The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

You are not for yourself alone

Sun Myung Moon
October 30, 1970
11th Children's Day
1970 translation

As you know, today is our 11th Children's Day and we will recollect how God has been going through hardships for this day.

But for the fall of the first parents of mankind, there would surely have been established 'God's day', 'Parents' day', `Children's day', and 'World's day' which would enable man to fulfill God's ideal of creation. But as ill luck would have it, the betrayal of Adam and Eve gave rise to the rupturing of the indivisible triangular and unified relationships of God, man and creation, namely the loss of a joyful and glorious day for God, the True Parents, True Children and creation.

For its restoration God, and many sages and the wise have made sacrifices.

Consequently, based on such a process, externally God has been enlarging the scope of the elect for the victorious foundation -- Jewish, Christian and world scope of the elect, whereas internally, forming family, tribe and race.

Therefore, the historical process of sufferings during the period between Adam and Jacob was for the revival of life based on the original heart.

The failure of Cain and Abel in offering sacrifices was restored through indemnity, through bringing Esau to Jacob's knee.

Even though there was an external sphere of Israel based on the triumph of Jacob, it came was next to impossible for the internal sphere of Israel to start. So for its internal foundation, in the three generations of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Judah and Tamar began the struggle between Perez and Zerah from the blood of Judah, within their mother's womb.

In this struggle, Perez, the second son made indemnity for the first son on the basis of his victory.

In such a historical course, Mary bore Jesus for the blessed successor of Heaven at the risk of her life and honor. Jesus thus became the origin of love centering on God's begotten son.

But the Israelites, whom God had prepared during the 4,000 years, were ignorant of their mission to welcome Jesus as the Messiah.

Their distrusting Jesus led him to the most miserable troublesome life. Mary, his mother, was not the woman he could love. Joseph, his father, was not a true but a foster father, his brothers were half-blooded, and his relatives had nothing to do with Jesus.

God's elect, the Israelites rebelled against Jesus' heart of love and they had to go through a course for indemnity, namely sacrifice without forming a country for 2,000 years.

There may be no discount in the history of indemnity.

If a race failed in their mission, the race should go through a course of indemnity and if the race couldn't solve its problem, the world connected with the race should bear the burden.

Judging from the historical process for indemnity, there still remains the national and universal course of indemnity for our Unification Church.

As the Jewish order led the spiritual field of Israel, Christianity, guides the democracy all over the world, so our Unification Church can and should assume the leadership of the ideological and spiritual fields of the modern and future world.

Then who other than we can take the charge of it? Now, in what standpoint is the blessed family?

The blessed family is in the advanced position of the organized tribe centering on Messiah, restoring the position of the Jewish order, who waited to receive the Messiah.

We should bear in mind that the blessed families are more important than their individual circumstance, and should stand for race and world, heaven and earth.

Essentially, the national religion was not to be under the domination of Jesus, but of the families centering on Jesus for the high priest.

You should know how precious the family that stands for the heaven is. How can the heavenly tradition of the family be set up to succeed for God's desire for ever and ever? That's the primary question.

The 1960s have been the period for the base of individual victory and 1970s are the period for the family base. Now that it's already the third year of the second seven year course and I ordered the all blessed families, including the 777 couples, to be mobilized for witnessing from December 1st, 1970.

Race should consist of family, and the nation should be formed based on the family victory, that is to say, family is for race, race is for the world. So you should look for the tribe to make a new tradition as ancestors.

As such a time comes near, there will be a period of hardship for family.

Now by means of the international wedding of 777 couples from 10 countries, a horizontal world base centering on central figure was set up. Better fortune is with us now, 1970 -- 1972, and it's the watershed for the world.

It's the period of harvest for restoration, so we must establish the foundation of start for the world before the end of 1972.

There may be no excuses. You should march forward in conformity with the order.

Just like the North Korean refugees who crossed over the 38th parallel, let's go forward in an emphatic tone to the world of goodness.

When I left Pyongyang, I came out of the city with the faith that I'd continue to the process of suffering until I returned.

I have been looking for the day when I have the celebration of real emancipation of this country after driving out the communists in North Korea.

You should be pioneers in driving out the communists.

There are a lot of issues to solve at the earliest practicable date in the 1970's -- construction of the HSA Headquarters, social activities, education, etc...

At this point, you should say that though you die, the Providence will remain, even if you go through family hardships, you would follow Father's way.

The higher a mountain is, the deeper its valley is. If you want to climb over a high mountain, you must cross the deep valley. 

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