The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Observance of 8th World's Day [Day of All Things]

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1970
1970s Translation

Master's speaking for the World's Day

At Seoul Church on June 4, 1970 (Lunar May 1st), there was observed 8th World's Day from 7 o'clock with the presence of many blessed families from throughout the country.

Our Leader delivered a sermon as follows.

There was to be one world led by one ideology in the original world as created, but due to the fall of man, there appeared numerous ideologies and many countries. The control of the restoration of the original one world will be given to a people or nation which paid the cost by the most sacrificial indemnity of goodness.

Of all the religions, Christianity will be the leading one and our Unification Church will be the unique one.

In the standard of judging good and evil, we can say that more public thoughts will be regarded as comparatively better, whereas more private ones will be comparatively worse.

For example, the relief of the whole at the sacrifice of the individual is relatively good whereas the relief of individual at the cost of the whole is relatively evil.

So our members of the Unification Church have been treading the path of justice for the family, race, nation and the world. Open public usage and open public management is what the entire creation has been longing for.

Consequently, unless what is public is genuine, there will be reactions. Therefore we must learn with how to manage and operate public society and public material in a higher dimension.

From this viewpoint, universe means "home" means and home means "family", and family is the social basic unit consisting of many persons.

Accordingly we advocate universalism for the world to make new order centering on the family.

After the sermon, Leader encouraged blessed married couples from all over the world.

That evening there was "literature night" and the screening of movies 

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