The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1971

How God Is Pursuing His Restoration Providence

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 22, 1971
Washington, DC

Now that you know God exists, I am going to talk about how God is pursuing His providence of restoration. For the restoration God always goes by the Principle. Because of the fall of our ancestors, we became fallen and couldn't live with God. In the Garden of Eden, God, Adam, Eve, and the archangel could have formed the ideal world. By the fall they formed the world in which they were not united into one. The cause for this world was not slight. It was brought about by a basic, fundamental cause. Adam, Eve, and the archangel committed this crime against God; therefore, God couldn't live with them. God kicked Adam and Eve and the archangel from the Garden of Eden. In this situation, the ones driven away by God must have felt sorrowful. But God also must have felt great sorrow. Therefore, our ancestors left God with tears. That was the start of human history.

Adam and Eve should have shed tears of joy when they fulfilled God's will and returned joy to God. But instead they shed tears of sorrow. That was a most miserable situation. Adam and Eve left God with no hope of return. Without this hope, how much more their sorrow must have been! And for God, too, who saw their life of greatest difficulties. He was to lose His beloved son and daughter eternally. There was almost no hope for Him to restore them. At that point, how great His sorrow must have been. For God, Adam and Eve were to be His great son and daughter. But Adam and Eve were kicked away by the enemy Satan and became his children. God could not save them, the archangel could not save them. Who could save them? God was the parent of Adam and Eve, so He had the heart to forgive them. But He was in such a position that He couldn't forgive them. Therefore, His pain was much greater.

If there were another son or daughter who had not fallen, and if this unfallen son would have asked God to save the fallen brother and sister, not to expel them from the Garden of Eden and to give him their punishment, how would God feel toward that son? If there were such a brother asking God to forgive the fallen pair because of him, God would have a heart to forgive them. Such a heart of God became the basis for the salvation of fallen man.

In our Divine Principle we teach about the problem of Cain and Abel. To save Cain, there must be an Abel. This Abel is in the position of the unfallen brother who asks God to forgive the fallen Adam and Eve because of him. To become Abel he must first be in a position to receive God's love. To receive God's love, he must come out of the fallen sphere of Satan. Because he comes out of Satan's hands to love God, God can love him. Therefore, Abel first must come out of Satan's world to receive God's love. By doing that he comes to be in the position of Abel. And to save the fallen Adam and Eve, that is, Cain, he must make himself a sacrifice for their salvation. This becomes the central principle in the providence of God's salvation.

When Adam and Eve left God they shed tears of sorrow, that is the heart of Cain. Therefore, Abel should shed tears of hope for God's hope in him and for God's providence of restoration, thinking of God's painful heart when He lost Adam and Eve. Such a man always comes to the central position in the providence of restoration.

After Cain and Abel, God found hope in Noah. For years Noah could only think of building the ark, and went to the mountain to work there. Do you think there is a woman who can endure ten years with such a husband? An American wife sues for divorce if her husband goes away for six months. Noah's work was not an ordinary task. Therefore, this event must have been the greatest event after God created man. And if a wife starts to persecute her husband, the children will also do the same with her. How much pain Noah must have felt in his heart when his family could not understand him! Because of this he had great troubles. When he asked his family to get him something to eat, or something to wear, they treated him as if he were a beggar. Noah could bear the persecutions from outside of his family, from the village or from the nation. But these sufferings and persecutions were coming from inside his own family, the most difficult for him to bear. In spite of that, he had to finish his work. He had great confidence, great faith in God. We have to admit that Noah's life was full of persecution and rejection, he was entirely alone. But he couldn't throw away God, even if he could throw away all others. His wife and children might have felt they would have liked to kill him. But the more he received persecution from his environment, the more his heart for God became greater. He became separated from his circumstances and his community. He became separated from the world, so he came into the position where he could receive God's love. If he had rejected those people who persecuted him, then God's will wouldn't have been fulfilled. But Noah sacrificed himself for those who persecuted him. Instead of causing them to suffer, Noah had a heart to forgive their sins for God. He was standing in the position of the unfallen brother asking God to forgive the fallen brother and sister and willingly bearing all the difficulties. Noah had such a heart. Because of that heart God could proceed in His providence of restoration. The position of complete self-denial, that was Noah's position.

Abraham also went the same course. God gave Abraham the order to come out of the land of his forefathers. For Abraham there was no guarantee. But he left his homeland and went into a strange land, just like a gypsy. If Abraham had said no, the providence of restoration could not have gone on. If he had felt he couldn't leave his home, his native place, or his relatives, the restoration could not have been done. Because he cast aside his good environment and good circumstances, God could continue. And after he left his land, the more he received suffering, the more God could love him. Even in the face of such difficulties Abraham had a mind to console God's broken heart. Abraham was suffering for the fallen Adam and Eve, and he wanted to restore them through his sacrifice. And God led Abraham to strange places, to other lands, and put him in very great difficulties. But even then Abraham never protested to God. Instead he always thought of God's will, and the fallen people. Therefore, God could only bless him. And God promised to multiply his descendants as the stars in heaven and the sand on the earth.

Isaac also had the same course. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, but he did not hesitate to offer his own loving son as a sacrifice for God. Isaac was born in a place where he could receive God's love; he was severed from Satan. But Abraham wanted to offer even that son. If Abraham had protested when he received the orders to offer his son as a sacrifice, then what would have occurred in the providence? Also Isaac himself did not protest to his father when his father put him on the altar. So he became the sacrifice, offering to forgive the descendants of Abraham. Therefore, he did not protest.

And Jacob had the same course. He bought the birthright from his elder brother and took it from him. He left his home. He went to the land of Haran and worked for his uncle for 21 years as a slave. His uncle had promised to give him Rachel. But after seven years, he deceived Jacob and gave him Leah. If it were you, you would have submitted an instant spontaneous protest. But Jacob kept silent, worked for another seven years, and got Rachel. Then his uncle Laban deceived Jacob by trying to take away all the things which God had given him. Still Jacob did not complain. Here we must know that even though Jacob was in the loneliest of situations, still he thought of nothing else but God's will. Because of that, other things in his life did not matter, the important thing was the accomplishment of God's will. Therefore, he grew farther and farther from the world, but he came to receive more love from God. And after 21 years he took back all the blessed things and went back to Canaan. He knew his brother Esau was ready to kill him. So Jacob had the mind that all his servants and his material wealth belonged to his elder brother. He wanted to give them all to Esau, all the things which he had earned in his life. And his mind was such that he prayed before God not to punish his elder brother Esau, and asked God to bless him as He had blessed Jacob. Because of that, Esau did not try to kill Jacob, and he too received the blessing from God.

Moses went the same principled course. He spent his youth in the palace. But when he saw his people suffering, he left the Pharaoh's palace. He killed an Egyptian who persecuted the Israelites. The Egyptian represented Satan, and Moses killed him with that heart. The Jewish people were like fallen Adam and Eve. Moses' position was to save them, in spite of the danger, the same as the unfallen brother would have asked for Adam's and Eve's forgiveness of God. But the people of Israel didn't receive Moses, who tried to save them. They persecuted him, and expelled him to the wilderness of Midian. There Moses longed for God, loved God, and made a resolution to save his people. Because of that intention, God chose him to free the Israeli people from Egypt. In that way Moses followed the same course.

Think of John the Baptist at the time of Jesus. He lived in the wilderness for 30 years, leaving his relatives at home. So he came out of his home and went to the wilderness, thinking of the will of God and wanting to save the fallen brothers as the unfallen brother would have. In the Bible we read that John ate locusts and wild honey. But his life must have been painful in the wilderness. Do you think he lived solely on locusts and wild honey? It can't be. If you have been to Israel, you know that it isn't a land which would yield much honey. Therefore, he acted like a beggar, going from home to home. Many children followed him. But his mind was concentrating on the idea of the Messiah's coming, and he looked for God's love in the form of the Messiah. So his life was worthy of God's sympathy, and he could stand in the position of witnessing to the Messiah.

Jesus had the same course. The Jewish people had waited for 2,000 years for the Messiah. If they had known him, they would have followed him. They would have come to him and become one with him. They longed for the Messiah and worked in accordance with the preparation for the Messiah. In other words, the Israeli people should have been severed from other people to stand in the same position as the Messiah. They had to form a nation which could receive God's love, just as Jesus received God's love. After forming this one sovereign nation with Jesus, they would have sacrificed it for the entire world. During that time the Roman Empire was declining. If the Israeli nation and the Arab countries had become one, they could have defeated the Roman Empire. By subduing the Roman Empire, they could have established God's will. But the Jewish people didn't receive Jesus, so Jesus alone was determined to sacrifice himself for the nation and the world. Jesus had to leave his family, live in a solitary way, and receive God's love. Finally he made himself a sacrifice for other people, just as the unfallen brother would have sacrificed himself for the salvation of the fallen Adam and Eve. All people were in the position of the fallen Adam and Eve. He died for them, he became the sacrifice. He did not curse those who killed him. He prayed and asked God to bless them. Therefore, Jesus stood as a mediator between God and the fallen Adam and Eve. He died as an unfallen Adam of the world. And he practiced the formula for the salvation of the people of the entire world. Therefore, he became the exemplary Adam. Whoever followed him received salvation.

From him a new world of salvation could be established. That is the history of Christianity. It went through the same course as Jesus. Whenever Christianity went to a strange country for the first time, the men who went with it had to undergo difficulties and shed their blood. Those who died went to such steps to be separated from the world and from Satan. They stood in the position where they could receive God's love and make themselves a sacrifice for others. If they had wanted to curse those who killed them, there could have been no providence for restoration. Even at that time, they had to pray for those who killed them. Without that kind of mind Christianity couldn't proceed in the manner it did. Those things occurred because God had the intention to forgive Adam and Eve after they fell, if only an unfallen brother would have come out to console God's painful heart, thinking of the pain of his fallen brother and sister, and willing to sacrifice himself for their sakes.

During this period today, we have to indemnify all the conditions left over from Jesus. Jesus was persecuted and put to death on the cross; therefore, he must come back from the cross. The highest point, the crest of the providence, was in 1960. At that time I received persecution from the government, the nation, from all the people, from all the churches, and from all the families of our members. So I received persecution from everyone. I was called by the police to undergo investigation, but even in those circumstances I blessed 36 couples. In that situation I had to determine life and death. That was the dividing point of whether the Unification Church would exist or perish. I had to break through those difficulties, and have the blessings. From that point, a new history started. So that was the turning point of history. Many historians say that 1960 was the turning point of history.

I came down from the cross, and then I began to solve all the problems. After a seven-year course I was able to establish a firm foundation. During the first seven-year course I proclaimed Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day. I blessed 36 couples, 72 couples, 124 couples, and 430 couples. And in 1965 I made 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. According to the providence, history is turning towards our movement because I made such conditions. Therefore, the first seven-year course was a period of sacrifice for my family. I sacrificed my home for the salvation of the world. That was the time to fulfill the formula on the family level. We are now in the second seven-year course. During this course, the children, the blessed couples, must go through those difficulties. They must make their homes a sacrifice for the salvation of the world. In this first seven-year course, I sacrificed my family and home to save my children. In the second seven-year course, my children's families must sacrifice themselves to save a nation. When we acquire that nation, it will be sacrificed for the world. Therefore, the second seven-year course and the fortune of the nation are equal. The second seven-year course indicates the growth stage, corresponding therefore to the days of Jesus. So during this seven-year course we have to make a nation, its people, and its churches one with our movement. This must be done in three years, just as Jesus had three years of public ministry. 1970-1972 are these three years.

So we sent all the wives of the blessed families to the front. That is because Jesus' mission was not fulfilled; he couldn't acquire a wife and establish his family. To indemnify that, the wives must go out from their families. If a bride and family had been one with Jesus, then a nation and Judaism could have been one with him. The three-year course from 1970-1972 is to indemnify that. Among the Jewish people, the country was divided into north and south. Korea is divided in two, north and south. They are fighting like Cain and Abel. The northern side is Cain, and the southern side is Abel. The dictator of North Korea, Kim Il-Sung, is called the perfect Communist. The whole world admits that he is the most severe Communist there has ever been. Evil tries to establish God's form of the ideal before God can. Therefore, North Korea's Kim Il-Sung is the strongest Communist; he calls himself "father" before the people, who serve him in that way. In the Unification Church in South Korea we call Rev. Moon "Father". So now the false father and the True Father are confronting each other. To defeat Satan, the True Father and a nation must become one. Fallen Adam and Eve, the fallen parents, could have been saved by their children, Cain and Abel, if they had become one. Likewise, when the nation and the church become one, the True Parents will have the right to dominate the false parents. We are now fighting for this, and on our way to 1972. By 1972 we will have paved the course. So this is the most tense time in the history of restoration.

This year, 1971, is the middle year of the seven-year course. This year I am on my third world tour, which has great significance. I left Korea, came to Japan, then to Canada, and then to America. To come here I had to fight many obstacles, but from now on these difficulties will be lessened. Canada is in the position of Eve to America, because it is an extension of England, which is in the position of Eve. I wanted to link the victorious foundation which we fought for and acquired in Korea to Japan, Canada, and America. I had to come through Canada to America, and because Canada is in Eve's position, I could do that. Because I wanted to link the victorious foundation to America, Satan tried to stop it. That's why there were so many difficulties in my coming. At this time those conditions had to be broken before you could inherit what heaven has restored in Korea, the victorious foundation.

After visiting America, we will go to Germany. It will also be a problem. We will go through England to Germany. If that is successful, the condition will be broken.

The restoration providence is not done without a formula. It must follow the formula strictly. Now God is asking for the nation which Jesus and the Jewish people should have formed. If Korea is the nation, the north and south must become one. When that happens, that nation becomes an Adam nation.

When Korea was liberated from Japan after the Second World War, it had no government other than the American military. If the Christian churches had received me at that time, the world restoration could have rapidly progressed as Christianity and America and I would have become one. Most of the Christians in Korea had come from America. If they had united with me, then all the Christians in America would have become one with me. There would have been no difficulties in making Korea and America one. At one time, the individual, family, tribe, nation and world could have been restored. If that had been the case, the power of Communism would not be as strong as it now is. But because I was persecuted and rejected by the Christians, I had to move back and restore from the individual to the family to the tribe and then to the nation.

In individuals there are Cain and Abel, in families there are Cain and Abel, in tribes there are Cain and Abel, and in nations there are Cain and Abel. So I had to fight to join all these. The world also is divided into Cain and Abel. During the last twenty years Communism has come to take hold of power. In 1950 Red China was accused by the United Nations as an invader, an aggressor of peace. That very nation, twenty years later, not only became a member of the United Nations, but also became a member of the Security Council. How can such an ironic thing happen? Because the democratic world, the Christian world, rejected me, God had to give Satan such power. The past twenty years has seen the struggle between the democratic and communist realms. The evil nation, which the whole world branded an aggressor, is now stepping up and over the United Nations this year. That means she has the highest power of Satan. That is the inevitable result because the democratic world, the Christian world, persecuted God's providence. So it had to come.

A country representing Satan has come to the highest position from a position where it was expelled from the United Nations in twenty years. Therefore, God's side must also restore the highest position from a position where it received all the persecution in twenty years. Red China is a nation in the Orient. Therefore, one Oriental nation must fulfill God's side.

What is our third seven-year course? That is the end of the twenty years. We are now in the middle of the second seven-year course. So this is the time corresponding to Jesus' fight with Satan, when Jesus, God, and Satan fought for a nation. This nation will be Korea. If Korea is Adam, there must be an Eve country and an archangel country. If the Christians had not rejected the Lord when he came, then Korea would be the Adam country, England would have become Eve, and America would have been the archangel country. This would happen all at the same time. But when the fighting in Korea retreated, the country which shook hands with Soviet Russia was England, the Eve country. America now is following England, being drawn by the strategy of Soviet Russia. America pulled her forces out of Vietnam; therefore, it lost India to Soviet Russia. America has a great responsibility for Asian problems.

For God's side, Korea is Adam, Japan is Eve, and Free China is the archangel. On Satan's side, Soviet Russia is the archangel, Red China is Eve, and North Korea stands as an Adam country. They are now confronting each other. All the problems of the world are faced here in these countries. Don't you think it is that way? Soviet Russia, Red China, America and Japan are facing each other there. If they come closer on the outside, inside they are still far from each other. Inside Satan's world and the democratic world there are still many divisions. As America pulled out from Asia, its distance from Japan increased, as it also did from Korea and Free China. And by the membership of Red China in the United Nations, the relationship between Red China and North Korea, between Red China and Soviet Russia, and between Soviet Russia and North Korea became more distant.

Now the heavenly archangel country is meeting the Satanic Eve country. That is the conference between President Nixon and Mao Tse-tung. If Nixon does something wrong, then America will be hit by Red China, just as the fallen Eve pulled away from Adam and made him fall. By the membership of Red China in the United Nations, the United States has already been hit. So now it cannot go positively; it is just standing still. Then what will happen when Nixon goes to Red China? I'm not going to give you the conclusion, but if America receives me, then the problem will be entirely different. It will depend on what you do with the American people. Now I have told you this; I have given you the responsibility. That is how the direction of the world will be decided. The result will be straightened out by our movement. Without our nation we are nothing, it is very miserable. So by the end of the second seven-year course, our church must become one with the nation. Now in Korea a family-seeking movement is going on for the first time in history. After seeking a family you can restore the nation; therefore, Satan and God are now fighting to seek families. There is a place in Korea called Panmunjom, the only place on earth where Satan and God fight face to face.

We were God's, but we fell from Him. We went out and now we are coming back, we are returning to the position we should have reached without any persecution. So now we have to make all the indemnity conditions to reach that place. And if our Church and I had prayed to God to cause all the Christians or nations who have persecuted us during this course to perish, this providence couldn't be established. If you have prayed to God to cause those Christians who have objected to our movement to perish, repent at this moment, and I will forgive you. Is there anyone who has prayed that?

[Not towards the Christians, but toward the Communists.]

At this time, that is all right for a certain period. The persecution by the Communists is done for our sake as well. That is to sever us from evil and make us united. But in the end we have to save even the Communists. We'll restore Adam and Eve by love and restore the archangel by the words, because the archangel made Eve fall through words. So we save free men with love, and Communists with truth. So you cannot be defeated by the Communist dialectic. We are challenging the democratic world with the Divine Principle, and challenging the Communist world with anti-Communist theory. Therefore, these two, the Divine Principle and the anti-Communist theory, are the two pillars of restoration.

When Korea becomes the Adam country, then which nation will be the Eve country? Because the democratic, Christian world persecuted me, I have to take Eve from the enemies. Therefore, Japan, who was an enemy of Korea and also the enemy of God's providence, was chosen. In the Second World War she stood on Satan's side. In order to be chosen as Eve, Japan should be situated the same as England, thus they are both island countries. An island always longs for a continent. That is an Eve country. Korea was dominated by Japan for 40 years, but now my words are going to Japan, and through Japan I am confronting all the Asian problems. I am doing this through the Japanese Unification Church and the IFVC.

Korea, Japan, and Free China have the same fate. The providence expands from Asia to the world. On the Asian level the archangel country is Free China, but the archangel cannot have a nation. Being expelled from the United Nations, Free China is in the position of losing her nation. That means its time has come to the end. Who is to save this archangel country? That must be Eve, because by Eve two fell, Adam and the archangel. Therefore, in the last days the Eve country must restore the Adam country and the archangel country. So in Asia, by the efforts of Japan, Korea and Free China will be saved or lost. So they are standing as Adam and Eve stood at the time of the fall. That is on the national level. For Eve's country to stand as Eve, she must receive direction from Adam. And the archangel country must receive direction from Eve. Most people understand that the three countries are divided. To unite them our Korean Unification Church and the Japanese Unification Church must become one. When the great powers come closer, the inside becomes divided. But the inside of the heavenly countries will be united. Japan now is going after Red China, just as America is doing. We have to prevent this. The Japanese government, all the political parties, and all the people worked for the admittance of Red China to the United Nations. Our church's IFVC was the only one to object. From the standpoint of the Japanese people, our movement was insane. But we are severed from evil and are marching forward. We appealed to God to save Free China. That was the seven-day fasting by the Japanese members on the street. At the beginning people laughed at our fasting. But day by day they came to think about it. At the end we had many sympathizers.

The nation which should save the Asian archangel nation is the archangel nation of the world. That is why Japanese church leaders came to America and fasted with our members for Free China at the United Nations. How many members here went to New York for fasting? You did very good work. I gave direction for fasting. But how many did that willingly, with pleased minds? So in Japan, in spite of opposition, we fulfilled our responsibility for Free China. And we fulfilled our responsibility for Free China in America.

The archangel country originally should have been one, but now it is divided into three. Free China is the archangel country in Asia, the United States is the archangel country in the democratic world, and Germany is the archangel country on the world scale. So all archangel countries are divided in two. That is: Free China and Red China, America representing the democratic world and Russia representing the Communist world, and East Germany and West Germany. If Americans cannot fulfill their responsibility, their country will also be divided in two.

You have the struggle between the black and white. The Communists may come and do their work through the Negroes, since the U.S. has a good relationship with Soviet Russia. If Soviet Russia comes into America, it will be very easy for them to form a foundation here. So Father is very serious about this, and finally he thought he must fight in America to save America. The one way left is to reach out to the Christian churches in America to unite with them to work to save America. That way we can prevent the struggle between white and Negro and the coming of the Communist forces in America. Do you think it can be done? You should not hate these people, even though you are persecuted. You must love them. There are all kinds of people in America, Negroes, whites and yellows. They are the descendants of Cain, Abel and Seth. Because of the struggle between Cain, Abel, and Seth, this world became what it is. So these three people must unite to make a peaceful world. But who can make them unite? That can only be done by the Lord of the Second Advent. From that point of view I would like to hold mass meetings in major American cities, to give a message to them. I feel I have to do that in several cities this time. It will be good for your country. What do you think about that plan?

Because I had such a plan, Satan tried to stop me. That's why there were so many obstacles. I came through Japan, but originally I should have come directly to America. While I was in Japan I did not speak or hold public meetings. If I hold such a public meeting, it will be for the first time in my life. I will explain the significance of this visit sometime later. I am planning to hold these meetings in at least seven cities. Three days for each city will be about 21 days. So if you like that and want to do that, make the plan. If you don't, I will do it myself. This is the start of my public ministry. You should take the responsibility for this plan. There may be objections or persecutions. There may also be people who welcome it. The people will be divided into two groups. Use the radio and newspaper. So if you plan the details of the cities and the schedule, I will speak. I will also hold meetings in Germany and England. So for Satan this is a great event. It is a historical event for me. This is my third world tour, and I myself must talk this time. I have been waiting for this day. If I could speak good English I could speak directly. It is difficult to convey ideas through an interpreter. The reason I can't speak English well is because I couldn't study it much when I was in middle school, only about 15 hours a year. That was during the Second World War, when the Japanese government controlled Korea. I am studying English now, but it is a difficult language.

In Japan we went through the same formula for restoration. Our members separated themselves from others, received persecution and God's love, and sacrificed for others. When our members fasted in front of the United Nations building, many people may have thought they were crazy. It was that way also in Japan. Now Free China and the Japanese IFVC are one. Free China cannot stand up to any other nation by herself. So our IFVC did that. In Korea, Japan, and Free China we united our spiritual and anti-Communist movement. When the Free Chinese people understand our anti-Communist ideology, the Korean government will be forced to do that with the Korean people. The same with Japan. We are setting spiritual conditions to make Japan and Free China one. The Japanese Unification Church is doing many personal assignments to accomplish this. For Eve's country to receive the victorious foundation which was made in Korea, I mobilized 700 blessed wives and sent them to the rural areas. Through these wives, the Japanese members became one with me spiritually, and Japan can inherit the victorious foundation from Korea. In Japan, the blessed wives are following the pattern of the Korean blessed wives.

We are setting the spiritual conditions to make Japan and Free China one. The talks between Nixon and Mao Tse-tung will come at the crest of history, the time when it is decided whether history goes to the heavenly side or to the Satanic side. Kim Il-sung will be 60 years old in April of 1972. Sixty is the completion number of Satan. So for Kim Il-sung this is also the crest. Whether North Korea will invade South Korea will also be decided. The North Korean Communist Party and the people are strongly united around Kim Il-sung. Therefore, if we are to stop their invasion of South Korea, our members and our blessed couples must be united with me even more strongly. If our side is united and surpasses Satan's side, they cannot invade. Korean members are now dedicating themselves, and praying a special prayer to prevent that. So whether you American members are united with me more strongly than the Communists are united with Kim Il-sung is the problem. With our members united more strongly than the Satan-centered people, God's side can overcome the Communist nation. We don't have a nation. Without that nation, we are always open to attack from the Satanic sovereignties. If we restore a nation, we can quickly restore the whole world. So restoration of the world will not take too many years. Therefore, the most important thing is to be united with me.

Last year we had a blessing of 777 couples in Korea, with members coming from ten nations. That was to prepare for this third world tour. It was also to connect those countries with the foundation made in Korea, to extend the foundation horizontally to other nations. Therefore, those who participated had to come to Korea. As I already explained, the restoration providence is not carried on without principle. What should the blessed couples all over the world do? Do they have enough confidence to move according to my words? It will be difficult to follow my words. I will drive you out. You will have to follow the formula. For all of you there is a seven-year course. It is not carried out in your home; it must be carried out in the position of representing the world. Will it be carried out in America? It must be carried out in the hardest situations. It is not a task for all families, but for some of the blessed couples. These families will become historical families. The reason some of you must go through such a course is explained to other families. For that, we must mobilize the women. How would you like to see that?

Was there ever a time when your family took responsibility for the salvation of the world? But now God's and Satan's sides are in a level position. If one family participates in God's side, then the scale will go to God's side. It is such a serious time. We have to save the world. By 1974 we have to send missionaries to 120 countries. That must be done. To prepare for that I made 120 holy grounds. We have to fulfill them during the second seven-year course. And who will be sent to those countries? If we send blessed couples, there will be less persecution. Therefore, I think I should send blessed couples rather than other members. But if I can't find blessed couples, I will select one who has a special relationship with that country, having a father, mother or grandparents born in that country. So if these generations have blood relationships I will send them.

In the third seven-year course we should work throughout the world on the basis of those 120 countries. So we have to prepare for the third seven-year course during this second seven-year course. We are now planning to organize a world-wide revival team. It will be composed of members from seven nations, Japan, Korea, China, America, Germany, England, and France. For that we have to have a financial foundation. We will have to continue that world-wide revival movement for at least seven years, and seven million dollars will be needed for that. Our Unification Church in 1980 will have a different dimension than in 1970. It will not have such small groups. All the Christians in the world are destined to be connected with our movement. This is the time for the 1980s. We have to prepare to take off.

The responsibility for the restoration of the whole world is laid on our shoulders. We have to accomplish it. If not, we will have to accomplish it when we go to the spirit world. And how will we be able to do that? All our American male members should think of themselves with the mission of Jesus; they have to save their own tribe. All the women should think of themselves as the brides of Jesus, who also have the mission to save their tribes. Originally, when we received blessings, we should bring our tribes with us. After that we are entitled to receive the blessing. In the world, when a wedding takes place, all the relatives come to congratulate the couple. Our blessings must be done in a more creative way, in a better atmosphere with more friends and more relatives.

This period of time cannot exist again. This period of providence comes only once in history, no more. There will be no other time you can receive directions directly from me, and work with my heart. There has never been such an opportunity. If I am the one who assumes the responsibility for restoration of the whole world, all your ancestors must concentrate their attention on me. Also, you are selected to represent your tribes, so your ancestors will be attracted to you. Your conduct and your fulfillment of your mission affects the fate of your ancestors, living and dead, and your descendants too. So if you do not go my way, if you go against my instructions, all your ancestors, your relatives, and your descendants will accuse you. When you think of that, you realize how serious a position you are in. You have to be more serious than any ancestor and superior to any minister or Christians who are living in the world. You have to make traditions which your descendants will long to follow. So remember, this is a fearful position. If we do not fulfill our mission, then just as we accuse Adam and Eve, our descendants, relatives, and ancestors will accuse us. I don't know how long I will live on earth. But if this time passes by, there will be no such period of time again. If you know that you cannot waste time, you cannot think of other things at this moment.

We have to be serious about this. Jesus was this serious when he went to Gethsemane with his disciples to pray. We have to be more serious than Jesus. Jesus decided to bear the cross. This is the period for us to decide to bear the cross. Also, if you go to spirit world without fulfilling the standard which I have asked of you, do you think you will be able to see me there? And spirit world is eternal. Life on earth is short, but during that short period of time, what you do decides your position in spirit world. The martyred Christians live in spirit world. They are looking at you and thinking if they were born in the world at this time, they would do all I ask. Therefore, they will accuse you when you go to spirit world. I know all these things very well; therefore, I cannot think of myself. So I have that kind of life. My ability or divinity does not matter. Friends, relatives, or parents are not important. Abraham was willing to offer his loving son as a sacrifice. I have to give more than that. When I receive God's order, I think there is nothing I cannot do. If I were asked to offer my parents and my children as a sacrifice on the alter I would be willing. With that heart I am doing this work. So for me, I can throw away my parents, throw away my wife and children. It is the same at the present time, and it will be the same in the future. That is my course. If you are a devoted follower, you will inherit these thoughts from me. If you are the true children, you have to inherit such thoughts to save the world and realize God's will on earth. To save man, I didn't want to be inferior to anyone on earth. I never thought of being defeated by anyone.

God always works with us. How serious we are decides the results. Miracles occur, even in this center, as they occurred in the old days. As the Divine Principle teaches, when subject and object become one through give and take, multiplication takes place. That give and take must reach a peak in my lifetime. That period is this seven-year course. It will be extended to the second seven-year course, and the third seven-year course. So you must remember that this is the most important period of time. This is the time to love the nation and the world more than your husband or wife. If during this time you love each other more than the world, and neglect the world, when you go to spirit world you will not be able to show your face. And when you go to spirit world, you cannot but go to my place to see me. When I see you I have to face you according to the principle. I will be able to tell if you are fit for the principle. So this is the period to devote yourself wholeheartedly. Therefore, during this period, when we have meetings or programs, you should attend them first before anything else. This will be the only opportunity for you to work for the United States and for the world. In the future when I has plans, I will let you participate in them.

The formula which I explained before applies to you. You have to remember that. So when your family stops persecuting you and becomes one with you, then you must become one with other families who have persecuted you. That way you can go through the formula. To conclude, you have to shed your tears. They must be tears of hope. You have to shed tears, thinking of this providence, tears of gratitude, when you think of how hard God and all the saints and all the Christians worked to save us. How wonderful it is that you have come out of this world, and that you could come to the position where you could receive God's love! Have you shed tears, thinking of God's heart, consoling Him to save the fallen Adam and Eve, and the fallen brother and sister? God is weeping for those who are fallen and in the dominion of Satan. Fallen people go to hell if they die without knowing these things. They will die eternally. When your parents and your friends are sick, you have to carry them, to do everything you can to cure them. But that death is physical. This death is an eternal one, which cannot be compared with the physical one. So when we see other people we have to have that kind of heart, feeling for them. We cannot give our true love and become the true highest son until we devote our lives. To reach the highest point we have to give our lives.

Which is more valuable, a man who worked for his nation for 20-30 years, or another man who worked for one year, but gave his life for that nation? The one who lost his life stands in a higher position than the one who did not lose his life. And the more miserable way in which he died, with his arms or legs cut, the higher position he will reach. That is the reason Jesus said, he who wants to lose his life will gain it. When he gave his life, he gave also the life of God, the life of Jesus, the glory of God, the glory of Jesus, and the glory of that nation. So he gave not only his life but all these other things. The way of Jesus' followers, therefore, was to devote everything they had, including their lives. Of the three Asian countries, Korea, Japan and Free China, the country which undergoes the most difficulties, the hardest ways, and the most sacrifice will be the leading country in the future. So if America is put under such hardships, it is to bless America more than other countries. If you go that way by yourselves without receiving the direction from me, then you will receive eternal blessings from me.


Q. If between now and April is so significant, what can we do to influence the meeting between Nixon and Mao Tse-tung?

A. Pray. I have been praying for this for three years.

Q. What is happening in the Middle East now, in Israel and Egypt?

A. If Jesus had not been crucified, then Israel would have been united with the Arab countries. Because Jesus was crucified, there is a course of restoration where unity has to be made between Israel and the Arab countries. We are the third Israel. The first Israel is the Jewish people, the second is the Christians, and we are the third. Therefore, the first Israel, the second Israel, and the third Israel must be united. In the history of Israel and Korea there are many resemblances. That is because the third Adam must restore what the first Adam and the second Adam could not do. Likewise, the third Israel must restore the second Israel and the first Israel. After we restore the Christians, the restoration of the first Israel will come.

Q. I prayed two angry prayers. I ask your forgiveness.

A. Forgive yourself in your heart. I often hear the voices of Korean ministers, praying to God after they have been killed or die. Sometimes I listen to spirit world just like I was listening to a radio. When I listen to those prayers, I feel I have to pray for them. Now I'm going to explain why we can't go this way without loving our enemies. It is not written in the Divine Principle book, but it is very important to know. If Satan accuses God, that archangel isn't part of God's creation, but God, because He is God, must observe the laws which He established, even though the archangel fell. God is absolute. Therefore, He must relate to what He made according to whatever laws or regulations He set up, even after the archangel fell. That means that whatever God should do to the archangel, He must do it after the fall as well. So the archangel says to God, "God, You are supposed to love me to the stage of perfection, and even after perfection." The archangel received God's love until the time of the growth stage. But he couldn't receive love after that. "Even though I became Satan, you have to love me." That is what the archangel accuses.

So until God fulfills what He must do, the archangel cannot go back to the trinity. That is the archangel's existence. "Not only God Himself, but His son Adam and daughter Eve also must love me to the perfection stage. That is the law." So if you are driving the archangel away, first you must fulfill your responsibilities. "Until that time you cannot drive me out." So God wants to make the condition where God and His son love the archangel the full amount. That was fulfilled at the time of Jesus. When Satan tried to kill Jesus, God couldn't hate Satan. He had to come to a position where He loved the archangel more than His son. Jesus was killed by Satan, but he loved Satan, so he prayed for Satan. By God's loving and Jesus' prayer of blessing for his enemies, Father and Son could fulfill their responsible part of loving the archangel. So from that point on the Satanic world and God's world were divided. From this principle, if we have the heart to love our enemies, we can stand on God's side. If not, we stand on Satan's side, In our time, we must not only love our enemies but also restore them. That is our responsibility. Because of this Jesus taught us to love our enemies.

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