The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

You are an Emissary who is Given a Special Order from God

Sun Myung Moon
February 16, 1970
Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 29
Emissary and Father Land

Today, God's Providence of Restoration and Salivation is overturning all nations and the world to the Heavenly side in the world theater where Satan occupies this world and controls all nations with a sovereign's authority. Accordingly, if one person appears, holding the determination to fulfill this will of God, he stands in the position that any nation or any society has to oppose him.

You should realize that you are an emissary who is given a special order from God. Because of this, you should realize the fact that if you make even one mistake in following the order, this act will influence not only your own life, but affect a much larger environment in your father land beyond your imagination.

Today, among all of you who hold leadership positions -- the core and elite personnel of the church -- how many of you can acknowledge and confess that you are the ones who were called to accomplish the mission to recover the sovereign authority of the fatherland to God as a Heavenly emissary.

Understanding these, what kind of determined heart should you have when you go to your mission areas? Recognizing that you are now called to receive a new mission as emissary, you must resolute to carry out His will deep in your heart. With the resolve, you must fulfill your mission as the emissary in your mission area. By pioneering your given environment, when you exercise your absolute authority as the emissary, finally, you together with the people of your mission area will accomplish the mission of the heavenly emissary.

When you live as a spy, you must not conform by even one word to the environment. Your deeds should not conform to your surroundings. As you spend your time there, you must be recognized as a person who can offer solutions to many problems, as to benefit the town or region where you live. You should establish a higher standard for the community than your mission field where you work, to fulfill this responsibility of the emissary. You must be resolute at this position to give orders, make determinations and make promises; then you should develop a new movement.

What kind of attitude should an emissary have? Your life or death is not a key issue. As an emissary, you are always facing the threat of death. Death always stands before you to block your way ahead. You are representing God who constantly goes beyond the borderline of life and death, stepping into the territory of death. Therefore, as the emissary, you must have the fundamental attitude in your life of being willing to step into the realm of death with the sense of adventure, all the while treating such actions as going over any national boundaries.

Today, if you want to teach and convey this new word of truth, you should not just pass on the word by itself. You must first become the textbook of a human being in lifestyle and action. In other words, you must be the textbook of all aspects of human life. For example, you must be the model of how to deal with relationships between elder and younger in the village you are assigned. You must not be inferior to any one in any aspect of life.

The villagers recognize you saying, "Our village really needs you." When you try to leave the village, all of them together come to beg you to stay there. You must build such a foundation.

As you stand in this position, what type of spiritual posture should you develop in the coming new age? You must have a burning conviction to restore the national sovereignty of your fatherland in your heart.

You must restore the sovereign authority of the Fatherland that God desires. You must regain the sovereign authority of the Fatherland that the new humanity desires.

The idea, that you must seek and find the Fatherland where your eternal life is protected, must be your conviction, with that desire burning brighter in your heart than any others.

In the Fatherland, there are the national sovereign, territorial land, and its citizens.

Emissaries are the people who always are loyal to and live for the Fatherland. (Because the original sovereign is God)

Then, who is God? He is the great king who appoints all emissaries. God is the great king of all emissaries who appears in the middle of the satanic world in order to restore the sovereign authority of the Fatherland. And He is the supreme commander in chief.

Living just for your own benefits seems wise and good for a moment, however, such a lifestyle will lead to ruin in the long run. Contrary to this, living to accomplish the mission of the emissary may seem to lead you to ruin. However, because you accomplish the mission of the emissary with Heavenly Authority, you will never perish. 

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