The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Address to the Korean Religious Conference during their visit to HSA-UWC

Sun Myung Moon
July 15, 1970
1970 translation

Our Master talking for the delegates of Korean Religious Conference

We joined in The Korean Religious Conference on April 15, 1970, HSA-UWC came to realize its long cherished hope. The conference consists of eight major religious sects in Korea: Christianity, Catholic, Dae Jongkyo Buddhism, Won Buddhism, Confucianism, Chyun Do Kyo and The Holy Spirit Association for Unification of World Christianity. On July 15th, 1970, the leading members of The Conference consisting of 50 personnel from each sect paid a good-will visit to HSA-UWC to gain a deeper understanding.

Our Leader exchanged greetings with the visitors and made a short speech as follows.

I'm really grateful to you for your recognition of our entry to the conference and really thank you for your visit to this association. Our association started not from the humanist viewpoint but for the providence's sake.

The relation of man to God is relation of father to son and starts centering on God's love. So our idea is transcendental and it's God's idea to form true family, true nation and true world through the true son of God and the marriage feast of Lamb is the starting point for God to unite with man; that is to say, the state to fulfill the concrete idea. From such a point of view, there is blessing marriage in our church.

Individual redemption has been the final purpose of existing churches so far, but redemption of the family can and should be the object of perspective religions. The fate of the conference will depend upon your posture, so long as it is controlled only for the benefits of each sect, there is expectation of its rise, but where the structure is adjusted by the transcendental view point of all sects for nations and the world, your organization will be remembered in hearts of the entire generations of past, present and future eternally. In a brief sense, sages are the men of transcendental ideas.

It is because our church directs itself to the benefits of the nations, world and entire universe standing above that of our own church for HSA-UWC to have become the center of public interest.

America is seemingly, a pivotal nation gaining worldwide hegemony, standing for democracy but in fact, she is distrusted by all the nations on account of her taking world policy centering around herself interest not the American world policy within the world.

It's my sincere hope that your organization will be operated from a higher dimension.

After the speech, briefings on The Holy Spirit Association by the director of the General Affairs Department HSA, on CARP (Collegiate Association for Research of Principles) by the director, and on IFEC (The International Federation for Extermination of Communism) by the director of General Affairs Bureau followed.

After the briefings and tea time, they visited the Central Training Center, and factory located at Su Taek Ri, where they watched the news reel titled "What is the reason of necessity of Victory Over Communism?" and were much moved with our activities at home and in Japan. 

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