The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Questions And Answers

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 12, 1971
Los Angeles, California
Master Speaks

(These are questions and answers discussed after Our Master's speeches on the evening of December 11th and morning of December 12th. Translating were Mr. David S. C. Kim and Mrs. Won Pok Choi.)

Q. What is the quickest way we can stop the direction that America is going now, and what is the quickest way we can change it?

A. That depends on how soon you get through the barriers it's tip to you people. How fast you get through the barriers will be determined by how much of your life you can really give. You must sacrifice.

Q. Would you explain the relationship between Pakistan and India?

A. It would take two hours to give you a satisfactory answer. The Pakistan-India situation is derived from the conflict between Russia and Mao Tse Tung's Communist China. Knowing that she couldn't get anything out of the world situation as it, was, Red China setup a "Toward the South" policy. A southern push, not necessarily an invasion, toward the south.

But how does Red China think. of herself? Mao Tse Tung realizes there is no possibility for victory over Russia. He knows that, because Russia is far superior to Red China. Mao needs natural resources for victory so Red China is gaining time right now he's infiltrating India and the Far East because if they become recognized from China, then he will have a hope of winning that battle with Russia. Mao is planning and meditating on this hope; and after utilizing the exploration of natural resources in India and Southern Asia, then Red China can maintain a hundred year war against Russia.

Russia also knows this, That's why in order to stop the infiltration through the southern sea areas, Russia has already spread out her hand there and sent a fleet into the Indian Ocean. Both China and Russia are thinking how they can conquer Japan, and after conquering., exploring and utilizing all of the resources of India and Asia.

There are diplomatic strategies going on between Russia and India., China is moving into Pakistan. This whole story is based on that. That is why the war has begun between India and Pakistan. It ii not so much a war between these two Countries as it is a front for the war between Russia and Red China.

America is sleeping right now. Why are you planning to withdraw from everywhere? Because of the withdrawals and through the dollar devaluation and [unclear words], there is a conflict between your country and Japan. Your country should beg in to think how they are going to set up a new, policy toward Asia. With your country approaching Red China the relationship between your country and Russia becomes more remote as a consequence Maybe your country's policy-makers think that China is within Asia while Russia is remote in the North -- kind of overlooking Asia. At the moment your country cannot step in with forceful military maneuvers in world affairs. You are now in the process of withdrawing all military force, from Vietnam and South Asia. Taking advantage of the weak points of this policy, Russia doesn't want to lose the best chance to infiltrate their policy into the Indian area, economically, Russia is going to get a tremendous amount of foreign aid to those countries in South Asia. This is a very clever, but silent cold war to restrain Red China's infiltration into that area. Russia will spend a tremendous amount in aid, not only to India but to other countries as well, Russia will get enough control eventually to cover the Indian Ocean area. Then if Russia were to blockade this area, even Japan which is a number two economic country could only survive for two weeks.

Red China is trying to get Japan to her side as soon as possible right now. At the same time, she is ready to receive your exports, anything you want to send right now Your country is approaching Red China at the same time they want to be nice to Japan This is a very delicate situation, As you study communists you find they don't care what kinds of methods they use to achieve their purpose. This never changes.

He (Red China) will call the American Ambassador to him He will use dirty tricks, to use your own language. He will say different things than your President Nixon or White House Ambassador would say. They may use the same old "Down with the Imperialist"' expression (against Japan) during the talks. "Remember this (Japan) is the same country that wiped out your kids." They are going to use dirty strategy to warp your belief.

This information came from the Japanese Ambassador. They tipped me off so I could tell your Ambassador from the United States. It is very confidential about this dirty trick.

To the Ambassador of Japan he will take a different stand, in order to make a conflict between America and Japan. You people should know that this news has come to your President. Knowing Soviet Russia's intentions toward Japan, Red China thinks, how soon can I speak? How soon can I begin to use this strategy to gain subject position over Japan and bring her under Communist control?

I know, Japan has her own position. She wants to fight on the spot because of import-export relations with the U.S. She wants to fight on the spot against your policy, Japan's best exports to the US will be defeated by your present policy. Japan thinks the U.S. would like to sell this stuff to Red China. So Japan's private industry of capitalists will have to have competition from another source. They have to find someone of authority, some business man of authority to send to Peking to develop trade relations for themselves. The companies in Japan are going to send communist businessmen to Peking. They're going to get a Mao-oriented communist to dispatch to Peking, Then all presidents and vice-presidents of the big corporations will naturally turn their heads and minds to Red China. The revolution of Mao Tse Tung will he carried into Japan in this way.

In order to solve this new problem, a right-wing party or religious organization is going to come to rely upon Soviet Russia and in the long run, Russia is right there and they can come right down and occupy Japan immediately. This is the same pattern they have always used -- the same pattern as in Korea. Japan will be divided and then they don't care, because they know very well that America couldn't fight Peking. As a matter of fact, Russia is sending a lot of troops and reinforcements to that area of Russia right now. For both Red China and Russia the goal is to conquer all of Asia. You know that to conquer Asia the key position is Japan.. The two big communist powers must keep Japan from becoming a military power or they cannot be the conqueror of Asia. Russia and Red China already know this.

Our Master knew this ten years ago when he started the Victory over Communism movement in Japan, Korea, and China. This understanding has just been unfolding recently to other world, leaders, but ten years ago Master foresaw the things that are taking place at this time, so he started the IFVC [International Federation for Victory over Communism]. We have to fight this diplomatic war in your lifetime or Korea, Japan, China, and America will perish. The people in the American Family should know that our Family members in Korea, China, and Japan in the Victory over Communism effort are fighting that battle at the risk of their lives, so the American Family should be 100% aware of that situation. As you know and as Master knows, in order to save Free World we had a three-day fast here and a seven-day fast in Japan with a demonstration. people criticized that effort saying we were mad -- crazy. February tenth will be a very important day throughout the, world, because that is the day that President Nixon is going to go to Red China. If Nixon makes one mistake he will be swallowed by the Communists.

Red China is now using the UN as a strategic battleground, America and the free nations that have admitted Red China, thought that if they admitted her, she would cooperate. Contrary to expectations, they were very vicious and attacked people verbally. They were very hostile. Red China will use that strategy Russia and America are the big powers so China is going to try and swallow up all of the minor powers in order to lay a new foundation There used to be three major powers in the UN but from now on it will be dichotomized, you will be dried out. That's why you have no good relationships with Russia at this time.

If we do not do a good job based upon certain instructions, M aster will be very much worried and concerned about the future destiny of America, The Black population could blow up at any time if the. American government doesn't set up the proper policy and treatment. So, potentially part of the Black people in America might possibly join the communist forces. At the same time there are good-thinking, good-believing Christians in the U.S. who are opposed to Nixon's approach to Red China because she follows an atheistic, communistic ideology, and so they don't like what Nixon is doing. There is always a chance that these people would join with the dissident Black element and this could create many problems, perhaps even violence. If this time comes about, then Master will be very, very busy. He can't say too much at the moment, but it may happen.

Do not think that the India-Pakistan struggle is just a local struggle. It's related to a world power struggle, America must not develop an unfriendly relationship with Japan. At the moment that's beginning to happen. Since we are pulling all our troops out of Vietnam, then the communists say, "Why don't you take your troops out of South Korea?" They're using this as propaganda because you people began to withdraw. They have a plan for the UN to withdraw from Korea. Also, the communists want to split Japan and America. In this same way they want to cause divisions between all nations.

Now is the time of collision between good and evil. That's why your heavenly mission is great. Even in the religious circles there is no other way, but the way of the Unification Church I had plans for your country, but your government has prohibited me from spending more than 37 hours. [Interpreter: They are very much afraid of Our Master because he is the first vanguard of free nations using Victory over Communism.] In the past there have never been any counter-proposals to communism, but now we have one. In Japan and Korea the communists can't touch us, they can't touch our Truth because our counterproposal is too strong.

There is a very strong North Korean communist clique in Japan and when our Leader was in Japan on his way here, the North Koreans knew that he was coming as they had already received that information. As a result, it was necessary to have police and local officials protect our Leader and our Family. The police received many threatening telephone calls. The Japanese Principle Family did their best to protect the Master even though our Master was in Japan a week, he could not have a large meeting with all the Family there.

So to answer your question, there is a dispensational significance behind the conflict in Pakistan and India I hope I've answered your question.

Q. in the L. A. Times there was a statement about Korea being in a state of national emergency at the moment. Would you elaborate on it?

A. Twenty miles from the South Korean capitol there is a bumper zone -- the demilitarized zone. North Korean premier Kim Il-Sung has known in advance that this situation was coming up. he has his own intelligence sources Since 1968 he has had forces with which he could easily swallow South Korea but the problem has been the American military under the United Nations command and so they have not been able to come south because of that. Kim Il-Sung thought that since Nixon is going to Red China at this time it would not do for Nixon to use military force in another country when he is trying to bring peace with the communists. This is where the psychological element comes in. If Kim Il-Sung were to attack again it would take seven days for the American congress to decide to act upon it.. Moshe Dayan won the six-day war in six days. Kim Il-Sung was thinking in those terms He wasn't waiting for summer to do this because in the summer the rivers and streams are full and this would hinder him quite a bit. He can't do this in the summer -- he is waiting for the winter when the weather is 25 degrees below zero, that's the good time for them to make a surprise attack. He wants to invade using air, sea, and land. In Korea right now there is a Red Cross move to exchange families, to reunite families that had been separated by the Korean War. That is taking place in Panmunjom right now. The reason that Kim (Interpreter: See, this is very important.), the reason that Kim Il-Sung is supporting this movement is because in the past he has sent many, many guerrillas into the south, infiltrators, quite often several times a week. Most of these failed, so now Kim Il-Sung is thinking, "Well, here's a chance to send some people through apparently legitimate means and to try and gain some control in South Korea." That is the situation we see in South Korea right now.

If we can postpone Nixon' s visit, then we can utilize this quite a bit in South Korea, We're looking in South Korea to turn this political issue into a favor for our side.

Another thing the North Korean communists are using is the admission of Red China to the UN They are going to use that for propaganda. Kim Il-Sung is a traitor, this is confirmed by South Korea. At any time he may invade South Korea, because he is a traitor. Even though they are at the conference table he is constantly sending more spies down. Also, the psychological effect on the people of South Korea is a factor because these people are thinking, "Well, now we can see our relatives that we haven't seen for twenty years." You can determine these conclusions by examining the situation. That's why we set up the emergency condition.

Q. Where does Master plan to go from here?

A. He plans to go to Canada for two weeks to try and get a visa into the U.S. Then if he cannot get in through Canada he may go to El Salvador in Central America and probably try to come back in from there. So, Master is still trying to get into your country. The best thing to do about it is pray that he can do that.

Q. Is Christ a degree of spirituality and is it conferred only upon men?

A. No. Christ is not a degree of spirituality. God has his own morality. His own. mode of conduct, the heavenly morality. God has an emotional side, that is the heavenly heart. So as His creation, man must have a morality. We have an emotional side in our life, also. There should be harmony between God's emotion and morality and men's emotion and morality. These should come toward one another instead of breaking apart. As our emotion and morality grow closer, we find a point . where all men can meet. Where is the exact point that the Heavenly Father and mankind can come together -- the exact point. There is no other way, no exceptions. The Christ is the point where they meet. Do you understand? Jesus Christ insisted on this when he was on earth. He said, "I am the only son of God." And he said, "I am the bridegroom and you are my brides, all brothers and sisters." This is the very thought needed to make a family centered upon God. Because Jesus Christ said so and insisted, he was the only one in the Universe in that position, because of the dedication he had, then God blessed him with this special mission. God had no other way to bless the people except through the Christ. In order to form the heavenly family, there is no other way -- first you need the one unit, Christ. That expands into the family, tribe, nation, and the world. Jesus was a super teacher. He was far above the ordinary religious founder.

The other religions never pointed out clearly God's relationship to man through the Christ. Because Master knew this fact, he concentrated upon the Christians. We understand that Jesus was far different than other religious men. That's why Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." What is the purpose of Mohammed if Jesus was the greatest teacher? Why did another one come between the first and second advent? This is a question we should consider.

Whenever God's religion comes out then Satan's side can come out also. How do we know this? When Jesus was on the cross, there was a thief on each side of him. Jesus Christ was not supposed to die, so the second coming of Christ was inherited from his crucifixion. Because this happened to Jesus Christ, then two thousand years later this same situation will appear again so that it can be fulfilled. The right thief represents the free democratic nations. We call that the right wing. The left thief represents communism and that's called the left wing sometimes. This kind of established -- this was the origin of the left and right political parties at that time. Because of Jesus Christ the thief who was supposed to die got the blessing. That's the Moslem nation. Democracy and Christianity, right wings, should be one -- one camp. The left wing will be getting together, also. This time is coming. Now everything is appearing right wing and left wing. This has to take place otherwise there would be no solution for it, so that's why this is taking, place right now. In 1965 on Master's first visit to America, he had a meeting for 45 minutes with President Eisenhower to discuss how we are going to defeat the communists in case the Arabic nations got together with communism. Our Master saw this possibility in 1965.

If the U.S. had used all of its billions of dollars that it had towards the unification of religions, beginning with the Dali Lama, then the world situation that we see today would not be so confused. If we would have used this money to influence the Arabic nations at that time, then we could have formed a more powerful front line. There is no other way for that to be worked out now. Indemnity is involved because of the position in which Jesus died. If they had welcomed him, he wouldn't have died on the cross. The second coming should be accepted by the democratic nations, the communists, and the Arabic nations, also. The communists oppose God, deny God, and say there is no religion. They criticize the Arabic world and also Christianity. Somehow we must equalize or make equal; otherwise, we cannot make a peace offering. In Jesus' day, whenever the opposition spoke, people listened. When the communists listen, that's wonderful. As time approaches, he must come again. Don't be discouraged. The democratic countries will be influenced by the change. If you support the Arabic countries, give them money and aid, then there will be no problem there. When the time comes, the spirit world will open up.

Q. Along with our involvement in the Far East, we're involved in the Middle East. What's going to come out of all these involvements?

A. One thing that Leader must emphasize at this time is that the American movement should strive to unite the Protestants and Catholics at this time. If we can do that, then the Middle East problem will naturally be solved. That's why we want to bring about unification of Christianity first and then unification of all religions. We have to pick up the good points of Catholicism and Protestantism based upon the value of the two different denominations. The democratic nations have a population of nearly one billion people, so if we mobilize this population, we can easily influence the world. They are always on the top of the modern system.

Q. What purpose did the Eastern religions serve in preparing the world for the second coming?

Eastern religions will be coming closer to us and Master is going to explain why. When you look at the Occidental and Oriental, the Oriental is far more concerned with spiritual problems where the Occidental is more concerned with the material. Past history that civilizations based on the material were conquering nations. They were able to conquer based on their knowledge of the material. A nation using this material knowledge often conquered and exploited other nations and through this exploitation, the knowledge spread into the nations which were conquered.

Why did God allow the Western nations to conquer the Eastern nations? Yes, Master will explain this point. The way to the Kingdom of Heaven is through the spirit. When Western civilization is approached with a spiritual method, then Heaven can encourage the giving up of the material. As the knowledge of these spiritual matters becomes more advanced, heaven teaches you to give up the material side of life. In the same proportion that you give up material things, you will advance on the spiritual side.

Why does the Bible say if you die you will live and if you are going to live you will die? Why does the Bible say that you cannot serve two masters, that is, the world and God at the same time? If you totally turn away from the material and give it up completely, Satan will claim it and take it. In order to prevent Satan from winning the material control of the will, God richly blessed -- materially blessed --Western Christianity. Now, you in the Western world must be united and if you're not, the material will go away. Because the Western Occidental civilization needs to be united, it must look for the element to unite which comes from the Orient. This is also the reason God has physically blessed Japan. In order to bring the Western world everything they need. If you only lend yourself to the material pursuit of things, you will die, so you have to find spirit. This is the time for the material and the spiritual to come together. Based on the Oriental philosophy of spirit, the Orientals have given out all the time. Given out, everything was given out based on the spirit. This is why defeated nations such as Germany and Japan were blessed after the war. This blessing comes through the United States. God's original plan through this set of circumstances was to help and assist Free China and Korea. This was God's providence, but instead the United States helped only Germany and Japan. In the long run, there must be a balance in the world between the spiritual. and the material in all nations in the Occidental and Oriental worlds. This is the power of the Unification thought. Unity must come about.

Look at the history of civilization in the Orient -- civilization started from China and went through Korea to Japan. With this historical background they were united and they must become once again United - -Japan, Korea, and Free China. Where do we meet to find common ground, to be united? In reference to this union between the material and the spiritual, you may ask what about India? India cannot be categorized. Look at past civilizations and their different zones: ancient civilizations such as Babylonia, Egypt, India and the southern part of the Yellow River in China are all tropical zones. The ancient civilizations came from tropical zones. Civilizations marched north and the present civilization can be called the temperate zone civilization. This is not a spring civilization. This is an autumn civilization. The cold zone civilization is Russia. At the moment we are in the autumn civilization and it's the time for the leaves to come down from the trees. In order to have a branch, you must have a trunk and roots. There are some branches or twigs which are not connected to the trunk, naturally they will dry up and fade away. Do you think your American civilization belongs to the trunk or root? It's all falling down -- individualism, democracy, everything. This is America's crisis. That's why the communists attack. When the cold winds from Russia come and hit the dry and barren tree, if this tree is rooted then it will not be affected and it will come back to life. A new vitality of life will come back if the tree is properly rooted. If we overcome the winter wind, then we can expect the springtime. The cold civilization of communism cannot create the ideal kingdom in the world. If we cannot overcome this winter civilization and their attack, there will be no possibility of saving the world. Springtime can be initiated for the whole world.

Why should the three nations -- Korea, Japan, and Free China ---get together? Because the locality where these three nations come together is the place where all civilizations can meet. The locality of these three nations is the place where we can meet and smash the winter civilization, geographically speaking. This is the meeting on the front line, After we overcome all of this winter civilization's attack, we will gain the victory.

You know, there is only one place called Panmunjom. This is the collision point between democracy and communism. Since that time, we have no solution to the problem which has extended throughout the whole world. It remains unsolved. This is a fortress against God, Panmunjom and the 38th parallel is a symbol against God. Literally speaking, Panmunjom means "Plywood Door," or wooden door, or wooden gate; but we are going to change it into the "Golden Gate." The land of Korea has a huge responsibility in this crucial point on Earth. Here Western civilization and Oriental civilization can meet together. The Western people have never thought of this kind of thing.

Observing this kind of situation, our Master proclaimed the following: "Whenever America withdraws or cancels or stops her foreign aid to the land of Korea, the United States will decline and perish." At the time that President Kennedy was assassinated our Leader announced this. At that same time, the UN Secretary General Dag Hammerskold died. Why did he have to die? Why did Kennedy have to die? From that time, your country has declined. Now Nixon is the final continuation of this in America. Wherever the American people go they must stand up and speak for what is right. The future history of Korea depends upon the destiny of the United States.

The extension of the withdrawal of American troops in Korea for two years is not coincidental. This extension has a dispensational significance behind it. Because God loves America, Nixon made the extension of two years more. Please do not think that these great changes will come from a great nation. These world-changing elements which will make big changes will come from a small unexpected source. It is not India.

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