The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

Observance of 16th Anniversary of HSA-UWC

Sun Myung Moon
May 1, 1970

Prior to the establishing our church, our Leader has been exploring the way, climbing over precipitous mountains, shedding tears for mankind, sweat for earth and blood for heaven, acting ease our Heavenly Parents' heart.

Early in the morning at 5 o'clock, there gathered more than 300 family members in Namsan Holy Ground.

Our True Parents appeared to the crowd, asking for further strenuous effort for the restoration of homeland and the universe; looking straight at the current imminent situation and gave instructions to all family members to pray at high noon every day for a period of six months from May 1st, for the fulfillment of Abel's mission in restoring Cain's position.

On the first Sunday of May, 1,000 more family members from the ten districts of Seoul had joint morning service in the open air near our factory in Sutak-ri, in the suburbs of Seoul.

In the service, Master said:

"Though Spring is the best season, she must struggle against winter, the severest and most brutal season. As there are four seasons in nature, so there have been periods similar to the natural seasons in the human history and every aspect of each period of history is different from others. Facing this new phase of history, we can and should band together and do our best so as to leave glory and progress to current and coming periods, and to take charge of all history."

After preaching, he gave each member two pebbles in to commemorate the gathering.

In the afternoon, there were colorful activities, such as blessed couples singing contest and a chess contest. The singing of Mr. Teddy Verheyen, our Dutch missionary, in poor Korean was enjoyed by all. Mrs. Ishii and other two other Japanese members' families also sang, causing everyone to burst into laughter. 

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