The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

The Master Speaks On the Divine Principle Movement

Sun Myung Moon
March and April 1965

These questions and answers have been transcribed from tapes made during our Leader's sessions with members and guests at Centers throughout the United States during his trip in March and April 1965.

Question: Did we choose the Divine Principle, or did the Divine Principle choose us?

Answer: The Divine Principle chose you. The Divine Principle will find everyone on earth. It is a question of time. Since it is still early, the Divine Principle has found only a few people. Later there will be a spiritual hurricane, and people will spring up like mushrooms and respond very easily.

Question: How large is the movement now? How many members does it have? What sort of coverage does it have in this country?

Answer: The movement in this country is very young. I don't know how many members we have. Often in a religious movement, the number does not show the strength of the movement. For instance, Catholics have a greater number in their membership than any other single denomination, but that doesn't mean that it is the strongest movement. In this stage, number is not important. The important thing is what kind of tradition we establish for future generations. The early followers should set up a very high pattern of life and work so that others can follow. We want to set up a splendid standard of faith and life. The movement in Korea started in 1954. We have been stressing quality rather than quantity for the last ten years. In Korea, our movement is recognized by the government and the people as the strongest movement, full of spirit and dedication.

Question: Is the movement set up as a corporation?

Answer: For legal reasons only.

Question: How is your work financed?

Answer: Everyone makes his own living. It is our system that no one is paid. We don't want to be paid. If we are paid now, God will say later, "You have received your reward already." This is our own work. We are only happy to do it. How can we be paid by others? We all work and contribute funds which are used to publish our books and pamphlets for training and sending missionaries to new fields.

Question: Do you have study groups and worship services?

Answer: In Korea we do. We have worship services on Sunday, prayer groups on Wednesday evening, group meetings on Friday evening. Then there are other meetings such as young people, high school students, and college students. The women meet during the day. We lecture the Principle every night at the lecture hall. Here in America we do not do that yet, because of the small numbers in our Centers. We believe that our living itself should be worship and prayer. This 24-hour dedication to God is very characteristic of our movement.

Question: Are most of the people in this movement single?

Answer: No, we have many married couples.

Question: Is communal living necessary in order to embrace the Principle?

Answer: No, it is not necessary. Those who do it find it more effective in working for this cause. But it is not required. In Korea we don't even have enough space to contain all the members for a meeting, much less living together.

Question: Can you embrace the Principle and live by it without quitting your job and devoting full time to it?

Answer: If you give up your job, who will feed you? We have to make our own livings until our group is strong enough to finance and support full-time workers. At this stage, we all have to have some kind of living. Yes, of course you can live by the Principle and give your support to it without giving up your means of livelihood. Many of our most dedicated members have full-time jobs in executive capacities with companies which have nothing to do with Principle. But to really spread this work, some full-time members will be necessary. The Centers must be maintained, someone must lecture, some must witness. But I would also advise that some work and set an exemplary example for others to follow.

When you realize that this is the highest truth and a workable truth, then you are willing to devote your life to this precious work.

Question: When will this mission be fulfilled?

Answer: It depends upon the effort of the followers. If we do not work effectively and truly, it may prolong the time. But if we do our best, we can shorten the time.

Question: How many members are there in Japan now?

Answer: Over 1,000. They are mostly young people, and very active. Even the Japanese government is interested in our movement because of these young people's sincerity and philosophy. Many influential people are interested in our movement, and some are already members. We are getting quite a bit of attention in Japan.

I stayed in Japan for two weeks before I came here. During that time, five leading members of Buddhism and Shintoism joined our group through the guidance and messages of the spirit world. In this way, unification of the world will be fulfilled. Otherwise, how could we unify all religions?

In Korea, we have several Buddhist friends. They also witness that our movement will unify all religions. Buddha comes to them and says that his mission is now over, and that his followers should go to Mr. Moon because he is the one to unify all religions "like rivers run into the ocean." Confucius says the same thing in a different expression. He also tells his followers to go to our movement, that his own mission is over.

Question: If you're working full time, are you required to fast?

Answer: Fasting is not a requirement. We like to do it because, by fasting, first of all your health is improved. Secondly, you gain spiritually. Thirdly, you can help others by fasting and praying for them.

Master's Comments:

If you regard our movement as just another denomination, you will be making a great mistake. This is not a denominational movement, this is not a sect, it is not just one religion.

To reach to the present time, I have had numerous witnesses from the spirit world through people on earth. When I was in prison in North Korea under the communist regime, I was not allowed to open my mouth on religious matters. There were three very intellectual young men in the same cell with me. But 14 men came to me with messages from the spirit world, and asked me if the testimony given was true. In that prison, I was watched so closely by the warden and the guards that they had to sneak in to talk with me.

This is the only movement which can save America. There is nothing else to do. The relationship between Moses and Jesus is like that between seed and tree. Without the seed, the tree cannot grow. Our mission is like the fruit of the tree. Without the tree, the fruit cannot be borne. By believing in and accepting Jesus, you have already fulfilled the Laws of Moses. By accepting the Divine Principle and acknowledging the Lord of the Second Advent, you have already fulfilled the Gospel of Jesus and Moses' Law. Without Moses' foundation, Jesus could not have come. Without Jesus' foundation, I could not have come, and could not fulfill my mission. By the fulfillment of my mission, I fulfill the missions of Jesus and Moses. We are not deserting Jesus or betraying him, but we are fulfilling everything. This is also true with other religions. Founders like Confucius, Lao-Tse, Buddha, and so forth, fulfill their missions through me. So they send me their followers. Our message includes the truth of all religions. 

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