The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

First God’s Day Speech – Notes

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1968
Seoul, Korea
New Age Frontiers -- February 1968

I. With the ringing of the watch-night bell on midnight of New Year's Eve, our Leader sent his blessing to the members of the Unified Family throughout the world. He gave the motto for 1968: "Full-scale Advance." Under this motto he elaborated in more specific detail:

1. Complete equipment of inner life (practice of the Word).

2. Be fully, constantly conscious of the motto.

3. Aware of the consequences of defeat, be absolutely victorious.

II. On New Year's Day at 3:00 a. m., our Leader announced the Day of God. The True Parents together with their daughter Ye Jin, seven years old, and their son Hyo Jin, five years old, then performed a simple ceremony. Seven years from now Family Day will be declared -- the final day of celebration.

III. Because it has been 4300 years since the dawn of Korean history, our Leader has chosen to bless 430 couples this year. The blessing is to take place at the Civic Auditorium on February 22. In preparation, there have been three training sessions, with one-third of the candidates attending each one.

IV. From midnight to 3:00 a. m., our Leader discussed the main points in the life and activities of 1967.

1. Unity and harmony should prevail among members, regardless of their position.

2. Members should rearm themselves with the Principle, not only intellectually but in heart and character as well.

3. We should deliberately establish conditions of indemnity for personal, family, and national restoration.

4. In speaking of duties, our Leader said that each must actively witness for three years, find three pairs of children, and raise them through to the blessing.

5. Our responsibility toward the Christian churches includes maintaining interdenominational study groups, conducting revivals and training sessions, and welcoming new members.

6. We should reach students by holding study meetings and teaching them to lecture.

7. We should reinforce our anti-Communist work. and make wider contacts with government officials related to it. We should teach the general public with a strong organization for training.

8. Each of our churches and families should seek means of self-support.

9. Regarding the educational program for families and churches: Expand your understanding and capacity in order to maintain your usefulness as the movement expands.

10. He expressed the need for itinerary workers.

V. Monthly dues for members were re-instituted and monthly dues for families were established.

VI. On his forty-eighth birthday, the Leader will give recognition and prizes to those of outstanding achievement in the past seven years.

VII. From time to time our Leader has presented members with small mementos and asked that they keep them carefully until he asked for them. Now he is collecting these things to check the care of the members.

VIII. In addition to the blessing of 430 couples, there will also be blessings for the married couples.

IX. On December 24, 1967, at 3:57 a. m., a daughter, Un Jin, was born.

X. A Family Department has been added to the Headquarters and also a secretarial office.

XI. The president of the Korean community in Japan has visited Headquarters and the vice president is expected to visit. This association of Koreans has requested a team of five anti-Communist lecturers of the Divine Principle to visit Japan. They will leave Korea on March 1.

XII. Mr. Kuboki, the president of HSA in Japan, arrived in Korea on the 27th of January and will remain a month.

XIII. Last year, members of our group traveled throughout Korea and lectured on overcoming Communism. On January 18, 1968, HSA registered with the Public Information Agency as the International Anti-Communist Alliance. This was one of many victories to come. 

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