The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1970

If Brothers Are United as One Centered on their Parents…

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1970
"Origin of the Loyalty and Filial Piety?" Volume I
Unofficial Translation

The enemy has been relentlessly tormenting the All-knowing and Almighty God for six thousand years. On earth, no one can be compared to his magnificent wisdom and knowledge. The enemy is a king of wisdom on earth. To defend against this enemy, if two people fight against him separately, they will absolutely be captured. They will never be able to capture the enemy. In order to defeat this enemy, brothers should be united as one centered on their parents -- if elder brother and younger brother can become one -- then they will defeat this enemy. Unless you live and practice this concept, exhaustively -- in order to feel it reflected deeply in your life -- you cannot walk a path of restoration as a representative of your parents in your heart. You must clearly understand this. There is nothing else. If you take a position not discriminating between your parents and your enemy, you cannot do anything even if you are a part of the restoration movement.

If you say you are an older brother and try to dominate the position of younger brother, it is not right. Two must become one centered on parents. If the younger brother is allowed to stand as the same as the position of the older brother, those two will become one. Uniting as one is the best method for them to destroy the enemy. If a spear of the enemy pierces through and slices the union into two, both of them will be defeated. The younger brother alone will be of no match; and the older brother alone will not stand a chance. You must go together. This standard must sink in deeply in your heart. So you must stand in a position where you always feel this truth in your heart. This is not a vague concept. It is factual.

Your mind, conscience and body must become one; otherwise you cannot defend yourself against Satan. In your family, unless two should become one, three will never become one. Without three positions becoming one, the four position foundation will never be established. God's purpose of Creation is the four position foundation. This concept is foundational. I want you to clearly memorize this standard.

If you find a flaw in your brother, you should realize that the flaw may become a condition that Satan can take him away. If this happens, you should feel responsible not only for your brother but for damaging the credibility of God and True Parents for his sake. Knowing these, you must shed tears for healing of your brother's defect and struggle harder resolving the defect, than on your own problems. You must feel you will carry your brother's cross on your shoulder in order to indemnify it. With this sense of responsibility, you pray for your brother all the time even while working. This is your first priority. If you do, you will progress exponentially.


"Origin of The Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled Father Moon's speeches (many of them spoken in Japanese) from later 60's to early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. For the above excerpt, it is not clear which speech it is taken from. 

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