The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

The Master Speaks On the Restoration and Judgment

Sun Myung Moon
March and April 1965

These questions and answers have been transcribed from tapes made during our Leader's sessions with members and guests at Centers throughout the United States during his trip in March and April 1965.

Question: In terms of laying the foundation for the world restoration the number 144,000 is given. We have seen the example of the compass and were told that it has made a sweep of about half the full circle. That was some time ago. Where are we now?

Answer: When the nation of Korea accepts us officially, then the circle will be completed. That will be the inner circle. Then the world and universal circle will start and be completed based on that inner circle. The inner circle will become the center or point for the next circle. By the blessing of the 120 couples, the condition was made to restore the whole world.

Question: The judgment is here, but is there also a final judgment in which all men will be judged at the same time?

Answer: Yes. There is already judgment in our hearts, isn't that so? We know this in daily life. In this way God protects us from evil and guides us into good. There will be a final judgment besides this. When God establishes His sovereignty on earth and has direct dominion over all people and the world, He will separate good and evil. Anything against God's purpose will be discarded. God will get rid of things and people who are against Him, His love or His truth. He will not be tolerant of things and people who are not fully His own.

But, as our Principle teaches, God will not desert any person eternally. By some means of restriction they will be restored. He will restore them eventually, but meanwhile He will restrict them and make them good. Satan chastises, curses and damns people by force, and turns them from good to evil. He brings about sadness and destruction and death. God will use the opposite way. He will use His force to restrict and chastise people in order to turn evil ones to good. God's method, although done by force, still brings joy and happiness to people.

Question: If it will take Satan almost an eternity to be restored, and the world will be restored within our leader's lifetime, then does that mean the physical world will be restored soon, but that the spirit world will take much longer?

Answer: Yes, after all earthly people are restored, it will take a long time for the spirit world to be completely restored because there are so very many spirits who must be restored through the principle of resurrection through people on earth. It will be much faster for earthly people to be restored. The number of spirits is very great. And they must go through the resurrection in an indirect way. The most urgent matter is to restore the nation. When the nation is restored things will be done officially between nation and nation. The work in America and other parts of the world will be done very fast. I will be able to send ambassadors to each country to contact the top leaders of each nation. It will become easy to influence the United Nations and do something through that organization. This time is not far distant.

I met the youngest brother of the Emperor of Japan while I was there. Also many of the most influential ministers of the Japanese government. One of them is a member, and most of them have heard the Principle all the way through. It is this type of person we want to reach. I plan to send missionaries out to 12 nations. For this reason, I wish to go into Mexico and cross the border into Canada while I am here. How many of you will be able to go to other countries? I plan to visit 12 countries on this trip, and I wish missionaries to follow immediately. After this is done, we will form international missionary teams. I wish also to make a movie of the Principle. When Chapter III is dramatized and shown on the screen to Christians, would they not think about it? Presented as religious teaching, the Principle meets with opposition. But in a movie the reaction will not be so strong. It should all be done professionally. A Korean movie company wanted to do this but I refused. It was too small a company.

Question: If man had not fallen, how soon would he have progressed through the various stages of civilization?

Answer: Modern civilization has been established in the past 400 years since the Protestant Reformation. If man had not fallen we would have reached this point very rapidly. Look at the progress which has been made in the past 50 years. When man is not civilized, he has been instructed through intuitive revelation. Today people make artificial flowers that are so realistic. If man had not fallen, he could have accomplished this through intuitive revelation much earlier. Creativeness is a gift to man. The engine in any machine plays the role like a heart in a human body. A computer is like a human brain. All mechanical development is nothing more than the revealing and disclosing of the structure of a human being in a material way. A communication system is like our nervous system. Man has not invented anything. He has just discovered what was already there within himself. He has nothing to brag about. The organization and system of the whole world are in you already, and not all has been revealed yet. There is much more to be revealed.

Question: In reading Col. Pak's [Bo Hi Pak] writings, he said that if there had not been a fall there would not have been a realm of Formation and Growth which we would have to go through. The Kingdom of Heaven would be the only realm.

Answer: Let us take the example of a chestnut. It has thorns and it has several layers. There is the outside one, then the shell, then the husk, then the meat. It has three skins. Any fruit has several parts, outward skin, inward meat, and the core. But nuts have an outward skin, then a hard shell, then a thin peel before you get to the nut itself. Those several skins grow together, but when the nut is not quite mature, when it is raw, the meat is not fully created. The meat or flesh is the seed of the next generation. If you plant a seed which is not mature, the tree does not come out. But you cannot see whether the flesh is mature or not. The flesh and its coverings all grow at once. A baby boy has all the potential to become an adult man. As the physical body grows, so does the spiritual body. It takes man only about 20 years to grow to perfection. But because of the fall it has taken 6000 years, divided into three stages. The three stages grow together.

Question: You said the seed grows after the outward skin. Then that would mean there are stages of growth.

Answer: Yes, but it is a much shorter period. Because of the fall we expanded 20 years of growth into 6000 years. We cannot say the three stages do not exist, but they grow together so harmoniously, each stage blending into another, that it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between them.

Question: Is there such a thing as a perfected child -- that is children of perfected parents?

Answer: No, their position is that of Adam's prior to his fall. They can also fall if parents do not raise them carefully. They are free from original sin, but they must still grow. The parents, blessed couples, must be particularly careful with the love affairs of their children. Otherwise they can fall.

Question: What happens if they fall?

Answer: They have to start all over again, but it will not take 6000 years. But the regulation or law about it should not yet be announced, so I cannot tell you.

Question: This would not affect all mankind, would it?

Answer: No, because there are True Parents and True Children. The work will continue with them and they can do something about it. The children who have fallen cannot affect the whole.

Question: There is a principle in nature where a rotten leaf will fall off the tree. In order for life to come back to it, it has to be grafted back to the tree. Would a principle of this type hold with fallen children?

Answer: There will be a very strict law about this. Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden. Likewise, if children are driven out of the Kingdom, they will never be blessed in marriage on earth. It will be a very strict law, but it is not to be announced yet. There is a Confucian teaching in the Orient which says that when children become seven years old, boys and girls should not sit together.

Leader's comments:

What can I do with this adulterous America? Without our movement America will decline because of this corruption. It is urgent that you approach your teenagers quickly before they are defiled. Today is the day of fruit, not tree or root. Therefore Adam's sin is bearing fruit through his offspring. That is why adultery is so predominant all over the world. The Lord of the Second Advent must judge this evil and corruption and cleanse the world, making it new. You must work quickly or your nation will decline.

Inwardly speaking, in the realm of heart, families are being destroyed, nations are breaking down. In ancient times people were well united. In this day people don't feel very nationalistic. Ties are breaking down and becoming very individualistic. Even couples are not uniting well and are breaking down. But outwardly the world is becoming united and is working toward oneness. This is God's providence. Outwardly we move toward oneness, but inwardly we hate this individualistic way of living and the breaking apart of families and nations. In this way God is destroying and breaking down the satanic world, while outwardly He is preparing and forming the one world He is to establish. Through the ministry of the Lord of the Second Advent, God will re-create the hearts of people and re-form individuals, families and nations again. This outward preparation is being done now. Soon the inward and the outward will become one, and the perfect world will be established. America is leading the whole world in terms of this breakdown.

Do you prefer to go to an old people's home when you get old, or to live with your children in love? The Lord will bring families who will never divorce, nations which will never divide. After the inward and outward are united and become perfect, then the individual will regard the family as more important; families will regard the tribe or nation as more significant; and the tribe or nation will regard the world as more important. In the communist bloc you can see the pattern. They regard the nation higher than the family, and the family greater than the individual. They are teaching a lesson to us, but in a satanic way. We will do it God's way.

The democratic bloc must endeavor to bring all religious groups into one, since the communists claim there is no God. Some years ago the Dhali Lama of Tibet fled from Tibet to India. At that time America should have helped Tibet organize some international organization of religions, lending financial support. Had this been done, God could have used it to hasten His work. From now on conflict between religions will be a big headache. The democratic world should, by all means, bring unity of all religions. If religious groups are in conflict the democratic world will be weakened. Because America has not united these groups and made such an international organization, she has failed in a sense to prepare the way for the Divine Principle. If the Communists join with the Arabs, there will be great trouble. Before this occurs, America should unite the religions, including the Mohammedans. By all means, and using any amount of finance, this should be done.

Question: What part do Germany and Japan play in the dispensation?

Answer: After World War II, Germany and Japan were taken into the democratic world, they have been prospering. If those two nations accept our cause, then God may send them to the front lines to fight for Him. Then they are in the most blessed position because they will be used by God to play important roles. Those who are taken from the satanic side, like Abraham, are in Abel's position. These new nations are in Abel's position on an international level. Older nations must care for them. Older nations are in Cain's position. So the new nations may go ahead of the older ones.

Question: Is a third World War inevitable?

Answer: It is all up to the people of the world. God did not want Cain to slay Abel. It was not Cain's fault alone. Abel was also wrong. This we found through spirit. Abel irritated Cain, and was also responsible. If the world and the leaders of the nations put our movement at the front line, a world war can be avoided. If they do not do things in accordance with the Divine Principle and God's providence, then a war is inevitable.

So you have a great problem in America. Although the Divine Principle came from Korea, it is needed even more in this country. Unification is not a simple thing. I had to struggle with each group in the spirit world, win each struggle, and become the final victor. Then I could bring it down and start the battle on earth. I talked with many founders of great religions, many masters on the spirit side regarding the purpose of their religions. They said the purpose of all religions was to fulfill the will of God. In order to fulfill the will of God, what is the center of it? It is to find a True Man. Then what is a True Man? The True Man must know the truth, and by the truth he must attain a God-like personality. He must live the truth and must be able to subjugate Satan by the truth.

If he does not have the personality perfectly in accordance with the truth, then he cannot subjugate Satan. After he achieves that personality, his heart must become one with God's heart. With this truth and this personality, he must become the center of the spiritual and physical worlds. Standing in this central position, he would be able to feel the heart of God and become one with Him. In becoming one with God, he could know the exact feeling of God, why He created the world, and the purpose of His creation. He could feel God's desire and hope and love in creating mankind and the world. I discussed these things with the masters, but they did not have all these answers. So one after another they were subjugated. In that way I won the victory in the spirit world, and became the Lord in the spirit world first. Then I began struggling on earth, and am now subjugating people and nations with this truth. Since the masters in the spirit world are already subjugated, they are responsible for witnessing and testifying to our movement through mediumistic people. Otherwise they will be judged, because they know what has already been done.

But these same masters will sometimes tell you not to come to our movement. Why? All religions were started by some kind of revelation. They all had some mission. Each founder, in order to start his mission, has had some responsibility. On the final day when God's will is completely fulfilled, these founders are to bring a certain number of dedicated followers to God. The higher and larger the religion, the more people the founders must bring on the final day. Supposing Buddha has 10 million people to bring to God. Then Buddha is responsible for testifying to his followers what our Leader has done, and what our truth stands for. But he might tell them not to join us now, because if he loses members he will not be able to bring the proper number to God on the final day. He will not be able to fulfill his mission. So he will discourage his members from joining with us immediately, What the members must do then, is to become very revolutionary and leave that religion. In so doing, they will become higher than the founders of that religion.

If a Buddhist is revolutionary and leaves the Buddhist religion to join the Divine Principle, he will become higher than Buddha. That is one reason so many people do not come to our movement, although they testify to us. And that is why our Leader says it is not good to be controlled by spirits at this time. They will hold you. When this time is past, the founders of other religions will have to leave their members alone and not restrict their coming to the Divine Principle, even though they may fail in the process.

Question: Is this true of Christians and Jesus, too?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Since I am in the military I am a little concerned Principle tells us that communism with destroy itself, but it doesn't leave out the possibility of a world or global conflict. In the light of the behavior of people today, is there this chance that we could have such a conflict?

Answer: If the communist world is divided within itself, and if it subjugates itself to the free world, we can avoid a global war. In the communist world there is also Cain and Abel. Communist China is in Abel's position; Communist Russia is in Cain's position. Even in the satanic world Communist China is in the Abel position.

Question: Then the Soviet Union should subjugate itself to Communist China?

Answer: Because it is the satanic side, it is worse. The Cain side of Communism is rather approaching the Western world. There is a strong possibility of division among the communist countries. This is good. If the democratic world is truly united and becomes strong, they will attract and absorb the satellite nations. What I am doing now, the blessing of Holy Grounds, is to achieve the subjugation of communism in the future. I am working for that goal. When the Cuban situation arose in 1962, I said that President Kennedy should be strong and strike them. Then Khrushchev would leave Cuba. And they did. When Khrushchev visited the United Nations and struck the desk with his shoe, I said, "Now will be the end of Khrushchev and Communism. Satan is shouting on top of the world, so his end has come." They will decline from that time on.

Question: In this country we have the choice in time of war of saying that we will fight or that we want to do God's work only. What do you recommend for our young men?

Answer: It's up to you. Do as your conscience commands.

Leader's Question: You have studied the Principle in the course of self-restoration. How do you achieve perfection of your personality? How can you be recognized as a victor in this progressive achievement of God's dispensation from individual to universal?

God always seeks persons better than those who have gone before. In other words, in the individual level you have to exceed the level of Adam. In the tribal dispensation, you must exceed the faith of Abraham and Jacob. In the national level, you must exceed even the spirit of Jesus. God always seeks people better than those in the past. Jesus said, "You must exceed in righteousness the scribes and the Pharisees." He also said, "Greater things than these will you do." I have opened the way for you to be better.

When you study the dispensations for Adam's family or Noah's family or Abraham's family, don't just study by letters and words. You have to feel the responsibility of restoring what Noah lost, or what caused Adam to fall, or what Abraham failed in. Don't be a spectator to the history of the restoration, but be the host and feel as if you have to do something about these failures. This is what I have been feeling. I didn't feel that this was anther's story, anther's failure. Noah failed. What can I do to restore this, to make indemnity? What can I do about Abraham's failure? Don't be a third person, looking at it all from the outside. Really struggle and feel heartache for these events. Take upon yourself the failure of the mistakes. I have shed tears and struggled to do these things by myself. You must feel the same struggle as I have gone through to open the way for you. You must feel the same things I have. Otherwise there will be no relationship between us in heart, and no actual relationship between you and God. You are just looking at everything from the outside as a spectator. Take the entire responsibility of history upon your shoulders. Until you come to that point it is still my Principle, not yours.

When you really feel responsible and take the responsibility upon yourself, then your personality will grow. When you study and think of the history of restoration and you feel no tears in it, you are not a true follower. If you don't feel like sacrificing everything and doing something about this, you are still form-spirits. But when you do, then the Principle will become real to you, this cause will be yours, and all the victorious foundation will be yours, and God will be yours. Thus you will become His child. When you are called to take upon yourself the responsibility of all 6000 years, by yourself, how would you feel? When I came across Abraham, I felt as if I was offering my only son, as if I were preparing the wood to burn. I prepared the altar as if I were truly involved in this. I did everything, except it was all symbolical. In that way I made conditions to restore all history. One after another, Adam, Noah, Abraham, etc. It had to be done in front of Satan. Otherwise I would not have been able to go from one stage to another. So every period of restoration is my work.

My responsibility is to make indemnity for all those from Adam to the Lord of the Second Advent. But you must take upon yourself the responsibility of at least one person -- Adam or Noah or Abraham. You must assume the responsibility of at least one stage, or even a part of a stage. I am doing the whole, if you cannot do the whole, at least do part of it.

If you were told to leave your country tonight, would you do as Abraham did? Would you tell your wife to act as your sister and go into Pharaoh's house? Would you pass over three national borders if ordered to do so tonight? At least you must feel as Abraham did. If you cannot actually pack up and leave, then shed your tears and pray with the same heart. Otherwise your heart will never grow.

Suppose Abraham had not obeyed the order of God, "Go where I lead." Then the mission would have been taken away from him at that time. If you cannot take action, then you must feel and shed tears and pray with the same heart. Then the call will be extended; God will wait for you. The period for dealing with you will be extended. If you don't have such heart or feeling, then it will be taken away.

Do not only study the Principle, but live the Principle in this way as if you are facing those problems. Otherwise what is indemnity and restitution? Indemnity with a small condition, a big debt is wiped away. If you feel as if you are actually doing these things yourself, God will count it as if you have done it by yourself.

Have you really understood how your heart and personality can grow? When you reach this point, your spiritual self will become very receptive. It will be easier for you from now on because of the broadening of my influence. The members in Korea really suffered. It has been beneficial to the whole world, but in the early stages there was no benefit to them. They just struggled and fought on a dry ground.

There are many things that ordinary people cannot understand. If I treated you as roughly as I did the Koreans, none of you would be following. It is no wonder it has taken 6000 years. Who, in this small world, can see that we are dealing with such a subject? We don't belong to the same world that most people do. We live in an entirely different world. Our dimension is much, much higher, and they cannot see it.

Question: You have said that, in order to round out our personality, we should experience different aspects of life. There isn't enough time on earth to experience all different kinds of life. What do you suggest?

Answer: Why did you go to the university if you were so busy? Why didn't you just graduate from grade school? You must make an effort. It doesn't mean you have to be a secretary for three years and a college professor for another three years. By understanding people in different walks of life, you can feel the same things they do. By understanding people in different environments you enrich yourself.

What has been taking place for 2000 years of the New Testament Age can be restored by one individual who makes an effort 2000 times. We are responsible to pay indemnity for the past 2000 years. We can do this by experiencing life as much as 2000 people would experience it. A week's adventure may cover 500 years of experience. The stress is on adventure, a leap. If you go at a normal pace it will take 2000 years. By suffering, you can leap. The more you suffer, the quicker your course will be.

University and high school graduates should go to farm villages and serve the simple people. In other words, they should bring down their high status by serving as a servant. Suppose you have to pay indemnity for 100 years. Is it not better to suffer greatly for 10 years so that you can rest for the remaining 90 years? Don't postpone your suffering.

Question: We had hoped to present you with a few new people when you arrived, but among Satan's other meddling in our affairs many of the people we had been working on for quite a number of months suddenly just dropped away and scattered.

Answer: These things will happen about three times before you really see the beginning of the work.

Leader's question: Don't you think, if heaven is a happy place, it should be like this? Beloved mates should be together; they should not be separated. I have suffered in order to find out all this. Information is not enough. You have to live accordingly. So it has been hard. To you this is only a family problem. To me it is a world problem.

Suppose you lead three persons in a year. In ten years what a change there will be! Those three persons pray and work to lead their three persons, and so it goes. If you work as hard to get your children as you do to earn your living, you will be successful.

Jesus was to lead 120 people by the time he was 40, but he died at 33. He left seven years unfulfilled. That is the great tribulation of seven years. That is why our group takes a seven-year course in witnessing.

Question: What will Jesus' position be after the restoration is accomplished?

Answer: Jesus will be the first and eldest son, because he was the only one who came to this world as the Son of God.

Question: Do you mean God's eldest son, or the Master's?

Answer: The meaning is the same.

Question: The Kingdom of Heaven starts quickly in America. Why quickly?

Answer: How many people suffer and die and go to hell? If we shorten the time we can save many lives. This will bring joy to God, will lessen the suffering of human beings -- so the sooner the better!

Question: Does each dispensation have a different Savior?

Answer: Yes, but you believed in Jesus without knowing him actually in the flesh. In this case, we enter the kingdom only as a family, not as an individual. To form a family, you have to be blessed in marriage.

The only one who has the authority to bless New Age people in marriage is our Leader. Therefore you have to have direct contact with him in this dispensation. That is the difference.

Question: What about the cosmic calendar?

Answer: That is not so important. The most important thing is how to restore the whole world.

Question: What about birth control?

Answer: Since God is not worried about over-population of the world, we should not worry about it either. It is my observation that, America can accommodate all three billion people, who populate of the world.

Question: Will man live longer in the New Age?

Answer: Yes. Whether you live 10 years or a thousand years, it is all the same. Whether your life is meaningful or not is the point. One seldom feels as if he has lived as long as he has. Yes, the life-span will be longer because people will have good hearts and the environment will not be evil. Physically, we will be healthier; spiritually we will have less trouble. So naturally we will have a longer life span.

Question: As the world is restored, will all sickness and illness leave?

Answer: No. It will be greatly reduced. Even at that time there will be accidents and death if people are careless. But they will know ahead of time by their heart. A person will feel that he shouldn't take a certain trip, for instance. By premonition, you will know things in advance so they can be prevented. If you listen and take it seriously, you can prevent risk. If you ignore the warnings and are careless, you will be hurt.

Question: What about illnesses by germs and disease?

Answer: People will get old, even at that time. They will die. To get old and to die, some bacteria may help. Why should one be afraid to die? It is only a form of transmigration from the physical world to the spirit world.

Even if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they must still fulfill their 5% responsibility. If you are obedient to the intuition and wisdom you receive from God you can avoid many unhappy events. If you are disobedient you may get sick.

Question: Is there a significance to fasting other than self-denial?

Answer: Yes. If we fast for another who is perhaps just coming into the movement, God uses this as a condition and Satan cannot attack that person as severely. We fast not for ourselves, but for others and for God. It is a means of helping others spiritually. But we are not forced to do this. If you don't want to, you don't need to fast.

Question: What does it mean when you say men and women are raised back to the status of Adam and Eve when they stand on Holy Ground?

Answer: After we find our True Parents and are restored to the position of True Children through the blessing of marriage, then your position is that of Adam and Eve prior to their fall. Even though you are not actually, literally standing on the Holy Ground, still it is as though you are standing on it. Strictly speaking, this takes place after your blessing. But you receive the benefit before your blessing. You are not yet in that position, but you are in the realm. You are not in the literal position of the blessed ones. But, I regard you in the same realm, with the hope that you will be blessed too. So you must love the Holy Ground as the Land of God. The Holy Grounds are the only estates of God in this country.

Question: Would you expand upon the element of vitality and the life element?

Answer: The element of vitality is the vital life-force of the body. When we have give and take between the spirit-mind and the flesh-mind in accordance with our conscience, which has been trained by the Divine Principle or the Word of God, then our spirit can grow freely from the energy or vitality produced. We may feel that we should express love or truth from God, but if we do not do it our spirit cannot grow. But when we express love through service to others, or express truth so that others can grow in accordance with this truth, then our spirit becomes vital. Thus in a sense the vital life element consists of divine love and divine truth. The element of vitality comes from the give and take which occurs between the spirit man and the physical man. It is very important for us to keep our physical body in good condition, because the physical body serves as the host or soil for our spirit to grow. Our spirit is actually growing from the vital life force in our physical body.

When your spiritual life is very active or very bright with active give and take with God and you are full of joy and happiness inside, does it not affect your health and physical life? That is the life element. On the other hand, when there is perfect give and take within your spirit and your body, when you live in accordance with your conscience, even paying sacrifice in order to obey your conscience to do good, you feel joy and happiness inside. Your physical life lived in accordance with your conscience gives vitality to your spirit. When you do something against your conscience no one may know about it, yet you feel fear and weakness of your spiritual life. In other words, in that case your physical body is not giving the element of vitality to your spiritual life. Your spirit-man grows easily in health and in beauty when your body completely obeys it and becomes one with it through give and take. That is the element of vitality. There is constant give and take between the spirit and physical body. When your spirit is healthy your physical health is affected. When your physical life is righteous and good, your spirit grows and receives more strength and light and wisdom. We call the power which comes from the spirit side 'life element,' and the power which comes from the physical side, the 'element of vitality '

Question: My husband and I have the Divine Principle to help us along our way. Certainly we were not satisfied with any church that we've gone to. My concern now is with our children. I do not have wisdom, but I have to guide my children.

Answer: The Divine Principle is presently being written so that teenagers can read it and understand. You might teach your children from this new manuscript. Don't try to teach it all. There are a few points in each chapter which children can understand and apply in their daily lives. Do not try to give too much at once, but little by little. In teaching the Principle to your children, their spirits will grow faster than yours. Often messages will come through them to you. God uses the more innocent ones to teach you. This has often happened among our members. The children receive far higher messages for their parents than the parents themselves do. They will teach you very definitely how God is living. When you do something against God's will, they will immediately point it out. They will tell you what indemnity you have to pay, what punishment you must receive, and so on. Your children can be your guides. Children will teach you how God is living in reality. It is said in the Bible that the little ones will prophesy. This will be fulfilled. Since the Divine Principle is not the word of man, it affects and works with the children very uniquely and in a very different way from any other message. They will be your teachers and guides and prophets. In Oklahoma, we met an 11-year-old boy whose parents have joined our movement. This boy had already received about me and seen me clairvoyantly. He sees and senses intuitively. He is so clever!

[Miss Young Oon Kim:] A friend of mine, a full Colonel in the Korean Army, has a son named Charlie. Charlie received so much for his parents and grandparents. Often he would tell them something which the Leader would tell them a week later. He would point out everything his father had in his mind and heart. In front of Charlie, no one could hide anything. When evil people would visit his house, Charlie would point out that they were not good. Once he chased away a visitor who was not a good man at all.

[Leader:] The highest education today is to teach that God is living. This your children will do. Then they can be Principle workers when they get older. They can be leaders of teenagers. So teach them!

Question: In the chapter on Resurrection, you say that man fulfills his 5% by wisdom. What about love? Does this have anything to do with our 5%? Are wisdom and love as one?

Answer: Wisdom in that case means that you should use your own judgment. We should not depend upon spiritual guidance constantly. Sometimes spirits give us the wrong message, or even an opposite message to the truth. You must use your own judgment. As an illustration, John the Baptist should have used his own common sense and judgment to determine who Jesus was, using as a guide Jesus' words and works rather than relying upon any message given to him from the spirit side. The example of the Apostle Paul was given in Miss Kim's book. Although he had a great experience on the way to Damascus which he could easily have forgotten, he didn't. How many people have great and wonderful spiritual experiences, and then just ignore or forget them? Many of those who have been in our group and who are now inactive received enough signs and proof, but they just ignored them. They didn't use their sense and judgment.

Question: What is love?

Answer: Love is the power to unite. Love is the purpose of everything and the essence of everything, the source of power and happiness. When you love one another, you are happy and full of joy and energy.

Question: Is it important to know the difference between love and wisdom, or is it important to know there is no difference?

Answer: Yes, it is important because of Satan. Often I use the word "wisdom" as equivalent to "judgment," or judgment by reason. Because Satan exists and constantly acts against you, you have to have wisdom or the power of judgment or discernment. You must know what is evil and what is good. You must constantly resist evil and separate good from evil. Love is different. It is a uniting power. Through love the divided spirit and body can be united. The divided heaven and earth can be united. The divided God and man can be united. Love is the uniting power which is absolute and necessary. Wisdom or discernment or judgment is necessary, too.

Question: Does love beget wisdom, or does wisdom beget love?

Answer: They are two sides of the same thing. Let us put it this way: The sun is heat in itself. Because it is heat itself, it has light. When you have love, that love produces wisdom. When you come closer to God, you feel greater love from Him. The greater love you feel from God, the greater wisdom you will have. A mother may not be well educated or bright, but for her beloved children she has wisdom. She knows how to please her children. True love begets wisdom. To know truth is not just an intellectual matter. By knowing truth, you must become comparatively good. The highest form of love is good; the highest form of intellect is wisdom, the next is truth. So to know truth is to become good. To be wise is to be loving. Love or good is the purpose; truth or wisdom is the means to reach the purpose. To be good is the goal; to know the truth and to acquire knowledge or wisdom are the means of being good. When you live the truth, you naturally become good. You may be wise, knowing the difference between good and evil, but if you do not reach for the highest goal of loving God and man, what is the use of your wisdom? Your wisdom will not develop any further. Love is the content; wisdom is its form. Good is the goal; truth is its means. Good is higher than truth; love is higher than wisdom. There are two aspects to wisdom: One is to know outward things; the other is to know inward things. To know inward things is the wisdom of love. Therefore, true wisdom is to discern what God loves and what God does not love, where the love of God exists. Catholic doctrines, Unitarian teachings, Divine Principles -- true wisdom is to discern which is really God's will and where God's love exists. In which teaching, in whom, in what action in your daily life does God's love exist. Particularly at this time on God's timetable, you must know through whom God is working and in whom He is dwelling.

Question: What is the improvement in this dispensation? I thought when Jesus Christ came he said love was the fulfillment of the law. Isn't all our trouble dual vision -- good and evil, judging by appearances? Jesus said to never judge by appearances but to judge righteous judgment. If we live that way, isn't that the opposite of this dispensation?

Answer: But no one has succeeded in living that way perfectly. If Christians say that they have succeeded and are now living that way, they are wrong. There is something wrong with the way they are living. Our message deals with the root of evil, how we can dispense with it completely and free mankind from it.

Question: In the introduction to your book, Miss [Young Oon] Kim, you mention a sequel. Could I write these things in a book for the public? It's the subject matter which is of interest. As we begin to set up things within the Principles, we would like to know what principles to follow and how to set things up, if it's different from the way things are organized in the satanic world.

[Leader:] If you know too much about the future, you will not be comfortable. You will have to pay too much indemnity. This subject is quite complicated, and I have already told you many things. What has already been told is enough for half of a new book. Anything you need to know will be told. 

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