The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

The Starting Point of God's Kingdom on Earth

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1968
"Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety?1"
Volume I
Unofficial Translation

In conclusion, what I want to convey to you is that God's heart has not reached the realm of joy even after having gone through the sorrowful historical process. How can He begin to experience this realm? We all share the mission to open this path for God by offering our youth. In order to accomplish that, you must go through a path of hardship and suffering. You must live sacrificially. As you stand in this position, do not spare anything. Do not think it is hard.

Always, think of God. Think about His heart that is consoling and comforting you even though God has been suffering much more than you. Then, you should know, in this world, there are billions of human beings who are not as blessed as you are. Unless you reach out to them, they have no hope to be saved. Compared with them, you are very fortunate. With this gratitude, you must forget your own hardships and pains, then offer a prayer of joy for your own suffering and sacrifice, and make efforts for saving humanity with tears at the risk of your life. Then, you are in the same position as God. Through your suffering, you will be able to set a condition that you have participated in the suffering and hardship of God.

Once you stand in this position, God's heart can start permeating to the world from you. At this position and in this realm, God's Kingdom will begin. As God's representative, you must console and comfort all humankind just like God has been comforting and consoling you. As you follow this path, the blessing of all human beings will begin with your own hands. Therefore, you should never forget that the beginning point of happiness of all human beings and the Kingdom of God on earth is such a person.

All of you must become such people. That is the logical conclusion. God stands in such a position. God carries out His historical mission to save the world while enduring all the sufferings and pains of the fallen world; you must fulfill this historical mission for all humankind from the same standpoint. With this understanding, you must firmly determine to become sons and daughters of God.


1 "Origin of The Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled of Father Moon's speeches (many of them spoken in Japanese) from the later 60's to the early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. For the above excerpt, it is not clear which speech or speeches are the source. 

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