The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

The Ideal World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 11, 1971
Los Angeles, California
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. Young Whi Kim

Our Leader is going to speak on the topic of the ideal world for which all the people are longing. That's a very big topic.

The history of humankind has had no goal or motive. From the viewpoint of the present time, there is a great question. Do we live in a form of the ideal world, or will the ideal world emerge from an extension of the present world? This country, America, is a very huge country and also Soviet Russia, which is Communist, is a great country. But the world for which these two countries are striving cannot be the ideal world. So, the future and direction of America is a great and important problem which many people are concerned about, More and more people are longing for one ideal world with freedom and peace, and we can all readily understand that longing. By the trend of the present world, we cannot reach the world which all people desire. Therefore, our present goal is very faded and not clear.

Can we find any one nation which can take the responsibility to build such an ideal world? I think most people living now in the present United States cannot lead this world to such an ideal world - and, even more, not in the Communistic world. Soviet Russia is a growing country but it cannot make such a unified world come about. Because of this, God has worked more through small nations. America cannot find the ideal which will make man love the world more than his own country. The United States, therefore, cannot be the leading country to establish such an ideal world. Likewise, the Soviet Union in the Communist world cannot be the leading country to establish such an ideal world either, There will be no prosperous world or happy world or peaceful world until the American people can sacrifice themselves for the benefit of all mankind and the whole world. And also Soviet Russia - if they cannot sacrifice their own country for the benefit of the whole world, they cannot be the fulfillment of God's providence or the fulfillment of the peaceful or ideal world. If God really does exist, shall He love the United States more than the world, or does He love the world more than the United States'? If one nation comes out and sacrifices her country and loves the world more than herself, then that country becomes the ruling nation of the whole world All things that are developing are developing from an original motive. Now, this resultant world is not the world all mankind desires; therefore, the motive was not the right one - it was wrong. In other words, the world started from a wrong motive. We must correct this history to achieve the goal of God. The goal cannot be reached by correcting this resultant world; but by correcting from the original point, the original starting motive. From the original motive the wrong world originated. We will now think further about God's will or providence

The degradation of mankind, the fall of man, came from the attitude that one would be willing to sacrifice others for his own benefit. As you know, the subject of evil is the archangel and this archangel, for his own enjoyment or benefit, sacrificed Eve and Adam. As Eve and Adam were the beginning of mankind, he sacrificed the seed of mankind for his own personal benefit. The seed was then developed from that wrong motive and therefore the world has developed in like manner. The archangel, to fulfill his desire, sacrificed others even though the desire was false. The rulers of this world have been those people who have sacrificed other people for their own causes. So the stronger one has had the ruling power. The fight began between individuals, spread to the fight between families, to the fight between tribes, and nations, and even worlds. So by such motives and desires, there is no peace and no ideal world, The purpose of God is contrary to the purpose of evil. As God's providence was damned in the beginning, we have the hopeless direction of the present world as a result. To take countermeasures in such a fallen world, God made religions and asked for the followers of these religions to work under hardships and to follow the difficult course of the providence of God. By their choice, the followers of religions have sacrificed themselves for the purpose of goodness. Among the world religions, Christianity is the one closest to God's purpose; therefore, Jesus Christ gave himself as a sacrifice for others. More than that, he even prayed for his enemies to be blessed by God. The spirit of Jesus Christ was to be sacrificed for others. Following his pattern, there have been many people massacred or sacrificed for God's purpose. Families were even sacrificed, and tribes and nations were sacrificed for the sake of God. So, for the providence of God to come to the world-wide level, there must come forth one nation which will sacrifice herself for the whole world. God is demanding that one nation come forth and sacrifice herself for the prosperity of all the world and the blessing of all mankind. God needs such a nation. Such a representative nation will become a sacrifice for the whole world.

For that position, the United States is the leading and representative nation of the democratic world. The United States must stand in that sacrificial position. God purposed the United States to stand in that position and fulfill the mission of that nation; therefore, God sent to this land the Pilgrims, who risked so much and made such a great country in such a short period of time. When the Pilgrims came to this country for the first time, they first built churches, and then built schools, and then after that they built their own houses. Therefore, the backbone of such prosperity, the development of the United States into a great nation, is the spirit which puts greatest stress on the public purpose rather than on the private purpose.

Always in the providence of God the thing that matters most is the nation, because the nation is the fundamental unit for all things. Even in- the Satanic world, the nation is the base for the work of Satan. God is looking for that representative country; through that country He will inherit the world. To become greater, we must give to those smaller than we are. When the United States gives greater aid to other countries, she will receive much respect ' . But as she decreases this foreign aid, she loses that respect and becomes separated from other countries. If, in spite of her own difficulties, the United States continues to give foreign aid and directs the giving out of this aid to her fellow democratic countries even to a sacrificial degree, then what would happen after that'? If the United States becomes weaker by a giving-out policy, then all the other countries will become sympathetic to the United States and will appear much more friendly to the United States, and then support her.

Now, why is Christianity spreading all over the world? Because Jesus' sacrificial spirit is in the mind of the providence, and that is the basic spirit of God's providence - that is, to make yourself a sacrifice for other people. Christianity has received much persecution, but the more it received persecution, the more it prospered. Jesus did not leave any ideology like Marxism, but by the spirit alone he made such great effects in the world. That is done not only by Jesus himself, but by the providence of God and by the cooperation and the will of God Himself. Therefore, the most important thing is: one nation that sacrifices all things for the whole world and all mankind. From that nation will come out a system developed from Jesus himself. The future ideal world will be developed. That nation is sacrificing the nation and its sovereignty for the benefit of the whole world. There is no such nation on the earth,

The United States is far away from this position. The individual and individualism are good, but America and Westerners put too much stress on these two things. As a result, they have lost their nation, their people, their family, their parents, and even themselves. They are like hawks and blow where the wind blows. That is the reason why there is no peace. For America to stand in accordance with the providence of God, there must be a New Foundation Movement within America. Americans, as individuals, and America, as a nation, must follow the spirit of God and the truth of Jesus Christ and make this nation the foundation for the expression of God's ideal. These individuals, united, will become the sacrifice to build the ideal world for other countries. Where do we find such a new movement of spirit in cities such as Los Angeles? In Los Angeles, I think there are many churches vacant or just attended by old people. There is no fire and no traditional spirit.. That means that God has left these churches and Jesus Christ has left the church. Through these churches the providence of God cannot be dispersed. The church must find such an individual that will sacrifice himself for his own family, sacrifice his family for his tribe, sacrifice his tribe for the American nation, and sacrifice the United States for the world. The ideal that can lead the whole world must come from the spirit of sacrifice for the greater cause. For the benefit of the whole world, one nation must really sacrifice her country to pursue the one ideal world. Where can we find such a nation, such a tribe, such a family, such an individual? We cannot find anyone like this. Therefore, these are the last days. So the end has come to the evil world -Satan's world - and also the end has come to the church, nation, tribe, and individual. We see the end of the world.

The main thing we have to find out is the role of the Unification Church and which way our church is going. To develop the truth of God and the providence of God, the Unification Church was formed. The spirit of the Unification Church is to sacrifice the individual to find the family. To find the tribe we sacrifice the family, to find the nation we sacrifice the tribe, and to find God's world we sacrifice the nation; this is the role of our church. Now our Unification Church is active all over the world. "Me Unified Family which is spread over the world must unite and must act as one nation, which will become the sacrifice for the whole world. 'When this Unification Church movement started in Korea, all people and families and tribes and the nation questioned our movement. All churches and religions questioned our movement. But we didn't fight back! We accepted our persecution and after 20 years, most of the people, and even the government and the Protestant churches, recognize the spirit of our movement. They now think that without our movement Korea cannot move forward.

Our movement is not to sacrifice the individual, family, tribe, or nation for the benefit of the Unification Church; but to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of the whole nation and for other churches. So by such a movement and its example, enemies of our past are coming to us now. They have come to think this is the true movement and spirit which can bring true peace to our country.

Master is going to give you an example. Let's say one man has ten friends. If this man goes to his friends every day and asks them to do something for himself, the friends will do something for him one time or two times, but then they will go away from him. They won't even say goodbye. If this man serves all his friends, sacrificing himself, doing something for them, then the friends will come to him and will even bring their friends and families to him, too. In the first case, everyone is going away; therefore, he will fall down to destruction. In the second case, everyone comes to him; therefore, he will be strengthened and grow. Good and evil are fundamentally different. Evil asks everything and everyone for himself. It asks everyone to be and exist for himself. But good exists for others. We have to make this clear and understand that this is the dividing point. When we follow this formula of good, we become the greatest men of all men. But if we go the first way, we become dictators. The saints are those who sacrificed themselves in the interest of their own nation. Saints live not only for man, but for God.

Now we remember four great religious men: Jesus Christ, Confucius, Buddha, and Mohammed. Those are the ones who lived for God. They did not live for themselves, or their own nations, but for the whole world; therefore, they were persecuted by their own nations. Those four saints are the founders of the major religions. These are the historical facts, this cannot be changed. But now, the people in this modem world deny religion. They think religion has nothing to do with this world. Religions became the symbols of morality and discipline, etc., but the world denies this; therefore, this world cannot restore itself. The Communists are entirely against these ideas. Communists think that "Mine is mine and yours is mine." They cannot last long. To achieve their goal, they do not choose the least or the smallest, but the greatest and the largest for themselves. For us, we must think, "Mine is yours and yours is the nation's and the nation's is the world's and the world's is God's and God's is mine." If we become that kind of man, then God gives the whole world to us.

That is why our Master came to. America now and that is why he began such a movement as the Unification Church. It is not for you, not for himself, not for Mother, or their children; but it is for the world and for God. The most important thing is to make a God-centered nation. We believe that everything can be occupied by God. You and your house and your family can be occupied eternally. The size of the nation or &,e country does not matter. What God needs is this: to demonstrate before Satan His loving son, His loving family, and His loving nation, He wants to know in the face of such a nation, Satan cannot have this world. God is the God who has no nation which He can love. God is the One who has no family, no tribe, no individual whom He can love. So about 2,000 years ago, God wanted to have such a man, and that is why he sent Jesus Christ.. With him, with the tribe of the Israelites, and with the nation of Judah, He wished to establish such a nation. But that nation looked after its own benefits. They looked after their own benefits rather than after the whole world. Therefore, the providence of God was drained and He couldn't complete the restoration through His son. The Jews thought they were devout believers in God. But they didn't think about God's work more than their own individual things, their own family things, their own tribal things, and their own national things. That's the reason why they came to kill Jesus. So by the crucifixion of Jesus, the chosen people were lost. To take the place of the chosen people, Jesus established -Christianity. Now, the Christians are in the position of Israel, the nation which should have received Jesus Christ. Now there is no such nation or such church in Christianity; therefore, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes again, the pattern will go the same way as it did when Jesus was killed by the Jews. God chose America as John the Baptist and the churches in America as John the Baptist. Now America and the churches are thinking of their own benefits more than God's purpose. They are therefore in the position of former Judaism, which killed Jesus Christ. From God's viewpoint, if America cannot fulfill the mission, God must search for another nation. So all the members of the Unification Church must sacrifice themselves, their families, their friends, and even the Unification Church to establish such a one nation which God can control. The present problem is whether we can act as saints in our daily lives - that is the most important thing. So now, members of the Los Angeles church, you are staying in America and you are to work for America. So far, America has been the most advanced country in the world. If America cannot achieve the mission of loving the world by sacrificing herself, then America cannot stay in the position of being the leading country of the world. The Unification Church must become the surrounding world (for which America sacrifices herself). We desire to make an individual, a family, a tribe super-national, representing all nationalities, creating model individuals, model families and model tribes which will serve as a pattern for the rest of the world. We will make the leading individuals and the leading tribes of the future world. If we cannot do this, then we cannot cut off the barriers between nations- the feelings of nationalism. In the Communist world, Stalin and Soviet Russia wanted to conquer the world centering on their nation. And even in Red China, Mao Tse Tung put his own nation at the front for the interest of all the Communist world. That's the reason that Soviet Russia and Red China are splitting. The free world is the same.

When one nation respects the customs of another nation, then the other nations must respect that nation and make that nation the leading country of the world. But the United States, France, and England are insisting on pursuing their own interests and so they are becoming divided. In our system, when a man, even an Oriental, does great work for God, then lie can become the leader of America or Great Britain. He can take any position. So we must make that tradition. Americans have superior feelings-which is not bad-but when they begin to feel superior over other people, then they should begin to wonder if they have God's endorsement. So we have to wipe away the idea that the world cannot be restored without the members of the American church. If you can't do that, it will become an obstacle for your future. God is the Parent of mankind so He feels much more sympathy and love to those people who are living in a position of poverty and poorness. In our families, the parents feel much more care and love for the inferior son. They feel much more care for him than for the superior or the one who is very capable. God feels the same way. When such a movement with this attitude arises in America, then America will become the top nation, helping the poor countries in Africa and the underdeveloped countries because God is in sympathy with them. Therefore, if you people love those people, then this country will become the top country in the whole world. Our members of the Unification Church must bear in mind when they sleep in a good place that faithful workers for God are sleeping in a worse place; when they eat good food they must remember that more hard working brothers are eating poor food. We must think that we have to raise living standards and when we give others better living standards like ours, then we will become the leading people of the world.

When one friend serves ten friends, they will come to him as the leader in service. Likewise, when one country serves other countries, then that country will be the leader of all other countries. This is not a temporary situation. Eternally they will want that nation to be the leading nation. If you build big schools and houses in Africa and let them live like you live, then how the world will be changed. Then there will be no fighting because they will come and bow before you and respect you. In order for America to live and prosper, there is no other way than to give out, to give aid to foreign countries. Everything goes in cycles. After spring, summer comes; after summer, autumn comes; then winter; then spring; then summer; and then autumn. If you go up, you must come down. Man cannot go up and up and up and up. Everything, everything is coming around. So when one goes to the top, one must know how to come down again.

America must go to the under developed countries and the under developed countries must follow America. In that way the whole world can survive and can go around eternally. It goes faster and faster and then it becomes one. At that time in the center of that location, God comes. Then one peaceful world can exist. That is the true Unification Church!

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