The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

God's Sorrow and Grief

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1968
The Selected Speeches of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Volume 3
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Grand Mufti Grand Mufti Kuftaro of Syria circa 2001

Why has God been feeling sorrowful toward this world? Why has God been grieving over the earth? God is not grief-stricken because of Satan. He is not agonizing and grieving because He resents evil or finds countless sinners on earth.

Really, God's sorrow and grief is because He has not yet been able to call human beings "My beloved sons, My beloved daughters", and because He has not heard His sons and daughters calling God, "My Father!" You must know the real sorrow that God has endured is that He could not have prepared an environment where He would be welcomed by His sons and daughters.

It is inevitable that all human beings are destined to look for the original and true Father. Then, you must consider with what value and content you call God your Father. You need to really understand who God is when you call Him Father.

True Father whom we call out to is the Father who has persevered in fighting to save you for 6,000 years. Tirelessly, He has endured hardships to restore you as an individual today, after overcoming numerous ridges and passes of severe trial throughout the history of restoration. You must realize that God is the Father who experienced the greatest sorrow and heart-break -- such that no one who has lived on earth has ever experienced. The most important thing is how much you realize this to your bones.

If there is a man who calls God "father" from the most sincere heart, he will feel deeply God's heart-break and sorrow. Moreover, God's bitter sorrow will be conveyed to him.

Who really worships God? Today, they are the saints who stand up for Him in the last days. Then, who will give God His Sabbath? They are we who are so insignificant. We must know that releasing God's suffering and sorrow is dependent upon our shoulders, our bodies, and our minds.

With such a man, as he feels and when he moves, all creation moves, and when he grieves all creations grieves. With this realization, you stand trembling before Heaven; you must speak out "Father! Please entrust Your bitter sorrow and pain of 6,000 years with me on this day. Please allow me to subjugate Satan who has stood against you with enmity for 6000 years." 

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