The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

A Person Who Serves God, Standing in the Realm of God's Heart

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1968
"The Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety1" Volume 1
Unofficial Translation

Do you know how much tears I shed for God? One time, I wept for three days, straight. Through such experiences, I touched the depths of God's Heart. Even now when I think about the experience -- reaching the indescribable tenderness and loneliness of God's heart through investing my entire mind and spirit -- I have to think deeply about how sorrowful and anguished Jesus was. I also live in a place of solitude even lonelier than him. Do you need such a lonely teacher? (Yes.) Put yourself at the pinnacle of solitude! There, God will welcome you.

When I was imprisoned, I stood in such a place. Then, God witnessed to people and through the help of the spirit world they came to believe in me. The spirit world directly testified who I was and, thus I gained my disciples there. With this conviction, wherever I will go, there is nothing that I worry about. If I were taken to the southern tip of Africa, the furthest place from here by a helicopter right now, I will have absolutely no problem about the cultural environment -- about eating, sleeping and clothing. You must gain such a confidence.

What do you have to worry about? When you stand in the realm of God's Heart, place yourself in a position to receive God's compassion, and go out and obey Heaven. Then, there will be no one who will not obey and follow you. In order to create such people, I tell harsh things to you. Are you all right? Let's do it. (Yes.) Now, I will trust in you one hundred percent. As I place my trust in you, you must offer results worthy of this trust to Heaven!


1 "Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled Father Moon's speeches (given to Japanese members where he spoke in Japanese) from later 60's to early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. For the above excerpt, it is not clear which speech it is taken from. 

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