The Words of Sun Myung Moon From 1966

The Final Path to Golgotha that We Must Go

Sun Myung Moon
March 13, 1966
The Blessed Land is Calling Us
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 16

What you must know clearly is that your position is not to betray the calling of the Blessed Land and through your daily lifestyle you are not turning your back to the desperate calling for building the Blessed Land. You must engrave this in your heart.

Where is the final path to Golgotha that you must go? You cannot find it in your workplace or home. You are destined to live life centered on the standard set by the history of restoration. However, at this time, you must not perish like the high priests or the people of Israel in the past. Then, you will not go over this world. You should not look at anything else. You must know that the main reason why you are born and are living is for this highest purpose, alone. If you see a person who is defeated and wanders around without purpose, you would shout, "if you waste your life going to and fro, you should perish quickly," and "if I were facing defeat in my life, I will prepare myself to win over it day and night." You should move forward, by urging on and inspiring yourself.

Where are you standing right now? You must not just remain within the confines of the Unification Church. If so, you are not real Unification Church members. You must contemplate and determine where you must go and what you must do, now.

A while ago, I spoke about "building walls to separate the waters of the Pacific Ocean, so as to walk across." I shared such a talk with you because of my single minded desire to fulfill the one purpose to bring everything in this world into one. You should understand my motive.

You have followed the Unification church despite facing tests and trials up until now. How can you end up miserable at the end of your life if you put in all your efforts? If you fail, God will suffer more seeing you and your children weep in misery.

Regardless of the fact that God desires you to reach the Blessed Land, if you are wallowing in self pity, you will have no choice but to perish. If you don't perish then, I will make sure you do, even by beating you myself. With determination and preparedness in your hearts, you will be a part of the heavenly army for unification. You should know this.

The Blessed Land is calling you. God has chosen many central figures to build the Blessed Land that Adam failed to build, during the past 6,000 years. Yet, the Blessed Land has never been built. Our ancestors could not succeed, while walking the path of restoration. So many saints and sages could not establish it, even though they have struggled for this purpose.

Jesus came to the earth and wanted to build the world of the new culture, but he could not accomplish it. However, the new world will have to be built on earth. Unless it is built on earth, this fallen world will continue in perpetuity, and the new world that God desires to build will never be established on earth.

Therefore, you must live your life with the aspiration that you will establish this new world. Then, with holding such desire, how can you rest comfortably? You must go over the mountain pass of death over and over again. The valley that you must pass through first is a Golgotha. You must go there to battle and gain a victory. After the victory, you can go over the next mountain pass. However, your internal attitude is to create something new while going over the mountain pass. It is not important to gain a victory at the battle, but how you can bring all pieces together after the battle to build God's world.

In order to do so, first, you must search and find the truth. This is because fallen man lost the truth -- everything spiritual, and heart. The ideology that you understand now cannot be taken away by any force of this world. This ideology must not be forsaken even if you are tempted, abused, and entrapped by Satan. This is why Jesus stood firmly against Satan and the evil world. 

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