The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Decisions of Destiny

Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1970
Special Holy Blessing Training for 777 Couples
Seoul, Korea
1970 Translation

Master teaches blessing candidates

Prior to the 700 [777] couples blessing [October 21, 1970], there were the second (April 20-May 3) and third (May 11-May 24) special trainings at the Seoul Church and 383 couples were engaged. The 4th special training is scheduled to be held early in July and soon after that, the training for foreign families will follow. In the trainings Leader delivered sermon on the subject "Decisions of Destiny" to them as follows:

Through one's lifetime, everyone can judge both his merits and demerits, and all of your destinies will be determined centering on your forefathers in the providential course, but the destiny of your offspring will be decided by your marriage.

Under Satanic dominion, every good person has a lived lonely and miserable life. Now let's compare our lives with those in the satanic world. Our life is miserable and lonely whereas satanic people live in materially rich situations.

We are making indemnity and sacrifice for the providence, and without it is no expectation of the expansion of God's dominion.

We may seemingly be miserable and unfortunate, but in fact we are really happy. Where there is union of male whose forefathers are good with female whose ones are evil, there come into being many good children. So the man whose ancestors are good should make a sacrifice and marry a woman whose ancestors are evil. A good couple is not made by external conditions but by their good lineage. To restore the world it is unavoidable for deformed persons to appear.

Both God and Satan need indemnity. There is no indemnity in the position to be blessed. Only the indemnity is made when both God and Satan equally need it.

As there are three classes in the world, so indemnity is made in three forms -- world, national and environmental sacrifices.

Even good ancestors sometimes get miserable then they make indemnity. Now is the crucial moment for you to decide your own destiny, and in deciding destiny, you must be judged by the Master, for only the Absolute can judge.

Don't look for public sympathy and get in touch with brothers to avoid judgment. Your words decide your destiny.

Never get in touch with your partner indiscriminately lest you be punished.

Without suitable result you will be ashamed.

Being in a position to say that you have given all your love to another, you can hardly be loved any longer.

Try to bring up your partner as younger sister, love as your wife and serve her as your mother.

When you start to love her as your sister, bride, wife and mother God's love can be restored. 

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