The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1966

Prayer after speech titled The Mission that is Left to Us

Sun Myung Moon
December 31, 1966
Published on Children's Day, November 6, 1991
Excerpt from "Prayer"

Rev. Sun Myung Moon'a prayer after speech titled The Mission that is Left to Us December 31, 1966. Delivered to all the Unification Church members in Korea

No one is willing to devote himself for the Nation and the Will. We judge Father based on our own self-interest and opinion. We must long to be like children, forgetting everything but that which we long for to run into your bosom.

Father, please guide humanity all over the world so that they may have such a heartistic foundation. We do not value the holiness and nobleness of being able to shed hidden tears. There are many who are willing to shed tears for themselves, or to die for their family's sake, yet no one is yearning to die for the sake of the holy ideal of the Messiah, who came into this world.

It is Father's mission to rekindle and revive this failing light. Allow us to realize that it is not by our own merit that we understand this but by Your blessing. Let us unite in mind and body observing this Pledge that You have made. You have pushed us into this desolate race of people to follow our Father's example.

Father, we look at this land and its people who are so blind to the path that they should be taking. I realize that it is the mission of the Unification Church to substantially show these wandering youth the correct path, and to pioneer the foundation for their lives. We pledged with utmost determination to fight with our tears for this purpose and to offer our blood so that You may be consoled.

In this seventh year of the seven-year course after 6 years of heart-ache in this year of 1966, Father, allow us the victory and let our untold blood and tears be the condition to liberate Your heart. I pray that all our earnest devotions can be the victorious foundation that will free You and lead You into the land of true freedom.

We understand the mission that needs to be accomplished to liberate the unsatisfied desire of Jesus who walked through the period of suffering in his own life into the period of ideology. Father, I pray that these children can have such a frame of mind, reminiscing about their past, thinking about what they have done for You, Father, so that they can see their current position clearly, re-checking their attitude and every aspect of their lives.

Father, I pray that before this last remaining year of the seven-year course passes, we may continue this lost story, through which we can fulfill the responsibility of being recognized by Father.

Father, if today there are lonely, scattered children shedding tears looking at the teacher here, please bless them. If there are those who pledge loyally to follow the path You long for, please love them as You have loved me and guide them as You have guided me.

I pray all these things in the Holy names of True Parents. Amen. 

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