The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

I Don't Drink

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 1965
Address to Japanese members at Sosei-Ryo
(Unofficial Translation)

Members of Unification Church should not drink alcoholic drinks. Why? It is because I proclaimed it before Heaven and Earth. When you go out on a business trip, other business people who do not understand your commitment may ask you to drink, saying "Oh, just a sip of beer, right? Germans drink beer more than they drink water in their life. So why don't you taste it." But you must be resolute saying to yourself, "You guys go ahead to drink and enjoy it. But I will not drink any alcoholic beverage."

The question here is, how can you get excited and joyful even more than those who get stimulated and cheerful by drinking alcohol? I can get such excited and joyful feelings all by myself without any artificial help. You must have such resolve. "Please drink and enjoy (Father imitates a sound of pouring a drink into a cup). Ahhh! I feel great!" You must feel greater excitement without depending on alcoholic drinks. Unless you are able to do so, you cannot win over this world. So, tell to yourself, "Let's enjoy together. Let's do it." What should you do? Let's sing a song. Do many things with more gusto than anyone who is drinking. You need stimulants -- well it may be over the top -- then you need to tap into the realm of excitement.

It is human nature that you need more excitement and inspiration in order to achieve greater purpose. You need to get the corresponding stimulation and excitement. Why? If it takes ten years to fulfill your purpose, you need to get the power and energy through daily stimulations for ten years. How can you replenish your energy? I have a plan for tens of years in order to influence the world. You know this, right? Then, how about a 40 year plan. Let's go forward! We should move forward for at least 40 years. Right now, I am proceeding for my first 40-year plan. Looking at this, your spirit must be filled by exciting feeling everyday to last that long. 

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