The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

We Have To Present Victorious Unified Front (Part I)

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1970
Master's Address for the New Year of 1970

Ceremony for God's Day

Now, we have greeted the New Year of 1970, and under the slogan of "We Have to Present Victorious Unified Front". We must work for our Heavenly Father in this one year.

We struggled against Satan's force under the slogan of "All Out March" in past three years of the term of 2nd 7 year course for our propagation.

Without "All Out March", we cannot get a victory for our Heavenly Father's work.

In this one year of 1970, we have to accomplish our responsibility of many serious problems, centering on the Asian area. Therefore we must set up a new slogan of "We have to present victorious unified front" for out good struggle.

It is not so easy to gain the final victory over the enemy. To win a victory against Satan's force and to gain "one day of triumph" our Heavenly Father has performed his providence for restoration of his Kingdom.

God has struggled against Satan from the time of Adam's home and through the ages of Moses and Jesus to gain "One time of a victory."

Then where will it be accomplished? We can say that there is no place other than our Korea in this world. We know that there must be the process of struggling to win a triumph. Then, what kind of struggle are we forced to go through. This is a serious problem for our Unified Family, the Children of Heavenly God.

We do not struggle to gain any leadership of this country. We do not fight to get any economic benefits for ourselves. We are struggling for only our Heavenly Father's work and for all mankind. With the fate of our Heavenly God and all mankind, we are fighting against Satan's force. Transcending our race and country we are struggling against our enemies over the world.

Therefore, we have to win the final victory without fail for Heavenly Father's Work.

Of course, it will be accomplished in this Korea. But how will it be won? It must be won by an individual. By a man and a woman, it should be won for our True God's ideal.

According to the Providential History of Heavenly Father's Restoration, the struggle was performed by a man, an individual.

Centering only one man, it has been acted out.

As a matter of fact, Jesus had the responsibility of such a struggle 2.000 years ago. In that time, Jesus was forced to struggle against the Jewish people and the world of that age. In other words, Jesus was representing all mankind of his age and the nation of Israel. Representing all saints in the history of God's restoration, Heavenly Father has guided human history, Jesus struggled as a man, an individual.

To gain the victory by this one individual, all problems that were desired to resolve by the history and God should be solved perfectly by an individual, Jesus.

But Jesus could not win the victory and was crucified on the cross.

To win such a triumph, it was indeed impossible by only one man, Jesus, in the truth. Centering our Heavenly Father, Jesus should have had his own country and religion. He should have had his own home for himself. He should have his brothers and sisters.

Before such conditions were perfectly settled, it was impossible to gain the victory by an individual, one man Jesus Christ.

Through the Divine Principle, we are easily able to understand in detail. We can understand the fact that it was impossible for Jesus Christ to gain, triumph by a man, himself without his own brothers and sisters, home, religion, race, and country.

After such fundamental bases were settled Jesus could win a victory and could get married with a woman. With such a spouse, he could gain a perfect triumph. And she could be the first woman who won a victory in our human history.

But Jesus Christ failed to fulfill this idea and couldn't realize his correlative idea. And he was forced to be crucified on the cross. Accordingly, the road of restoration for God's providence remained undone.

If Jesus Christ could establish his individual base for his perfect triumph in that age, he would be able to get new brothers and sisters, a new home, new tribe, new religion and new country. As well as that he could build up new world for Heavenly Father.

But he failed to make up such conditions and he was obliged to die on the cross. In the truth, he had to fix up his internal (spiritual) standard first and his external environment should be arranged second. But, owing to his failure in establishing his external world, he also lost his internal (spiritual) standard.

Consequently, for the restoration of these both sides -- internal and external scopes, Jesus Christ has worked for a period of 2.000 years. And we know this fact clearly.

There are so many civilized countries on this earth. So many races are living on this globe. But, in this Korea, the work of restoration for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father has been achieved. A great standpoint of resolution for restoration -- representing all mankind was fixed up steadfastly in this Korea.

Of course, this great work of restoration should have been welcomed by all people in Korea. But they have not welcomed this work. And this must be a historic disgrace to the Korean people.

We know that all religion must assume the leadership of spiritual guidance for our race. Especially, Christianity that has close relation with the current thought of the world has to take charge of this field (scope). All Christians in Korea must help this great work for our Heavenly Father. They have to protect God's Providence in Korea.

But they revolted against this work and their rebellion must be the second dishonor of Christianity in Korea. Two thousand years ago, Judaism rebelled against Jesus Christ who represented our Heavenly Father's Providence for the period of 4,000 years from the time of Adam's fall.

Now Korean Christians are revolting against God's work, representing Father's Providence from the time of Jesus Christ. This is a right tragedy for all Korean and all mankind in this age.

Under such an unfortunate circumstance, the Unified Families [Unification Church] are struggling for True God's work. For this fighting, an individual base for victory must be settled steadfastly.

In other words, for the triumph of Jesus Christ, and our national base for God's Providence should be settled up first and second, the religious foundation for True God's work must be formed.

But we could not accomplish these two bases perfectly. So, we were obliged to consider Korean people to be our foe and struggled against them to gain an individual victory and to arrange our environment until last year of 1969.

Then, for what did we struggle? We desired heartily to settle up a perfect religious foundation which was not accomplished by Jewish Synagogue 2.000 years ago.

Notwithstanding, we met with opposition of all Christians and all people in Korea, our Unification Church had to make up our religious base for God's New Providence.

Two thousand years ago, the religious foundation of Judaism had an important effect upon Jewish ideological base. As well, our Unification Church must give important influence to Korean ideological life.

For these works, we have struggled in the decade of 1960s. We had to build up new religious bases for new Providence of Heavenly Father.

The religion has nothing to do with the accepted ideas of it. Therefore, all countries, all religions, all tribes, families and individuals in old days were obliged to become our foe. We were surrounded by such environment.

Under such circumstances, we were persecuted and we had to struggle for our new religious bases to give an important influence to the ideological life of all Korean people.

Now, we have to know the fact that our struggle represented True God's fighting dated from the beginning of human history. Replacing Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit, we fought against our foe. In place of all saints, all martyrs and all Christians in the past days we have struggled because we had to let them to wreak their deep resentment (vengeance). At such a serious time, we have now greeted the New Year of 1970.

Now, our Unification Church has formed a religious association which exerts an important effect upon nation. This Association has one Unified Family. Our Unification Church is composed of many homes and brothers and sisters those who are our members. And this is obviously different from the age of Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ had to organize a religious body which was able to unify all religious in his country. And his religious association had to give an important influence to Israel.

Similarly, we are now in a same situation, as the standpoint of Jesus Christ in his time. In the decade of 1970s, we have to accomplish the works for God's Providence that couldn't be completed by Jesus Christ.

We have now greeted the New Year of 1970 and from this moment we have to start to do our duty for God's work, in place of historic Jesus Christ and Judaism.

As we consider God's work which should be done by our members, we know that we could already get an individual victory and fixed up the standard of triumph for a family.

Therefore, from now we have to establish a new victorious foundation for the tribe and march out toward a new stage for our God's Providence.

In command of his members of his family, Jesus Christ had to greet Judaism and Israel in his time, 2.000 years ago.

We are now in same situation and circumstances as Jesus Christ. Then we must remember that our Heavenly Father has prepared this decade of the 1970s for us to accomplish his Will, through past history.

From this year, we have to give a great influence in the ideological field of our external world through the Divine Principles. And when we throw a stone, it will be sure to make a sensation in Asia and Whole world.

(Continued in Part 2) 

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