The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Prayer: Establish The Standard That Meets With Your Satisfaction

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 1965

Heavenly Father, we are studying Your woeful principle of indemnity. Although we can seek Your comfort in times of hardship, still unless we rise above a given standard of indemnity, we cannot establish the standard that meets with Your own satisfaction. When we see that we cannot subjugate the substantial Satan to achieve the furthest limit of victory, we feel disgraced before our responsibility to account for our ancestors' sins. We realize that countless ancestors trod this same path, aiming for the goal that You desired, but unknowingly always ended as sacrifices for Satan. We pray with deepest sincerity that in this age You may place us in a position where we will not simply repeat their failures.

Oh Father, have mercy on these brothers and sisters of Japan. These are a people that by centering on their nation, at one time sought to realize one goal, a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. I am aware how by standing in the position of Satan rather than of God, they have blemished their history.

These brothers and sisters are all so grateful that You have opened a road before this new Japan and have granted us a heavenly mission that will enable us to contribute to the future of the world. I sincerely hope that their hearts may grow daily to move their environment, until they reach the point where their substantial selves become the starting point which can move all things of eternity and determine Your standard of existence.

Jesus' mighty universal mission has passed through the course of history to the present age, where it is we who stand at the head of the second and third Israelites who must now shoulder it. But we are so weak! Our hands, our whole bodies tremble at the thought. When we reflect on our sinful past, we become painfully aware that we cannot possibly stand before Your presence. Yet today we have the enormous mission to take our defiled selves and come to be wrapped in the warmth of Your love, and to gain victory in the world of the heart. How difficult and steep our paths must be! We can see too how those who are advanced in age must treasure their daily life and strive for the value that brings them closer to to God. For the youth this must in reality be a battle to save the world.

Father, we pray that we may never forget that our mighty mission encompasses all other missions around us. We must make ourselves inseparable from You and desire Your purpose. And we must valiantly enter the realm of Your purpose so that we may be the victors qualified to attend You. We pray sincerely that You may protect us and continually extend the manifestation of victory so that we may be welcomed by heaven and by earth as princes and princesses and stand as central points. We truly beg that Your grace will be with us that we may become persons who give thanks that You have passed on to us the mission of Jesus, that through a life of gratitude we are able to attend You, and that You will establish us as the standard that is perfectly proportional to the value of this life of attendance. We give thanks, Father, that You have guided us in every way today and offer these prayers in Your name. Amen. 

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