The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

The Master Speaks On the Blessing and Witnessing

Sun Myung Moon
March and April 1965

These questions and answers have been transcribed from tapes made during our Leader's sessions with members and guests at Centers throughout the United States during his trip in March and April 1965.

Question: What are the requirements and qualifications for a person to be blessed in marriage? What are the requirements for people who are already married in order to have their union blessed?

Answer: To be blessed, you must be a pure virgin or bachelor. That is the first condition. But this is not enough. Since we are all fallen, to be restored we must go the opposite way. You must have children first. You must lead three persons and raise them to the point where they, too, can be blessed in marriage. Then you can be blessed in marriage and will become their parents. This makes eight people restored, representing the eight members of Adam's and Noah's families. Then you must restore all things, the whole world, to God. Noah's family of eight executed judgment and renewed the whole world for God. You must make a victorious condition in the satanic world. God must recognize you as the victor in this world, "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and have dominion over all things," These words must be fulfilled in you.

For married people: Since married life in the satanic world is not recognized by God, husband and wife must go their own ways as sister and brother. God has been working for 6000 years, and now His providence is entering the 7000th year. Therefore, in principle they must be separated for seven years. Then they will find spiritual children and will be able to reunite. In principle, man should not marry after the fall. The number 7 is symbolic. Married couples must abstain from the marriage relationship at least seven months. There are those in Korea who have been abstaining for over seven years. Live as sister and brother. Those whom God loves just can't continue their married life, God strikes their bodies and they can't continue. If the wife only follows the Principle, great conflict arises in the family. The same if only the husband follows. So our church has been accused of destroying families. This is not true. We are uniting them. Other churches blame us and accuse us, saying that the husbands or wives have found other mates in our church. This is not true. In other words, our Leader and the people in Korea have made indemnity for you, so you are required to abstain only seven months instead of seven years. We are the only group who does such a thing. On this matter, there is no generosity. It must be done this way. If couples don't do this, their blessing will be delayed.

Question: How can we be blessed?

Answer: Some people may not be blessed even in 10 years. Some may be blessed within a year. It depends on the conditions they make. Since Adam, Noah and Abraham failed, Jacob was the first who really fulfilled the dispensation of the restoration of the foundation. He had 12 sons to start his dispensation. So the number 12 became very significant. But out of the 12 sons, three were most important because Adam and Noah both had three sons. Therefore, out of 12, the number three is most important. Jesus had 12 disciples, but three were the most important. In a vertical way, three sons can also signify Adam, Noah and Abraham It also signifies Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent So, without having three sons, you cannot be a parent. Before I had my wedding I had to find three sons first with their potential mates. My wedding took place first, before I blessed them, but their partners were decided. Therefore, I had three sons and three daughters in-law before I was wed. In that way, the position of Noah and Adam were restored.

Why three? (These were sons in faith; not direct sons.) When my real son, who is in Abel's position, was born, the sons in faith, who are in the Cain position, must bring all the blessings they had received and transfer them to my real son. They must do this very gladly. Otherwise, I would have no right to love my real son. The blessing must come from Cain through Abel. Unless you are blessed in marriage and form a family, you cannot belong to the heavenly tribe. An individual cannot belong. To be blessed in marriage, you must have three restored children to have your own true son. So it is absolutely necessary for you to have three sons and daughters to be restored. Therefore, you must raise three men and three women. When you go out to witness, go with the feeling of love in your heart of a father looking for his lost children. Serve them as servants, but with the heart of a father. You are going to be their father. From the bottom of your heart, shed tears, sweat and blood for these people. You must love the people you are helping to restore even more than your own child Then Satan will say, "You deserve to be blessed." In that way, you will be blessed on a victorious foundation. That was what Jesus failed to do. This is the condition of blessing. To work for this cause is to work for yourself. If you don't fulfill this condition, you cannot enter heaven. The gate is open to you, but you have no condition to enter.

Those three sons and three daughters must love you so much that they feel they would die for you. You must inspire this feeling by your own love. This is where the disciples of Jesus failed, and so they were doomed to die.

Question: What was the meaning of the weddings of the 36, 72 and 120 couples?

Answer: My wedding took place in 1960, which was the fulfillment of prophecy in the Book of Revelation. In order to have this wedding, I had to have three children spiritually. Three children had to be restored so that they could be blessed Three children always means three couples. So right after my wedding, I blessed these three couples, these spiritual children. Why did this have to be done? Noah's family was the first family by whom God executed judgment after the fall of Adam. Noah's family was the second family from Adam. Naturally it signified Abel's position. Through Noah's family, God tried to restore what was lost by Adam's family. By blessing the three couples, I restored the three sons of Noah, and I was inaugurated as the True Parent. A family consists not only of mates, but of children. These blessed couples formed the four positions in spirit.

Ten generations elapsed from Adam to Noah, which were lost because of the failure of Ham. This lost 10 generations must also be restored. Because of the failure of Noah's family, the dispensation was prolonged until Abraham, and because of Abraham's failure, it was prolonged to Jacob. From Noah to Jacob, 12 generations elapsed. Jacob had 12 sons which signified the restoration of the lost 12 generations. After Noah's family was restored, I had to restore Jacob's family, so I blessed 12 couples.

The 36 couples consisted of 12 previously married couples, 12 couples who had sexual experience but were not married and 12 couples who were pure virgins and bachelors. The first 12 married couples represented Adam's family, and the 10 generations between Adam and Noah. The second group of couples represented Noah's family and the generations between Noah and Abraham. The third group of couples represented Jacob's 12 children. By the blessing of these 36 couples, the period from Adam to Jacob was restored. Without the restoration of this period, I could not have started the dispensation of the restoration, because until Jacob was found the restoration could not start. At the same time, the first 12 represented Adam's dispensation; the second 12 Jesus' dispensation; the third 12 the final dispensation. The first 12 represented the spirit world, the second 12 the Christian world, the third 12 the new world. So these 36 couples mean many things.

Adam had two sons -- Cain and Abel. After the blessing of the 36 couples, I blessed 72 couples. The 36 couples represented Abel's position; the 72 couples represented Cain's position.

Then 120 couples were blessed, representing Jesus 12 disciples, and 120 people who awaited the descent of the Holy Spirit after the ascension of Jesus and went out later to spread his Gospel. By the blessing of the 120, the universal blessing could start. Since Jesus was crucified, the dispensation from Jacob to Jesus was nullified. Indemnity had to be paid and restoration made from that point. By blessing this number of people, I started the dispensation of restoration all over again.

After Jacob's dispensation, the tribal mission started. So after the blessing of these couples, my tribal mission, the mission of Moses, started. Then the mission of Jesus, that is the national and universal missions, started. To do this, I had to pay indemnity for what had been lost by Jacob, Moses and Jesus. If Moses and Jesus had accomplished, this would not have had to be done. But since they failed, it had to be paid before the mission could be started, Jesus' mission was carried out only spiritually. By blessing these couples, restoration was completed both physically and spiritually. Therefore, starting from these blessings, heaven and earth, which have been separated, are united. Consequently, international affairs are turning in a new direction. These blessings affected our national affairs in a very conspicuous way.

Question: You said that the 72 couples were the spiritual children of the 36 couples. Does that mean that the 120 couples were the spiritual children of the 72?

Answer: In terms of a circle, the 72 were inward and the 120 were outward. In terms of height, they can be considered children of the 72, because they are the next generation. But it really doesn't matter. You don't need to think this way. Consider God, Adam, Cain and Abel. Even though Cain and Abel were brothers, for this purpose we regard them as two generations. Corresponding to this we have my marriage, the blessing of the 36, the 72, and the 120 -- again a total of four generations

Question: Was Noah's great faith in building the ark for 120 years restitution for the 12 generations back to Adam?

Answer: Yes. Adam, Jesus and the Second Lord also represent Adam, Noah and Jacob. The 12 generations between Adam and Noah and between Noah and Jacob were vertical In Jacob's 12 sons, the number 12 became horizontal. Since I represent Jacob, I had to bless 120 couples. In this blessing, the world blessing could start. There were 120 people who received the Holy Spirit in the upper room. That means Jesus had 120 people already. They were all spiritual children.

Question: In the blessing of either the 72 or 124 couples, you prayed to the Father to free the 24 elders. Who are the 24 elders?

Answer: When I blessed the 36 couples, the first 12 couples were married people who were blessed again in marriage. The second 12 couples were people who may have loved one another, but were not married. The third 12 couples were pure virgins and bachelors who had never loved. As each couple marched to be blessed, the other 24 couples stood in rows on each side making 24 elders.

The 10 generations between Adam and Noah, plus Cain and Abel, are Adam's offspring. Noah also had 10 generations after his sons, all Noah's offspring. Jacob had to have 12 sons in order to restore the 12 generations in reality. I also must do this. I had to restore both Adam's and Noah's 12 generations. By blessing 36 couples, I liberated the ancestors from Adam to Jacob, and restored the 24 elders

Question: How many blessed couples will it take to lay the foundation for America?

Answer: We will follow the pattern which has already been set. So it will start from a small number. Whatever has been fulfilled in Korea becomes the condition for world restoration. That land was chosen to make condition for the whole world, not only for itself

Question: When you were blessed in 1960, were there others blessed at the same time?

Answer: A week later, my three spiritual children were blessed

Leader's comments on blessing:

Those who are single must reach the point where they could marry one of another race and nationality If you are white, you must be able to marry a Negro; if Negro, an oriental, etc. If you do not reach this point, I cannot recognize you as having reached the international or world-wide standard. The whole world is being restored as a Family. The married couples already have partners, so the request will not be made of them. But any single man or woman of the white race must be particularly prepared. In God's eyes, there is no difference at all between the races. For me, it is no problem at all what you race may be.

You must be able to pay any sacrifice if it is God's will. So don't look for a beautiful girl or a handsome man. If this is what you have in your mind, God will give you the ugliest mate. If you seek a brilliant man, God may bring an ignorant one for you, Marriage is not for yourself, it is for your descendants. In the course of restoration, we must remember that we are sacrificial offerings in order to purify and restore the world. We must make each succeeding generation better and better. The stress is on heredity. A tall man might be wed to a short woman; an extrovert with an introvert; a southerner with a northerner; a masculine woman with a feminine man. The whole world is to be mixed in this way.

What is an ideal couple? The union between an ideal man and an ideal woman. What is an ideal man and an ideal woman? An ideal man is a God-like man; an ideal woman is a God-like woman. What is 'God-like'? One who loves everyone, from one extreme to the other. If you have God's heart, you can love anyone and can live in harmony and happiness, God may pick for you one whom you would never dream of marrying, Even though there may be small disharmonies between you, God knows that your descendants will be of an elevated standard.

America is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in the outward sense, not only because of its cultural achievements, but because all races are represented and intermarriages are freely done.

Out of 180 million people, 80 million should go out to other countries to serve as our missionaries. If the money wasted in this country were spent to send these 80 million to other countries, the whole world would be restored in a very short time.

Question: I don't understand the reason behind physical abstinence in the marriage relationship It is impossible to achieve spiritual separation when you have lived with someone for a length of time. The relationship is part of you and has been for years. You're not like brother and sister at all. What, then, is the point of physical abstention?

Answer: Adam and Eve's fall was on the physical level. Therefore, physical abstention is necessary in order to make restitution. You may still incline to one another spiritually, but the physical abstention is important.

Question: Didn't the fall also take place spiritually? They were spiritual and physical beings, and when they united it was both spiritual and physical. That's what love is.

Answer: You must abstain from the sexual relationship both spiritually and physically. That is, if you abstain physically but spiritually continue your relationship sexually, that is imperfect. Therefore, the spirit world requires you to be completely separated on both levels.

When a man loves God more than his wife, and a woman loves God more than her husband, then even though you live together and sleep in the same bed, you feel like brother and sister. No matter how many years you have lived together, nor how close you are, still your love for God is stronger than that toward your partner.

Jesus said he was the Bridegroom. The Lord of the Second Advent is to be your Bridegroom. You should love him more than your partner. As you feel closer to him, you will not feel as close to each other, even though you live together. Otherwise you cannot be restored. The fall was the fall of love. Therefore, love must be re-channeled. If a man loves the Lord more than the woman, she should follow the man as Abel. If she loves the Lord more than the man, then he should follow her as Abel. You must come to this point, even for a short period.

Adam fell while he was still imperfect. Now a perfect Adam has appeared. Eve must be united with this perfect Adam in order to be restored. So Jesus said, "Whoever does not love me more than husband or wife, mother or father, is not worthy of the kingdom of heaven." Husband and wife must love the Lord more than anyone else. Restoration is the restoration of heart and love. Husband and wife must feel stronger love toward the Lord than between themselves. Your present relationship of love is satanic. The new relationship of your love will be divine and heavenly. It will be reoriented through the Lord. Your love for God, and accordingly for the Lord, must be stronger than the love between you. Those who have spiritual experiences will know this very easily.

Question: What I don't understand is how you become brother and sister when you've never been brother and sister, and the relationship which you know has become part of you. It is part of what I am at the moment.

Answer: Even male members should be able to feel that the Lord is like their own father, or an elder brother, or like yourself. You will like to touch him and embrace him, to be close to him.

In the course of restoration, husband and wife cannot go side by side. One will go ahead of the other, and the other will follow. Adam and Eve did not fall together at the same time. One fell first. Therefore, one member of a couple will be restored first, and the other will follow. Women are more creatures of heart than men. Therefore it is not unusual to see them go ahead in spiritual experiences. Men should follow them in this case. After restoration, the order will be reversed.

In the relationship of brother and sister, you don't feel possessive. Between a couple you do. That is the difference.

Question: By that same nature of heart, is not woman more possessive? Is she not at war within herself because of the fall, pulled in two different directions?

Answer: Man is not less possessive. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven side by side. One must go first. Usually this is the woman, because Eve fell first. You are blessed as a couple, but to prepare yourself to be blessed, the way is one by one.

Early in the history of our movement, there was a long period when one partner in a marriage would feel very close to our Leader and remote from her mate. This caused family trouble. But now this period is very short. You have to go through it, even if it's only five minutes!

Question: You have spoken of family restoration. How does one go about such restoration when there is one person in the house who does not cooperate, does not approve of the Divine Principle, and who does not want the rest of the family to participate?

Answer: It is your cross to bear. You must serve them to move their hearts. Patience is necessary. With your deeds and words, you have to move their hearts. But if, no matter how much you try you still get no response, then one partner represents heaven and the other represents hell. Our Father in heaven has been waiting for 6000 years, very patiently. Wait and work to change them, do your best to teach and guide them, trying to lead them patiently and humbly for at least seven years. After you have done your part and have not succeeded, you are doomed to be separated from them, and you can form another family. If the time is prolonged, your blessing will be prolonged. With the mind or spirit or heart to save the other person (this you call 'doing your best', but our meaning is much deeper; we mean to pour all your love, your will and your heart out for that person, thinking that you would endure even seven years for him), then in a shorter period, God will do something to help you. He will chastise the other, or destroy him, or in some method will open your way. But if you neglect this task, even seven years will bring no result. So do your very best. Then something will come about quickly and easily. That person may follow you, or may go away. No individual can enter heaven. You can only enter as a family. Therefore, if the whole family follows, it will be a most blessed family.

Question: Do you mean that any individual on earth who does not have a family is doomed?

Answer: If you have lived alone in this world, and have not had opportunity to form a family, then you must find your mate in the spirit world and be blessed there.

Family doesn't mean just a couple. You must also have children. In other words, children in faith. You must lead at least three sons to God who will be your children in faith. You must take your children with you to enter heaven. This is three persons each year, or 120 persons in 40 years. If you can't take 120 people with you, take at least three people. Adam had three sons with whom God operated his dispensation of restoration; Noah had three sons; and so did Jesus. He had three disciples whom he took with him always. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob -- three generations -- fulfilled God's will. Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent fulfilled God's will. All these have the same significance. Because of this principle, we too must have three sons.

Question: If, in order to do work for the Father, you must cut yourself off from your own family, will the suffering they endure during this separation help them later on when they come to understand?

Answer: Yes. They will be protected by God and will receive benefit through you.

Question: Is marriage important?

Answer: Yes!

Question: I am now too old to marry. I never married and I am now 73 years old. I think it would be wrong for me to marry now. What will I do?

Answer: Older men marry older women. Destroy all your pride, and marry if it is arranged for you. You may find your mate in the spirit world, but nothing is nobler than finding your mate on earth.

Question: If two people are blessed in marriage and one of them dies, can you marry again?

Answer: No, you must remain single all your life. Your mate will be with you in spirit, always.

Question: What do you mean by 'children'?

Answer: Those are people whom you have lead into the Principles and made real followers.

Question: You don't mean we have to give birth to three sons, but we have to lead three people to God?

Answer: After you are blessed in marriage, you will have your own children. Your own children will be in the Abel position. Then you will have children in faith who will be in the Cain position. You must love Cain first. Satan has had dominion over the world before God. In Adam's family, Abel must subjugate Cain. Only on that condition could Abel be blessed. Abel must make Cain come under him and love him. The three sons in faith represent Cain in your family. They also represent the rebellious people of the three stages -- Formation, Growth and Perfection. You must love those children and become one with them, so that these children in faith become willing to transfer all their blessing and love to your real child who is in the Abel position. In that way, you subjugate Cain in your own family. Therefore, you love Cain first so that Cain is willing to give all his love to your real child Abel). Then you have the right to love your own child best.

The blessing will be given through your children in faith to your own child. God could not love his only begotten son or his servants directly. He had to send them to the satanic world first. Then He could show His blessing and love. If there had been no fall, Cain would not have existed at all. Since man fell, however, we must go through the process of restoration. This process is to love people in the Cain position, then love people in the Abel position. That is why Jesus loved his chief disciples most. By loving them and uniting with them as one, he raised them as his spiritual children. After his holy marriage, he would have become a true father with his own son. Then the three disciples could transfer all the love and blessing they had received from Jesus to his son. Then Jesus could love his own son truly.

This is what I have been doing. I loved my spiritual children first. In the course of restoration, you must love other families more than your own, other nations more than your own, etc. In that way, you go outward first, then inward.

Christians are all adopted children, not true children of God. Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent are God's true sons. They are in Abel's position. The adopted children are in Cain's position. These adopted children must love God's true sons with all their hearts, minds, spirits and life. You must love and completely become one. Through that love, you will become also true children of God. The true sons, in the Abel position, are the inward. The others are in the outward position. They will become one, and then all will receive the cosmic inheritance. Adopted children still have the right to receive the inheritance if they take the right procedure.

Some people have no possibility of bearing children on earth. In that case, you can show your utmost love to the children of Abel. By doing so, you can receive the same benefit as others. On that condition, you receive the same blessing. First love your spiritual children, then love the children of the Lord. Then you will be taken into the kingdom.

It is the reverse of what has been happening in the satanic world. Here parents have been making children. In the restoration, you make children first, and then you can become true parents. You must know this clearly, or you will not be accepted. This is the condition of your victory.

You must love your restored children first. Then I will make a special condition through a special ceremony for those who cannot have a child of their own physically.

Question: Do you have to raise these sons and daughters yourself? Suppose you bring someone in and then leave the area, and leave their raising to others in the Principle. They may accept the Principle and the Leader, but we may not be able to stay and raise them to full maturity. So one brings them in and another raises them. Who gets the credit?

Answer: Suppose Gordon [Gordon Ross] brought them in, but Pauline [Pauline Phillips Verheyen] raised them, Gordon must have the same heart and feeling as Pauline does for these people, then it becomes Gordon's credit. But if he completely neglects them, ignores and forgets them, and Pauline does all the work and the worrying, then it is Pauline's credit. If Gordon stands behind Pauline with the same heart it becomes Gordon's credit.

It is the Principle of Restoration to love others before yourself. You have to love other nationalities better than your own nationality, other nations better than your own nation, other families better than your own family, others better than yourself. You and what you belong to cannot come first in your heart. The suffering you do on this account is important. Through the suffering you make indemnity, and restore the original order. Since the time is full, I may bless people who have not fulfilled these conditions. In this event, those people must fulfill these conditions within three years of the blessing. The blessing will be conditional until such time as the conditions are fulfilled. The principle of forming a family follows the pattern which the Leader has followed. Everyone must follow the same formula.

Question: Must our three sons and three daughters be able to be joined together in marriage, or may they marry others?

Answer: No, they may marry others. If they wish to marry one another, that is fine. If not, it doesn't matter.

It is not allowed to have a married life before this. It is the Principle. You cannot love your own son unless you have restored sons. It is the Principle that you must desert your own sons and love others before you can love your own. I can tell you this now, but I couldn't tell you before, because who would believe it? We are not breaking the family, but really bringing the family to God.

Question: In the case of married couples, does each one have to find three sons and three daughters? This would make a total of 12 for the couple.

Answer: I will make a special concession. Married couples need only find three sons and three daughters, since they will work together in finding, teaching and raising them. They need only raise six people instead of 120. But if they can find and raise more, they should do so.

Question: I'm 40 years old now. You say we are supposed to have 120 children in a lifetime or 40 years. What if I don't live another 40 years? What if I don't have the 120 children by the time I die?

Answer: Then you must have at least three children. Through the work and merit of our Leader, the gates of heaven are open for everyone, particularly you. When you stand at the gate of heaven, you must have met the conditions for entrance. No individual can enter heaven. You must enter as a family. In order to be a family, you must have three sons and daughters.

Question: What becomes of the children of our satanic marriages?

Answer: If the children follow you, you can love them but as those in the Cain position. They cannot be your spiritual children. To make spiritual children, you must actually take them from the satanic world. Satan took away God's children. In order to reverse this, we must take Satan's children from him. Children of your satanic marriages cannot be included among your spiritual children, but if they follow you, you can love them.

Therefore, when you witness to other people, you must feel actually as if you are seeking your own lost children. When you find them, you must serve them as a servant, but with the heart of a father. It was God who has been seeking us. We must seek people with a father's heart. In that way, you can feel and experience the heart of the Father. You must shed tears and sweat and blood for those people to truly make them your own children. Your spiritual children will not be obedient and gentle to you at all in the beginning. They will be most satanic and rebellious to you. Then you will know how the Father in heaven has felt. And you will make indemnity very quickly, in raising and loving the unlovable. This is the way God lets you know the heart of the Father. When you feel bitter or sad with your spiritual children, always think of God who has suffered even more than you, for your sake.

That is why the Lord of the Second Advent must subjugate the communist world. They are in Cain's position. He must bring them to God as the most rebellious ones. This must be done from the individual to the world level. Before I actually married, I raised three spiritual sons. On the national level, I must love three other nations more than Korea. America, Japan and Germany are those three nations. I must love them more than Korea, and they must love Korea more than themselves. That is why I have been offering so many prayers to these nations, and why I am making the trip to bring blessing to these countries. At the time when I was being most persecuted, I sent missionaries to Japan and America. Centered upon these three nations, I must send missionaries to 12 other nations. Anyone who is participating in the work at this stage is very blessed.

Paying indemnity and helping the restoration is very hard work. Christians believe that they can simply believe in Jesus and go to church in order to go to heaven. You see the great difference between their belief and ours.

Question: What happens to the couple who do not fulfill the conditions, but still have love for God?

Answer: If their love for God is not changed, the period will be extended. But if they fall, another couple will replace them in that position.

Question: The blessings -- 4, 36, 72, 124 -- what is the next number?

Answer: The next number will be greater than 124. But you don't need to worry about preparing that many to be blessed. To start here, it will be a much smaller number, I will do things here after the pattern I established in Korea. It will probably start with three, I can talk about the blessing because certain things have already been established otherwise I would not even talk about it.

All of this was to have been fulfilled by Jesus with the Israelites. Since he didn't do it, I must do it with Koreans. Until this was done, I couldn't come here. It was a year's battle to fulfill this much.

When the 36 couples were blessed, I really took away sons and daughters from satanic families. There was a big protest by their families on the day of the wedding. Some of the parents did not know anything about it. They were so upset. Later they all expressed thanks. When the 72 couples were blessed, I notified their parents so there was no problem. But during the time of the restoration, I could not contract with Satan, so I just had to take them away, Satan has really hated me! You are lucky and blessed people. You don't have to go through all those difficulties. If anyone studies and understands the Principle, and finds out how I have worked to fulfill these things, going through such hardships, no heart can remain of stone. Since I was in the father's position, I could not consult with my children. There was no one with whom I could consult. A father does not consult with his son.

There are three blessings: The first stage is the blessing of religion, or by our church. This is what has taken place so far. Then, after the national restoration, comes the national blessing. When the whole world is restored, the final blessing will come. So far, it is only within the scope of the church.

Question: Will the third stage occur within our lifetime?

Answer: Of course! You must be blessed while I am alive. So you must hurry with your victory. I am not in a hurry, but you are. I am ready to bless. Are you ready to be blessed?

You must know why you are to witness. Whatever you do for God is for yourself. If I hadn't known this Principle, I wouldn't have suffered for 40 years. What is the restoration? To win people into the bosom of God! To love people from the satanic world and make them His sons, His Family, to bless them. I could not have my own family until I loved others and won them by love. You must follow the same pattern.

[Mrs. Won Pok Choi]: Who would know all this? The present-day Christians? No, he (our Leader) is love and truth itself. Jesus had truth and love, and it was not enough. Our Leader adds wisdom and power to win over Satan, make condition, and then do the actual things according to the providence of restoration.

[Master]: You couples must be aware that you have a long way to go. Someday you will regret that you found this movement and joined the group so late. So hurry up and work hard. You have to go your way, no one can take you there, you must do it yourself. The Principle is official. It is a formula. It does not make you an exception. Each one must travel his own course. Your present lineage or bloodline is not recognized by God. It must be changed.

Question: What about the children we have now -- physical children?

Answer: Your present children are not the same as your children of the future, but if they follow you, they will be benefited spiritually because of you. They also will be blessed in their maturity, in the same way that you will be blessed. You should be sure to keep them pure. You must protect them from falling, and teach them the Principle.

Question: Should we keep our physical children with us?

Answer: Yes, of course. You cannot leave them on the street, you must protect them. If they do not obey you, you can even strike them. In the satanic world, if you beat children it is from your temper and is sin. But now you know the absolute good, and if they do not obey you can bring them by force. It will be good for them after all. In our group, some people have neglected their children and devoted themselves completely to witnessing. This has happened because, if you are not restored, your children will perish automatically. If you don't find three spiritual children, how can your physical children benefit? In that sense, your problem is more urgent. For this reason, some parents have neglected their children. After they are blessed they and take them back.

But this does not mean you have to do the same thing. You should not leave your boy on the street. It is said in the Bible, "Woe to the woman with child." That means that you have to go your way which is so urgent. If you have children, you have to devote time to raising them, too. Since the fall came through Eve, wives should make their husbands free to witness, to find their three spiritual children in order for them to be blessed. If you want to be blessed quickly, you should send him away to witness while you work to support him. Since we know the urgency of witnessing to people, some of our members might have stressed witnessing and suggested sending away your physical children.

We would like to see a boarding house for the children of our members where some responsible persons could raise them and educate them at least for a few years. It will be ideal. This would release you for your necessary witnessing. We have people in our group who are well qualified and willing to conduct such a boarding house and school. This is in the future, when we have more money to support such a house and the children. It will be very good for the children, good for the parents, and very good for our movement. No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven as an individual, but as a family.

Question: You keep saying we should find three sons. Do you mean sons, or may it also be daughters?

Answer: Women should find daughters, and men should find sons. It doesn't really matter.

You should find people who have the wealth to help us finance such a school. Then we could make you free right away. Don't worry too much about it. There will be a way. Wouldn't it be good to have such a school? Our members could raise them and teach them, protect them from bad influences. They would receive an excellent education.

The Christian desires only to go to heaven without knowing all these secrets. They can't be admitted! They are lost. They are not doing the right work, and are only greedy. How lucky you are to know all this, because now you can do it. There is nothing impossible to you.

Suppose the wife goes to heaven and the husband goes to hell. Is this heaven for the wife? They should go together. After you are blessed, even though you are separated geographically, still you can trust one another. The leader of the Japanese movement, Mr. Nishikawa, was blessed while he was in Tokyo and his bride was in Korea. They knew each other, but not very well. They met after a full three years. Because of the very delicate relationship between Korea and Japan, he couldn't go to Korea and she couldn't go to Japan. During all that time, there was no trouble. They trusted each other completely. Now they are united physically. So after your blessing, there will be no problem whether your mate is near or far, Even if one dies soon, still in spirit he will be with his mate. But it is good to live together.

Question: You say perfected couples will have to train their children to know right from wrong. Does this mean we will never be free from Satan?

Answer: I didn't mean that. As soon as you notice that your child is an adolescent and is aware of sex, they are blessed in marriage. Why should they fall? God, or Heaven, is responsible to each person on earth -- to feed, to educate, and to marry. Nowadays, people work hard and yet do not have enough food. People are ready to marry, but they cannot. It is a satanic world. But in God's world, this will not be a problem to anyone. Man has the right to eat under God. So God is responsible to feed every person. Stealing will not exist in the new world. If one has a necessity, he can take it from another person. You pray and just take it. It is not stealing. No one can accuse because it is a necessity. So feeding, educating, and blessing in marriage will be taken care of. Why should one be left after one has started to have the impulse to love? It is the parents' responsibility to determine the proper time.

Question: I thought they still had to grow to Perfection before they could be blessed.

Answer: Until they grow to Perfection, they will not know of sex. They have no idea of it.

Do you disclose your most precious things to other people? Or do you treasure them and hide them? If you have a very precious jewel in your house, do you put it in the front window so everyone can see it? Love is the most precious thing in the universe. Therefore, love should be done all by yourselves. It should not be done on the street, in front of your children. If it is precious enough, do it while you are alone together. Why do you show it in front of everybody -- on the street, in the station, in the airport? Those things should not be disclosed. It is too precious. To show off your love expression in front of others is not love. You are only showing off.

Today is the time of harvest according to God's timetable. Adam and Eve sowed their fallen love in their teens. Therefore, today we are reaping this harvest. Teenagers make love and fall. This is a time of reaping, and we cannot avoid it. In the New Age, it will not be this way. If we continued this kind of life, there would be only decline. Therefore, in the New Age we will not express love in front of others. True love, heavenly love, must be centered upon God. Today you make love without parents' permission or blessing. This is the consequence of the fall. But in the New Age, love must be sanctioned by the parents. Your present free love affairs are not love. Free arrangement of marriage will not be allowed. It must be blessed and permitted by God.

Question: What if the marriage already exists?

Answer: You will have to follow a special requirement. I married in my 40th year. It took God 6000 years to see the True Marriage. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, it took nearly 7000 years to find the True Parents. Therefore, in Principle, God has not allowed anyone to marry. That is why not only Catholics but many other religions exercise chastity. In Principle, you have to remain single, unmarried for 700 or 7000 years. You have to meet the True Parents as an unmarried daughter or son. Your marriages are not recognized by God they are satanic, not centered upon God even if you were married in a church. In our church, married couples abstain sexually. Before my marriage in 1960, the married couples abstained for several years. If I wasn't married, how could they be married? But after my marriage, I shortened the time. Now you can abstain seven months before your blessing. That means that before your blessing, a husband and wife should remain as bachelor and virgin for at least 7 months, and come before me as sister and brother. Then they can be blessed in marriage.

Restoration is a reverse process. If there had been no fall, a couple blessed in marriage would then produce children. But because this is the restoration, we must have children first before you are blessed in marriage. In Adam's family, Abel could not be blessed directly by God. He first had to subjugate Cain, because the whole world was under Cain and Satan. Cain had to love Abel, and through Cain Abel could then be blessed. In our case, we must have three spiritual children, children in faith, whom we have to love and do our very best to raise. They become your children, and with them you are blessed. Then you produce your own child, who will be in Abel's position. Your three spiritual children will be in Cain's position. Since you have loved the spiritual children so much, they will love your own child very much. Therefore, your Abel will subjugate your Cain. In that way, your whole family will be restored. In order to be blessed, you must raise three children quickly.

Question: How do you start your spiritual family?

Answer: By witnessing. That is why Jesus took three disciples with him wherever he went. They were his three spiritual sons.

Question: After you get your three spiritual children, what is the next step?

Answer: You have to be blessed by God in marriage. Then you will go into actual married life which God recognizes and which is free from Satan's accusation. Your spiritual children must reach the point where they, too, can be blessed. They must fully accept the Principle and be fully dedicated to it. Then automatically they will also be blessed.

Question: This means after they have reached the State of Perfection?

Answer: It is our regulation that those people are blessed who work with our movement and are dedicated to it for at least three years. Otherwise God doesn't trust them. So after you have followed faithfully for three years, and have raised at least three people, then you can be blessed. In your lifetime you have to raise 120 people. But for now you must raise at least three children to be blessed.

Question: What about our physical child. Can he be regarded as our spiritual child?

Answer: Yes, if you lead him to the Principle. If he understands the Principle, is dedicated to it, and becomes a good leader among his school friends yes, you may consider him a spiritual child. But in Principle you should lead others beside your own bloodline. Cain means someone you cannot love, and you have to show love and raise him anyway. So other people than members of your own family are Cain. But you should not desert your own children.

Question: Are you saying that parents will be able to tell when their child should be aware of sex?

Answer: When children are aware, the parents should notice it quickly.

Question: Then some children would marry earlier than others?

Answer: Yes. In this satanic world, those children who are aware of it early are aware because they have seen and heard about it early. In God's world, this will occur only when they are physically mature, which will be at approximately the same age. I have a headache about this whole problem.

Question: What happens when one's spiritual children fall away? How does this affect one's own blessing?

Answer: You have to find another child to replace the one who falls. You must really have 12 children in order to choose the three. Jesus had 12 disciples from whom he chose three to be his spiritual children. He was not able to accomplish this, so we must fulfill what he couldn't. Do not worry about their falling, but have enough that you can replace one who does.

Question: If you have 12 children, who chooses the three to be blessed?

Answer: You do. The three children must love you so much that they can share even your destined life with you. So those who do not witness feel very strange and troubled in their heart, because they are not doing their work. It is each one's course to seek his children, and those who don't feel uncomfortable and troubled. Even in the eternal world, this is the course which must be followed.

Question: In witnessing to people, is it better for them to pay indemnity on their own, or for us to pay it for them?

Answer: It is good for you to pay indemnity, because Satan always strikes others first. Heaven is the reverse. Heaven would allow you to be stricken first, and then you can strike Satan. This is the love of God. Then Satan cannot accuse you, even though you take people from him, because he struck you first.

But don't try to pay indemnity before you approach someone, because when you find someone who is conscientious and good, your heart will automatically turn toward him. You will feel responsible for him, and then you should pay indemnity.

But sometimes you will feel completely shut off when you approach one who is not ready at all. Your indemnity would be endless if you paid for them. Approach people first and judge their response. If they are responsive, do your best. Spending a great deal of time on an evil person is a loss for God. It is better to lead two good persons quickly. Don't waste your time when you get no response. Our members are constantly seeking people wherever they go. This is exactly what God is feeling and doing. Those who do this are closest to God, because they share His nature.

Question: So then it is important for us to focus our attention on a few individuals and bring them into the Principle, rather than focusing on bringing in many?

Answer: The wider your influence reaches, the better. In principle you should have 120 people before you are blessed. Winning three persons a year makes 120 persons in 40 years, a lifetime. With humanity, you cannot tell which will be successful and which will not. Sometimes you think that one will ripen into real fruit, but after three years you find he is still green. Sometimes you will lead a person who ripens within a few months. In order to choose those who will ripen, you must have many candidates. If the millions knew this wonderful secret, they would take me away. You are really more blessed than the millionaires. You have greater treasure. All things in creation are choosing God, saying, "We don't want to be slaves to those evil, satanic people. We want to serve you, Father," That is why, if the material things of this country are not used for the right purpose, they will be taken away. The things themselves are now accusing man. They don't want to serve wicked people. They "groan in travail," in order to escape from the bondage of evil. They want to come and belong to the True Parent.

Question: Do you want the missionaries to other countries to be natives of the country they serve?

Answer: It doesn't matter. The international mission is your responsibility, because there are many nationalities in this country.

You should also approach wealthy people and explain the nature of our message. They will be able to help financially, even if they can't go themselves.

Question: What is the relationship between the blessing of the ground [Holy Ground]and the blessing of people? What is the reason for blessing ground before blessing people in any one country?

Since people have been blessed in Korea, the blessing of ground here is possible. It is better for you to have the ground blessed first. Since it has been blessed, I can bless you whenever you are ready. The 36 couples were selected from those who had been in the Principle more than six years. The 72 couples and 120 couples were selected from those who had been with the group over three years.

Question: Now that this ground has been blessed in America, will our work here be speeded up?

Answer: Now that the foothold has been established in this country, the spirit world will be more active through these channels. Consequently, you will find more people more quickly. Then there will be enough candidates to have the blessing. If there are not enough people, the blessing will be postponed.

You should send workers to those states where ground has been sanctified. Otherwise, the spirit world cannot help you in those states. There is no base. Some spiritually gifted people, not in the Principle, will receive that such a place is Holy Ground, but they won't know why nor what it means. You must be there to explain its meaning and make a connection with the Principle.

We are stabbing the heart of Satan by sanctifying ground. It is most detrimental to him. By ordaining the grounds, some aged Politicians and leaders may die quickly and be replaced by new people. There will be a change of personnel in leading positions.

Question: What is our tie - in, if any, with the Universal Link group in England, and who is the one who calls himself "Truth"?

Answer: The Universal Link is a group which is playing the role of forerunner. Their mission is to testify to the existence of the spirit world. The one who calls himself "Truth" is a spirit who manifests himself in the name of, or through, Jesus. That group will introduce the spirit world to the people. Many intellectual people will inquire through the group and will seek higher truth. If the group is not able to answer them, showing them higher truth, then that group will begin to decline. The people will turn in another direction.

One of our tasks is to form an association with this type of spiritual group, such as Universal Link and other New Age groups. We should contact these groups and use them as forerunners. They are closer to us than completely secular groups, and we should not cut them off. We should find people through these New Age metaphysical groups, God is sending many archangels to play the trumpet. These groups are some of them. They are announcing to the world that the New Age is coming, and that the spirit world exists. These groups announce through the world that the New Age has come and that the new leader has arrived. Meanwhile the whole world will really seek where he is. In this way, the groups prepare the world.

Question: What do you do when some of their members can see nothing in the Divine Principles?

Answer: Some may not receive anything about us. But others may. For instance, Arthur Ford has not accepted the Principle himself, but he testifies through his trances. Spiritually gifted people are receiving similar messages. Some people in San Francisco may have received something when he arrived here by plane, saying that he had come in the cloud. It is very wise to use spiritual people. That is, use mediums and people from spiritualist churches as a bridge to find good people.

Question: What happens to the person who is very faithful but is not very good in witnessing?

Answer: He must be faithful in other aspects of our work. He must be so faithful and dedicated in other types of work that those who can witness regard him in Abel's position. Suppose someone else is very good in witnessing and brings in so many people, then I will take three of them and make them the children of the faithful one who has no children. So if you are faithful but are not good in witnessing, still do your best. I will make a special arrangement for you. But try to witness, even if only to your relatives.

When a multitude of people join our group, I will designate which 'children' will be assigned to which 'parents'. So don't just work to get three persons.

Question: What happens when you bring in many children, but they leave for other parts of the world to work. Are they still responsible in terms of love to the one who brought them in?

Answer: That doesn't matter. They should be grateful not only to the one who brought them in, but also to our Master. If they are grateful to him, he knows how much the one who brought them in has done. He will count them as children. You don't have to worry about it.

The important thing is to be recognized by God for how much you have done. When the whole world is restored, the blessing can be performed within a year. Among all these, it will be easy to pick up three adopted children for you. Good ones. Since I have laid the foundation and paved the way, your way will be much, much easier from now on. In the past, I deserted even my own family because I had to lead Cain first. Pure Cain, not relatives, not blood ties -- but pure Cain. Now I am leading even my own relatives, because my time has come. With regard to nations, I had to love other countries before I could love Korea. That is why I sent out missionaries before 1960. They were in the Cain position.

Question: In other words, love is the absolute fulfillment? If you love, you can't help but love the children of earth?

Answer:Yes, you must love everyone. But at least you must love three and really make them God's children. Love is not just a vague thing. You must bring the fruits of your love to God. So don't waste your love, but bear fruit.

Master's Comments:

You must consider your chastity as the most important thing from now on. Forget about the past. But from now on, be careful! Couples, strictly observe abstention for more than seven months. Single people, be careful!

Which would you like better. Coming to Korea and being blessed there, or my coming here to bless you? I prefer to take you there. When is up to you. I may call you to Korea, so you had better prepare everything. It will be a most glorious thing for you to go there to be blessed. I hope to come back next year (1966) definitely for that purpose -- to match you. So you may be called next year to be blessed. But I would like to bless three single couples in Korea, and marry the couples in this country. To do this, I must bring my whole family. The four positions must be established. Since the world doesn't know what we are doing, your going to Korea to be blessed is more beneficial than was the coming of those to the West for gold. It is a greater blessing. It has taken 6000 years for God to come to you to bless you. So it is nothing for you to go to Korea to achieve it.

So you must bring in more people. Don't think that you can just observe these activities and achieve the benefits.

In three years, other people may be performing the blessing. In this sense, the earlier members are most privileged. It is a great privilege to be blessed by him personally. So find people quickly.

I will come frequently in the future. And I will stay longest in the place which has done the most significant work. Work desperately!

I have seen the significance of literature work. The correspondence course should be utilized. In some cases you will have to give them away.

First, you must lay a foundation in each state. Second, we must use the press and bring them to our side. Then we must approach the leaders of this government and make them have interest in our movement.

I may give you orders to make adventure. Will you take it? 

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