The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

First God’s Day - Let Us Make a Full Advance

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1968
Translation: Tossa Cromwell

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han April 1960

Following are True Father's words given on January 1, 1968 at the inaugural God's Day ceremony, which was held at 3 a.m. at the former headquarters church in Cheongpadong, Seoul, Korea.

They were read the 45th True God's Day ceremony in 2012 (officially the Gyeongbae Ceremony for True Father's 93rd Holy Birthday, True Parents' Golden Wedding and Jubilee Year, and True Mother's Gohui) at 8 a.m. on Jan. 23, 2012, the first day of the first month of the heavenly calendar in the third or twelfth year of the Heavenly Foundation, at the Cheon Jeong Gung (Palace of Heavenly Righteousness) in Chung Pyung, Korea. This year's ceremony also commemorated the 11th anniversary of the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Royal Authority (a.k.a. Coronation for God's Kingship).

Note: In 1968, when first established, the ceremony was simply called God's Day. It was later changed to True God's Day, around 1994.

Let Us Make a Full Advance

Up until now, people have celebrated the days they were born and the days they were married. Also, nations have celebrated days that were memorable for them. We know well that we are in a time when some days are celebrated globally. However, among the many days up until now, there has been no "God's Day" through which God was truly remembered while He was in attendance. Through the Divine Principle, we are well aware of how sad is this fact and how bitter is the grief heaven and earth bear as a result.

As long as the fallen world blocks the way to God, God's Day cannot be appropriated. Thus, in order to find and institute this day, the fallen standard must be cancelled and restored. Because fallen parents appeared on this earth, the fallen parents have to be cancelled, and the day that was instituted to represent the victory of canceling the fallen parents is Parents' Day.

Fallen parents have been a source of sorrow for humankind up until now. However, through finding and instituting a day for the victorious parents on heaven's side (Parents' Day), people now, for the first time, have parents through whom they can find their way to God. So this is from where the Blessed Families of the Unification Church started.

Though we appropriated Parents' Day, we were not beyond the completion stage at the time of its appropriation. Completion requires that we unify the world and have the authority to manage the world by ourselves. Because Adam and Eve fell at the top of the growth stage, we had to appropriate Parents' Day, having fulfilled the standard of climbing over the top of the growth stage and standing in the position of looking toward completion.

Therefore, after the appropriation of Parents' Day, the proper un-fallen children of those parents have to be capable of connecting with God. And they must realize the four position foundation on the earth. Up until now, people have realized four position foundations centered on Satan, distanced themselves from God and gone against God. However, through appropriating Children's Day centering on God, the glorious foundation of the four position foundation could be realized on the earth.

Through the appropriation of Children's Day, it was possible to set the standard of recovering the things of God's Creation that were lost by human beings during their course of advancing toward the level of completion. The day that this standard of restoring the things of God's Creation was set was the Day of All Things. We appropriated these days during the seven-year course while we struggled for the sake of restoring the Korean people to God.

We have made all sorts of heartfelt efforts for the sake of the Republic of Korea during the long period of the past seven years. We have been fighting with the determination to put our lives on the line if necessary. In terms of spiritual standards and ideological standards, the people of Korea will need to follow our path in the future. It is the only way that the lives of the people of this nation can be preserved and that the economy can be revived. And in order to connect to God's providence, Korea must stay under the banner of unification. This is what we knew while we fought.

At first we were treated as enemies and received opposition and persecution, yet we still fought on. However, after going through the tedious historical process of struggle and going beyond the end of the seven-year course, we are now standing in a position where we have set a standard through which we can advance to a new world. With that in mind and knowing how much God has worked, I cannot but once again thank our Heavenly Father.

Centering on this standard, we can understand that the Unification family has been selected to conclude God's inner purpose that God intended to accomplish centering on King David's descendants before Jesus' death on the cross. The meaning of the selection of the Unification family is that we have set the national indemnity conditions. In other words, we stand at the standard of having completed our responsibility. That is why we can abide at the site of clan refuge.

Moreover, centering on the clan and centering on the family, there is now a victorious shelter in which God can work freely. Therefore, it is now possible to set the standard that God desired in the Garden of Eden centering on Adam and Eve. You must know the fact that this is why God's Day is being appropriated and proclaimed.

Through this day being set, I believe that we will now advance even more toward new stages of development in front of heaven and earth. However, because human history up until now has been that of indemnity, even though we worked hard and made sacrifices while shedding sweat, it was all merely for the sake of paying indemnity. It was not hard work that could truly bring joy to God. However, from now on, all the results of our hard work while shedding blood, sweat and tears will not be lost as mere conditions for indemnity in the satanic world.

Our hard work from now on will become connected as our own and bring results for ourselves. That is the kind of time we have entered. We are now in a time when our hard work can entirely contribute to God's victory. Through entering such a glorious time, in other words, through the limit of an age being set allowing for God's joy, we are now in a time in which God can intervene. You need to know that this is the reason for the creation of God's Day.

Through the beginning of God's Day, your first seven-year course and Teacher's [True Father] twenty-one-year course have been passed centering on God, and now you are starting your second seven-year course. After that, the world will become one that can be directly led by God centering on the heavenly family. The reason that a clan was established in connection with the heavenly family was to save the Korean people. This is God's mission.

Therefore, the mission remaining to us now is to complete the mission of restoration centering on the Korean people. At the stage we are in, persecution has already disappeared. The tedious and difficult time of indemnity has passed and we are in a time when we can reap what we sow, so we should be grateful to God.

You have realized the right to an age in which you can attain results commensurate to the efforts you make. This is a source of infinite pride to God and a source of infinite bitterness to Satan. This is how God's Day was appropriated at 3 a.m. on January 1, 1968.

On this day, we must return glory to God by offering all things to Him and giving thanks to Him in full sincerity. This is a day that our descendants will praise forevermore. You need to know that you must praise this day, on which God's existence was made known to you, for a long time.

At this historical point in time, on this Day of God today, the glory of taking part in this ceremony is such that numerous spirit people in the next world are envious of you. It is an occasion that the three billion people living on this earth have hoped for more than anything else. So your knowing the significance of celebrating this day and the fact that you can relate with this day with a heart of celebration are sources of joy not just for your own generation, but also for your good ancestors in the spirit world and for your descendants. You should think about this point.

You should understand the deep significance and high value of this day more than anyone else. And you should set this day as your guiding post so that you each pioneer a lifestyle foundation that can bring glory to this day. Moreover, you should seek to understand your responsibility as the Unification family members and complete your responsibility on behalf of the Korean people. Therefore, you need to continue advancing persistently until the Korean people welcome this day as the eternal Day of God. I would like you to make another pledge to fulfill this goal.

Through the appropriation of God's Day, we are now in an age when numerous spirit people in the spirit world can come down to the earth and fight in earnest centering on the purpose that God desires. Up until now, we have been part of a time when God has been entangled by Satan's conditions for accusation and has been paying indemnity and defending. However, now God has set conditions through which he can conquer the satanic world so it is now possible for God to go on the offensive. Therefore, the stage has been set for numerous patriotic martyrs and saints in the spirit world to come down and move freely on the earth.

In order to prepare for this, Teacher set up 120 holy grounds in 40 nations and found, appointed and blessed 124 families representing 120 nations. You know these facts well through my words.

Because we were in this position, the world fortune up until now has been of coming back again. In other words, up until now, even if God gave grace, we had to give that grace back out to the world, but we have entered a realm of a time when from now on you can gather in the grace God gives. Therefore, you are now welcoming a time when every effort you make will bring a compensation of not only you, but also your descendants and relatives bearing fruit. When you think about this point, you need to realize that you are in an even happier position than Teacher.

Teacher has a hometown, a beloved family and relatives, much as you do. However, up until now, I have never proselytized for them or set indemnity conditions on their behalf in front of God. However, through possessing the glory of this age, you can now stand in such a position. Therefore, when you set such conditions, in other words, in terms of having such a glorious foundation, you need to know that you are standing in a position that is more glorious than Teacher's.

Teacher has never had such a time period to accomplish such things but during this age, you must accomplish them on behalf of the entire Korean nation and the entire world. In other words, you need to do what I wish I could do myself. Through doing so, you need to earn victorious glory to offer to God. Therefore, please resolve once again that we will propel even more joyful things in the future. Since this day has been set up, let's now fulfill our duties as true patriots.

Since you have this glorious God's Day, you have to fulfill your responsibility and go over the hill of perfection. Thus, when the Day of Family is appropriated, the kingdom of heaven will begin from there. Thus, you are in a time period when you must fulfill and overcome your national responsibility from now on.

So I hope that you will deeply feel the responsibility you have to teach future generations and descendants about the substance of God's Day in such a way that they will treat it as your dying wish.


Father! Please remember the Unification children all around the world, and the three billion members of the human race. Please remember this crowd that has heard Your words this morning, knows Your Providence, and is standing in front of You praying with eyes full of tears.

Father, throughout the world and throughout this nation there are numerous crowds of people that long to be in this place. They are connecting their hearts to our hearts, longing to be in this place where we proclaim this day, so please comfort their hearts.

Your children who are gathered here stand representing Your children around the world. They represent Your numerous children throughout the Korean peninsula. Please allow Your children throughout the world who adore this joyful day the glory of taking part. Please set the condition that the numerous nations of the world also participated.

Please look after the thousands and millions of believers who are guiding numerous nations in order to start a new history centering on the 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. Please allow unto them as well the connection of the Blessing.

Please allow for the three billion people all over the earth to receive the day of Your glory. Please allow the numerous believers who are spread out around the spirit world to participate in Your day. Later, please allow even Satan to stand before You.

Father! With a heart of mercy and compassion, please embrace the Korean people once again. I earnestly long and hope for this. Father! Please guide the entire Korean people to Your purpose. I earnestly long and hope for You to guide and oversee them personally. From this day, please let go of the deep grief that has built up in Your heart up until now. I earnestly hope and long for You to allow Your children, who have been in the position of being stepped on by the enemy, to have the authority of dutiful sons and daughters, imposing and valiant forms that You can be proud of in front of the satanic world, able to fulfill their responsibilities as substantial beings of goodness.

Thank You that we can bear the responsibility for the entire remaining process of restoration. We are grateful to be part of this rank. Please receive everything as Your own. I earnestly ask You to set a condition through which the numerous children already connected to Your purpose and the numerous children who will be connected in the future can be linked through this day.

Please allow the grace for numerous spirit people in the spirit world to return to the earth and participate during this occasion. Please give them the privilege to come directly to the earth and please allow them the special grace to let their good descendants be embraced in Your bosom. This I earnestly hope and long for, Father.

I earnestly long and hope for You to allow a new grace, widening the shelter of Your grace, allowing them to make direct connection to You. Please prepare a holy place through which their descendants can uplift You. Please allow the Korean peninsula to become such a holy place, and allow all the Korean people to uplift You. This I earnestly hope and long for.

Please allow us to quickly restore the Korean people so that we can praise the glory of Your victory. Please allow for the quick preparation of a joyful connection point through which numerous nations in Asia and the world can be joined unto You.

Father, I earnestly wish and hope that, from now on, You will directly take the offensive and allow us to reveal your glory and Your victory.

May eternal glory fill You with joy from this day forth. I earnestly request that You receive glory personally and give Your blessings. I have said all these words in the name of the True Parents. Amen! Aju! 

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