The Words of Reverend Moon From 1968

The Master's Message To The Unification Family All Over The World

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1968

I want to say a few words to the Unification Family all over the world. It is we in the Unification movement who have more important missions and responsibilities than anyone else in the history of mankind. The purpose of God and the hope of mankind have not been completely fulfilled, despite our dedicated endeavors of past years. Without us, the enemy of God and humanity cannot be judged. Considering the significance of our position, we cannot help but realize that our responsibility is greater than the responsibility of anyone at any time throughout history. It was originally God's desire to establish His own cosmos, nation, family, and the individual for good alone in a world of love and peace; but God failed completely because of the fall of man. This is the reason there has never been a true individual, family, nation, world or a true cosmos. Instead, sorrow has prevailed everywhere and God has been working hard to restore to this world true joy and true love. Although our forefathers worked also for restoration; they did not know how each individual, family, nation or the whole world would be restored in accordance with God's purpose and idea. Since I discovered this, I have been struggling in order to restore all in accordance with God's heart and will.

After I discovered the Divine Principles, I realized that all mankind desperately needed them, and that God's purpose of creation cannot be fulfilled without them. In order to accomplish my goal, I realized that I had to bear the greatest burden, across that no one else was capable of bearing, and that I would have to take the hardest path that heaven and earth has ever known. From then on, I had to struggle at the lowest level in the spirit world and overcome it. On earth I had to serve people from the lowest level humbly, thus subjugating Satan step by step and obtaining victory. my battle is not completed. Each one in our Principle Family must realize how hard our battle has been and is being waged.

One individual has been sought to bear the hopes of heaven with whom God could communicate heart to heart, to be the sole object of Divine hope. When this individual is found, a family, a nation, a world and cosmos can be restored for the first time. When this individual wins victory, he wins it for heaven and earth and not for just himself, and brings about cosmic victory. When a family wins victory centered upon this individual, then a national foundation of restoration is laid. When a national victory is obtained centered upon this individual, a universal and cosmic victory will be obtained. You realize that I have been struggling with a mission of restoring a family and a nation. Therefore, our Principle Family all over the world have been united centered upon me, transcending national and regional barriers, and the differences in culture and the way of living. When we are united in one by this ideal, we must bring about unity in action, unity in living, and unity in heart. This is the reason you often feel my sorrow and joy as your own, This experience must be inherited by future generations which follow. In order to have them do so, we are responsible to start a new historic tradition. This tradition must start from the individual level and go to the level of the family, to the nation, to the world, and to that of the cosmos.

In order to reach our goal, we have been struggling in a three year course and a four year course. In our sight, we have been following the pattern of struggle against Satan that God had set for us. We know the position God has taken.

He with the Father's heart assumed a servant's position and has been shedding tears for humanity, sweat for the earth, and blood for heaven. This is the pattern that God has been working, through many of His servants in history. Following His footsteps, humbly in service, and taking servant's positions, we have to shed our blood, sweat and tears in order to be one in heart with our True Father and Mother. Heaven has been seeking us. Now we are seeking heaven. The tears, sweat and blood that were shed on the way to meet, are our participation of heavenly tears, sweat, and blood. Therefore, our sorrow and suffering are not. just our own, but that of heaven. We have been fighting for a goal, to participate in the suffering of God. Our final goal is to subjugate Satan on our individual level and the levels of the family, the nation, and the universe. And finally we establish a blessed land where God may dwell with us. This is the goal of our living and the purpose of all our struggles.

Since our enemy and God's is still on earth, wherever we are here in Korea, America, Japan, or in Germany, each one of us must destroy Satan from one's own nation. This you all know and are doing. This enemy is the one who trample upon our True Parents, brothers, sisters and our true nation and the world, and even upon God Himself. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the children to avenge God's enemy by destroying him and 'offering a world of peace and love to God. This we must pray consciously while we are awake, and subconsciously while we are asleep. For the accomplishment of all this, let us arise. Serving our True Parents, we become a True Family and must seek, our true nation and establish our true cosmos. We must fulfill the original purpose of God's creation, regardless of how great a sacrifice may be required of us. This is the reason our responsibilities and missions are so great. Therefore, I am sure that those who are pioneering in new mission fields or doing other activities will have all kinds of problems and difficulties. Endure them remembering what our Father has endured, and what your Leader has gone through. When you get exhausted and discouraged, when you feel like withdrawing, remember my long struggle and tiring battle, and rise again, for I am not yet tired., nor am I yet discouraged.

Go forward -- step by step. Renew your courage and boldly attack the enemy's camp, for you are Heavenly Father's warriors representing heaven and earth. Let us offer to the Father a restored heaven and earth with victory and glory for endless ages. Let us make this world full of true love and happiness -- as He had originally planned. I urge you to fight with me for this with your single hearted dedication. I send love and blessing to my Family throughout the world.

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