The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1966

The Blessed Land Shall Be Established by Truth, Character and Heart

Sun Myung Moon
March 13, 1966
The Blessed Land Is Calling
Selected Speeches of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 156
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon teaches, 1960

You must seek and find the truth that is armored with the clear ideology. In order to find such a truth, numerous peoples passed way and so many righteous men sacrificed their lives throughout history. Have you ever risked your own life in order to find the truth? How much have you suffered looking for the truth?

You must be resolute to walk the path (to the Blessed Land) with a shield of the truth. Even if your path is blocked by the world-level cross, you must be determined to kick it through and move forward. You must clean up the confusion caused by all kinds of ideologies in the world, clean up all the corruption in the societies, and defeat and bring all the Satan's strong holds to submission. You must be equipped with such abilities and skills. We need such an able person. Next, you must develop your character that can confront Satan squarely to his face with the truth that is centered on God's word; bring victory over the false word of Satan, and even bring Satan's soul to submission. Since human beings were taken away by Satan, unless a man develops such a character and gains Satan's submission with God's love and heart at the center, he will not be able to return back to God.

After you develop such a character, you need to develop your Shim Jung (heart). On the foundation of this heart, finally Abraham can take Sabbath, Moses can rest, and the entire Israel people can take Sabbath. Also, this foundation will be the base where Jesus and the entire world population will be able to take Sabbath.

A person who is backed by such a heart will be elevated to the position of spiritual parents representing the masses of people. After reaching the position of parents, he will be equipped with the heart of parents.

Destined Path to Seek the Blessed Land

Parents do not look for their beloved son's faults, consciously, even if he has such faults. They wish that their son will resemble only their good points. Although they slap their son's cheek in order to correct his bad behavior, they regret what they did and commiserate with their son's pains. Such is the heart of parents. This is because they did not hit their son by reacting to the bad behavior of the moment. If their son displayed even a little resemblance of their good points, parents valuing this more, would embrace such good qualities more than any bad points. Based on the good qualities, they would try to understand and recognize their son. This is the heart of parents.

Whenever God visited humanity who have committed countless sins and transgressions up until today, He emphasized and valued any quality that resembled Him -- even a quality only a little greater than the numerous evil qualities of men -- so that He could visit His children, beseechingly and desperately, based on this quality and on the original standard. This is the heart of parents.

Today, you stand in the position that you should move forward to reach the heart of parents with missions for your race and nation as well as for the world. When you look at your race, your race stands in the orphan's position, where he is screaming and crying looking for his lost parents. When you look at one nation, you find it a nation who has lost its parents. When you look at the world, you must have a heart to recognize it as a world that has lost its parents. With is heart, you must prepare yourself to move forward to a new base, by reconnecting with Heaven. Jesus came to earth in order to do just this.

Therefore, the Unification Church teaches you to accomplish the mission of restoration with the heart of parents and the body of a servant, shedding blood, sweat and tears. This is the final mountain pass that the Unification Church must go beyond. It is impossible for any ideologies or thoughts of this world to go over this pass; and it is the mountains pass that no political systems, such as the democratic world, can go over. We must go the path where no one else in the world can go. And we must accomplish the task that no one else in the world can fulfill.

In order to do so, you must not stop where you are now. You are not standing at the place of Sabbath. It is a passage way toward the Blessed Land. You still have a destiny to go there, starting from individual level to the family, clan, people, nation, and world level.

Gazing at the ultimate station of the Sabbath, you must go beyond this world's standard, and build a new world of culture. Then, you must raise the tradition and standard for a new history. Unless you accomplish these, you cannot be an individual that the Blessed Land has been calling for. Otherwise, you cannot establish a family, clan, church, race, nation and world that the Blessed Land has called for. You must know this deeply in your heart. I pray and wish that all of you do your best in order to fulfill this purpose. 

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