The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1968

The Principle of Indemnity will Determine the Future of the Universe

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1968
"The Origin of Loyalty and Filial Piety1" Volume 1
Unofficial Translation

Indemnity definitely exits. In case of a war, it is a national level indemnity. So, judging from the individual standpoint, a person whose face shows the historical merit is to be protected from any harm; however, as God desires to liberate a nation from long suffering, such a person may be killed in a war, carrying the national level indemnity. As punishment of individual sins, someone may be killed justly; but someone else may be killed by representing and carrying the national sins, which had been accumulated by the hundreds of millions of people of Japan throughout her history. In such a case, the most outstanding person in Japan may be killed.

In other words, this one person may have the value equivalent to tens of thousands of people; therefore, to save tens of thousands of people, that one person may be killed or sacrificed as a conditional offering. This principle also applies to you. Sometimes, it is natural that you must make restitution for your own sins. However, in other times, you will be making indemnity conditions for other people's sins. This is especially real for you, Unification Church members.

When you pray for someone deeply from your heart, you may be influenced by that person's sins needing to be indemnified. In this case, the sins of that person may be indemnified through you. Let me give you an example. From Heaven's view your value is 1,000 but a person for whom you pray may only be valued at 10. In order to indemnify his sins, he should be beaten 100 times; but if you are hit only once, his sins can be indemnified. For this reason, our members may be picked as representatives to indemnify others' sins.

This principle may apply when you go out and witness to people. When you try to witness a person whose ancestors committed terrible acts, you may be defeated, instead of indemnifying the historical debt of that person. So, before you go out to witness, you must prepare your spiritual state through prayer. When you pray deeply for witnessing, you will have a sense about a person whom you will meet, and what kind of indemnity he needs to pay.

If a person for whom you pray has a good standing, your mind will naturally be pulled toward him. By the degree of strength of that pull, you will know his ancestors are good or his parents are good or bad. You must experience this when you witness. Through these experiences, you will be able to discern if he is influenced by evil spirits or Satan. You will know it clearly and sharply by your heart. As you accumulate these experiences, as soon as you look at a face, you will know if that person is conscientious or not. You will gain such discernment.

The principle of indemnity will determine the future of the universe. Because of this spiritual principle, everyone wishes to have good ancestors. Also, everyone wants to have good friends. Through having a good friend, your sins may be indemnified through him. You may wish to have a good teacher. By uniting with the heart of such a teacher, you may be elevated, spiritually. You see this principle at work in relationships in society. If your daughter or a daughter of your relative marries with a son of a famous person, you may be able to have direct relationships with this famous person. It is a natural desire in your life to want to have a good standing in the society.

However, you have to go over the remaining path of indemnity. You may have an individual level mission, or you may be a part of the clan who must make indemnity conditions in order to save a nation. You may be part of a nation that has been experiencing a long history of suffering and misery. Even though you have no such sins and yet are very conscientious for saving the world, through you this nation must make indemnity conditions for the world.


1 "Original Source of Loyalty and Filial Piety" is several volumes of books compiled Father Moon's speeches (given to Japanese members where he spoke in Japanese) from later 60's to early 80's by Rev. Kamiyama. For the above excerpt, it is not clear which speech it is taken from. 

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