The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Become a Person Who Can Have Public Dominion Over All Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 4, 1970
Laws of Public Management
The Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 31
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Haj Ja Han, April 2011

You must become people who can manage all things in a public manner. How do you handle the situation if all grains of rice in the world organize a demonstration against you because you eat a bowl of rice without any appreciation or gratitude? If they all stand up to hold a general strike, with the motto that none of them will go into the mouth of any human beings, what is going to happen? Have you ever thought about something like this? Of course, grains of rice are a part of vegetation; they are sadly not able to act like that. But if they can do that, what are you going to do with them?

This is why, when you eat a bowl of rice, you should know the real value of the rice. You should ask the rice, "Whose mouth would you like to go in? What kind of person would you like to become a part of his bone, flesh and energy? Then, what would you want to leave behind in the world of goodness?" You should eat your meals while thinking about this. Do you think grains of rice want to be eaten by evil people? Every grain of rice wishes to be eaten by good people. In other words, all things wish to be a part of a public person.

The air that you breathe is the same. If the air proclaims to have a general strike to stop providing human beings for a short five minutes, the entire world population must obey its demand. Therefore, if God decides to force mankind to obey Him, it could be done using the air as His tool. He could suck out all air from the earth to create a vacuum condition for one, two, three, or five minutes, and the people of the world would surrender. The air is such a precious thing to all of you. You hear people are saying that we must not pollute the air in urban areas. Of course, we must not pollute air. Your health will be affected if we don't clean the air. The same is true for water surrounding us. As you see, all created things are public goods.

The sun is the source of our life and has also unlimited value. We enjoy the privilege of sunlight, of this valuable sun, without paying anything in return. Have you ever seen a person who prepares money to purchase sunlight before going out? Or have you seen a person who actually paid even a penny for the sunlight he received. If the sunlight is limited, do you buy the sunlight or not? Even if you have to give your own life, you will buy it. Water, air and sunlight are not your private property. You must not think of nature and things as your own possessions.

What kind of person does God prefer? He prefers a person who has a personal philosophy of public management of nature (all things) from the public position. All things of creation also prefer such a person. This is the Heavenly logic and Heavenly law.

Therefore, once you start to live such a public life path, you will never perish. You must manage all things publicly, deal with other people from a public position, and attend Heaven with a public attitude.

Once people who manage all things, publicly, come together and get married and form families, there will be a new world and new race of humanity centered on such families. So you must be such a person who lives this kind of public life. 

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