mr. Eu's book." When Mr. Eu wrote that book Master told him to write this way or that way. So you should study that book in the future in detail. From him the Unification Church started.

We will stop here and continue another night. Members of the Unification Church should know the history of Unification Church. For Master to speak of history, this is the first time. he never spoke of this before.

(Master prays)

Interpreter: … Doesn't everything sound strange? In Korea the heavenly side has been preparing all those things for 40 years, 40 long years. It is no easy job.

Even for those of us here it is the first time to hear some of those stories. He is going to have it published, in a book.

For newcomers, our Master would look very strange. Doesn't he appear to be a strange man?

The spirit world is very active. Up to the present we perform many spiritual ceremonies. Some times they have us make a cake. Afterwards we divide it among members. Those who hear those things don't understand. He has been able to double over things with the Principle and he could reason those things according to the spiritual law. That is why we can now tell the story.

You don't know how blessed you are to hear these stories. Don't take it for granted. There have been so many martyrs in that land. It took 6,000 years of history to restore one man. You must know you are a blessed person. How pitiful it has been. You should be thinking how God loved them more than you. If the people who were receiving from heaven did not solve those problems or carry out what they were told, the spiritual work of history could have been delayed so long. Now these stories are related to your own!

There are many such spiritual movements occurring in Korea. Even a group of as many as 100,000 could have perished without being able to carry out their mission. They have received revelations, but they couldn't carry out their mission. There are two representative groups: Mr. Hala Park's group and Mr. Daag's group. Including our group, there have been three groups. With those two perishing or being destroyed, ours is the only one. Those who are in the leader's position are in a very dreadful position. Don't feel too serious. There is our Leader here and you. All you have to do is follow him. He looks like an ordinary man. That's what makes it more difficult for you to follow him.

Many people in Korea and Japan come to the Unification Church. The problem is how to receive these people. How to take these newcomers and make them our members. For that we have to have a training center or institute to train those people. So when he left Korea he made plans to take over or establish a new university. So now they are making contacts to take over some university in Korea. If we set up a university in Korea, then we will have to set up a university in Japan, and the United States, and in Germany. There is a very old man, Mr. Sasakawa. He is very close to Master. And he promised to establish a new university in Japan.

Then how about America? America is first in wealth. But in establishing a university in our movement, America is becoming the last. Do you want to be ahead of Germany, or behind? To set up a university is not easy, like buying some bread from the grocery store. Do you have money? Yes or no? How much do you have? How can you establish the university? If you are not able to pay right now, are you determined to set up and establish one in the future?. By what year? All things can be done by your determination. If one is determined and tries for 20 years and becomes president of a university, then if we have 20 such men, maybe we could make the way to the presidency in 1 year. If you are determined, then God will work.

We held a WACL meeting in Japan. At that time Master insisted to hold the best WACL meeting ever held. He gave orders to the members to prepare for that. They made $1 million for that meeting. At that time Master asked Mr. Kuboki, "How much money can you raise for that meeting?" Mr. Kuboki said $80,000. He told Mr. Kuboki, "Do you believe that". So do as Master speaks. He ordered a flower selling campaign. They started to sell flowers on the street. This was the severest war on the street. In 5 months they had about S1,400,000. So they could use that money and hold another meeting. They made that miracle happen. Last year we made about $5 million. That was a more difficult thing than to collect grass from the desert. But we believe, and know that God is working with us.

So the problem is how much you respond to his orders. If you put more importance on that order than your life, then that will be easy. Lets think, there is a prisoner sentenced to death. If he, were, told to do something to be saved, then what do you think he can't do? If he was told to hold a cup of water on his head and go down the street without spilling a drop then he would do that. If you are serious, then God can do miracles. If you believe in God, then you can't say you can't make a college or university here. There are many men who made universities by giving up their whole lives. You have more than one man here. Why can't you make a university? Those who are for a university raise your hands. (Hands are raised.) Then how will we do that? That is the main question.

If you become the men whom God wants to follow and sympathize with, then you can make it succeed. It will be very simple. Can you do the work, with which God is sympathetic? If you make God shed tears thanking you for your work, then … God is the God of creation, He can create. When there was a disaster in Pakistan, then we had our campaign in Japan. The highest record of income was $400, for one man. So Master is greatly concerned with the movement in America. If you want to do something, you should do great things, not small things. He will be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Do you like his coming to America often? (Response of "Yes".) Then let's do that.

We visited the Catholic seminary. They want to sell for $160,000 a year for 12 years. As a down payment, we should pay for 3 years, S480,000. If we cannot pay that amount of money they will not trust us. Do you want to lose that seminary to other men or get it? If he (Master) can spare his money, then he will …

In Korea we teach Communism theory fully and after that we criticize it, and then teach an alternate view. So we can hold campus meetings. In Japan the Communist students come to our meeting, and they learn their Communism theory, and also they learn the defects of Communist theory. Then they must change their ideology. So for the Communists in Japan now we are the most dreadful organization. They do not want to have debates with us. If they have, we will beat them, they know that. So we have to train our members and other Americans and we have to send them to all the states, 50 states, and have an anti-Communism movement. If we cannot collect enough people here for the institute, we will collect men from Europe and Asia and bring university graduates from Europe and Asia. How many members will fight to save America from Communist hands? Can the American people also follow?

Also we will hold a revival movement in established churches and we will organize Christians and through their strength we will work in a political way. And move the American government. We have to push the American government to take the right policy, the right way to save the free world. To do that Master wants to have a three-year plan. For that we will need much finance. We do not want to have money from American wealthy people. The money we use we will have to earn by ourselves. To make money he will teach you how. If it is not possible, then he, will bring money from other countries. If America receives aid from other countries, it will be ashamed.

Also, American members must try to witness to racial people. In the future he is going to make an Asian-American political association. For that we need much money. Asian Americans will not donate much money for this work. So we need some business. By giving our Divine Principles to them we will use them as staff members of our organization … By using an Asian American organization we can unite black and white.

Also we have to work with black men. If we don't work with them, America will be taken by the Communists. If yellow men stand between white men and black men, then we can unite both people. That way we can check Communist infiltration through black men. If we make such an organization, the American government will not fall.

So Communists are aiming at America. They think they can subdue America ideologically. They are confident. When they surpass in military strength, then they will attack. American people do not want to fight, therefore if Communists take the aggressive position then America might retreat. The Communists party is trying to increase the underground movement. Through subversive activities, if they can weaken American strength, then they will take the last steps to complete takeover.

In various aspects, Soviet Russia is far ahead of America in military strength. Our members have to know that. If this world is taken over by Communists, then all our members will die slaughtered by Communists. So, death or life? We cannot maintain society just as we are. There is no other group which takes a firm stand against the Communist party. Are you a confident group which is ready to fight communism? (Answer: "Yes!")

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