The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Our Attitude (Hold tightly the rope of life)

Sun Myung Moon
July 5, 1970
1970 translation

We are the offspring of fallen men. Therefore, our home, our country and the world were constituted by fallen individuals. But, we have to reform ourselves, our home, country and world. And the way of reformation is religion.

To reform our environment, we are obliged to face many sufferings, but we must accomplish this work. We have to know the fact that all religionists have been walking such difficult ways, from the time when our God began His providence for redemption.

From such a standpoint, we can say of ourselves that we are pitiable men. But we must have our rebirth as happy ones. This matter is of great importance to fallen men in all countries over the world.

To solve the problem nowadays, all statesmen, religionists and scholars are groping about for a way. But they cannot find any new way. They are denying themselves for their self-information. Therefore, they have to struggle against the strong force of evil. This is the social tragedy of our present world.

Fallen men feel anguish when they search for truth. The religionist's pride is their persevering struggle under such situations.

Because the religionists seek to settle this problem as their everlasting desire, they must maintain their eternal and unchangeable mind to accomplish their will. They must stick to their permanent object and direct their eternal efforts to fulfill their duties. We can say that such a person is a true religionist.

Therefore, we must take a strong and everlasting attitude to fulfill our religious mission. This attitude should not be changed even in our life after death because we always seek to attain our instinctive and long-cherished desire.

Consequently, we have to renew ourselves perfectly from the fallen societies and establish a new and true world on this earth. Then, we will face to many difficulties and there will be so many restrictions and limitations. Therefore, a true religionist is obliged to lead a solitary life.

But we cannot run away from such a situation and we must defend our position to the death. There will be deep anxiety and fear. There will be violent struggle between life and death. Spiritual phenomenon has resulted from such a heated struggle.

So we have to do our best to fulfill our duties and make a perfect condition for accomplishment. Then, we are obliged to seek our God's help. There we have to ask for His assistance.

Under such a situation, we can stand above our human ability and can make a miracle. We can get great results and accomplish historical work for our God's providence.

When we penetrate into the line of death bravely, Our God can help and work for us. And the results would be regarded as our human merits. This is the process of restoration and this course couldn't be accomplished at one time. There are many ups and downs like a rolling sea current. We are the tinny floating boats, on the rolling sea waves, called the raging waves of the world.

We say that "Man is the Lord of Creation". But only by the existence of our being, we cannot become the Lord of Creation. With our True God, we are able to attain this for the first time.

To construct an ideal country, we have to overcome the world wide suffering. Therefore, our Unification Church (HSA-UWC) does not exist only for Korea but for all mankind of the world. In such a situation, we are able to find out the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Considering from such a standpoint, we can understand that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ has an important significance.

The Kingdom of Heaven does not exist for any individual. So that, our Unification Church has to overcome all difficulties in Korea, the world and even in the sphere of death to establish the Kingdom of God.

To accomplish God's Will, we do not stay in sight of fear. Holding the rope of desire, we must forget fear and march on to the work for God's Providence. But we must realize the fact that we cannot do anything by ourselves alone.

We have to seek cooperation to fulfill our mission.

Whom can we ask to help us? We must seek the Messiah. A man who cannot find the Messiah is an unhappy one. Here, theory and circumstance are out of the question. We need only practice. So, we most hold tightly the rope of life.

Without the rope, we cannot climb the high mountains of destiny.

A man who insists centering on himself will go to the devil. Each moment is very important. We have to hold so tightly to the rope of life, and climb to the top of the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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