The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

The Path to Gain a Victory after Being Beaten First

Sun Myung Moon
September 27, 1970
Unofficial Translation

Excerpt from Japanese language God's Will and the World - What We Should Accomplish in Our Lifetime

In the Unification Church, those who worked for the sake of their own personal benefit all disappeared. However, when people work silently and diligently for the sake of the nation and world, whether other people are noticing and recognizing them or not, they become bound deeply to each other without the need for promises in words. Therefore, in prayer, also, it is most important to pray in a place where nobody notices that you are praying. Offer your sincere and best efforts where no one is aware of what you do. This kind of person is the one who remains until the end. Such a person becomes a treasure in the heart of God.

The Unification Church is investing its utmost effort to create such people. We are making such a diligent effort in order to create a quality of faith that can represent tens of millions of people. You must make up your mind to give yourself as a fertilizer to liberate heaven and free your descendants from this evil world.

A person who climbs up to the top of the mountain to shed tears--weeps for the sake of heaven -- is a more serious person than one who prays for the peace of the world. In this sense Jesus' three-consecutive prayers at Gethsemane were most serious ones, more so than any other prayers. If there is such a person, then heaven cannot but embrace him and have deep concern for that person. We must know that this type of person is the hope for the entire human race. Heaven moves centering on such a person. Someone who lives for the sake of himself cannot leave a light for others. But a person who lives for the sake of the nation, the sake of the world, and the sake of heaven is able to enter into the sphere of resurrection. The only thing that remains to the end is heaven. Those who live for the sake of heaven are able to last to the end. 

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