The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Prayer: We Never Fully Realized How Difficult Your Path Has Been

Sun Myung Moon
February 19, 1965
Los Angeles, CA

Father, I have come to this place to see Your children who have been longing to see me even though we live apart with an ocean between us. Your hope has been that I should come, and the way You have come to meet them has been Your hope; yet we never fully realized how difficult Your path has been. No one has truly understood Your will, Your dispensation. No one has truly realized what You have desired to do.

Let the American family realize what You have been expecting them to do. Let them realize this fully and help them to fulfill their mission as the leading nation of the world in this last dispensation. Let the Americans realize and be aware how much Your heart grieves with them because of their ignorance of their own mission and course to follow in this last dispensation. In order to fulfill this mission, to awaken the Americans, You have called the Unified Family. Let them realize how heavy their responsibility is.

Let Your beloved children of America realize their responsibility and even though their way is hard and rough, help them to make firm resolution to fulfill, to accomplish their mission for this nation. Let them realize how important their responsibility is, this small number in Los Angeles and the small number throughout America. Let them understand the responsibility to grapple with this huge nation of world leadership. To do this they will have to shed blood, tears and sweat.

Father, have them realize their responsibility. In order to fulfill their mission they have to go a long way, facing objections, contempt and accusation. But, when they realize how hard and long Your way has been to come to us, no matter how difficult their way, it will be nothing. You have come through the long way of 6,000 years and faced many sorrows and much grief. You have revealed Your will to many servants and prophets, but all of them left their missions unfulfilled, and this caused even deeper grief for You. Let them realize how Your heart has been bleeding.

We know now what Your desire is, what Your heart is. This is what many prophets and servants did not know. We now know Your will and why we have been born at this time and for what we have to live. This we realize. Make their hearts and bodies one with You. May their lives not deviate from Your love. Make them worthy that You may take them until they reach their goal and receive their blessing. The will to fulfill is still great. The will of the cross is still long. To make this land as the blessed land of Your dominion, their mission and responsibility is so great. Help them to have firm determination to fulfill Your mission on this land.

These children of Yours have not tasted hardship, pain and tearful experiences in their lives, and their environment is not hard enough to allow them to realize Your hardship, pain and grief. Move their hearts and encourage them to realize their responsibility. Under Your direct leadership, guide them to fulfill their mission. Although they are small in numbers, You have called them to represent Los Angeles, the city of sin and evil. Through their sweat and tears, redeem the city to lead the people of America, in order to fulfill their national mission at this time. Let them realize how precious their time is. Without wasting even one day, one hour, let them fulfill the heavenly mission.

Remember all those scattered in America and all those scattered in the whole world who are praying for this meeting today, particularly those who pray with a sorrowful heart. Bless all of them. Be with all of them and bless them. Let them realize that there is deep significance and meaning in this world trip. Help them to realize what You feel so that they may be brought to Your blessings; that they may deserve to receive the blessing You bring. It is so wonderful to see them face to face. Let their bodies and spirits be governed by You that they may be brought to Your blessing, that they may deserve to be the chosen ones to be blessed, that they may belong to the chosen nation to be blessed. May they be victorious in their battle until they come to the final victory of world restoration. By judging Satan, let them be victorious in their battle. Their bodies and their spirits are no longer theirs but they are Yours. Govern them that they may deserve to be Your chosen children.

Let them make their resolution again and make their pledge again to dedicate themselves to bring victory to You in their battle against Satan. From now on, we commit the schedule to Your hands.

Guide everything so that nothing and no one will deviate from Your will. Guide them through meetings and all during my stay. Let them realize how great Your love is, how important Your dispensation is, how great Your blessing is. Assemble all the prepared people from the city of Los Angeles and expand and enlarge Your foundation of glory so that this region and this nation may fulfill the responsibility to glorify Your name throughout the ages, so that they may be able to liberate their ancestors and the ancestors of the whole world. May this region be the starting point of this world liberation. May Your love and grace dwell in everything we do. This I pray in the name of the True Parents. Amen. 

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