The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

A Place Where You Meet God (III)

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1965 (1:40 AM ~ 3:40 AM)
Address at Sendai Church, Japan
Unofficial Translation

Complete Self-Denial

Religions started from a standard of denial -- denying every single thing. Why is this? Even if this world found a way to create one unified world where the desires of all people were satisfied, it would be possible that such a world would reject the truth: about what God desires, our original mind's desire and the true mind's desire. God has known of such a possibility and our original minds sensed such a danger, therefore it is a natural conclusion that this world must be crushed -- must be denied.

This is why a religion must start from denial. How much should it deny? It should deny itself up to some point? It must deny itself completely. The realm of denial includes your own life. Why should you deny your own life? Since your existence is not what God had desired originally, you must ultimately deny even your love. You must deny your parents and siblings. Therefore, you must deny every element of your life. This is a very hard task. This is needed to repay for the fall of man. This is a logical conclusion.

Why do you have to go this far? The reason why you should deny everything is because this is the point where you can begin your relationship anew. For this reason, you will be able to meet God. Then, you have to connect with God's word, and you must be one with God's substantial representative. You must connect with God's heart. This desire to inherit the heart of God is the highest aim of human existence. Thus, it is logical that in order that you reach the standard of this value -- to attain this purpose -- you must cut off from all elements of the fall. From this point of denial, the relationship between God and you begins.

Thus, true religion begins at the same point. However, it is not an easy task for any man to do this. Then, how can God conduct His providence of salvation while this hard task remains? Unless this issue is resolved, it creates countless problems. Everyone must meet God first. In order to meet God, each person must gain this victory of denial as the starting point. For that reason, you must deny everything in the world and reach a new realm that is separated from the realm of hopes that all humanity across the globe desires. Then, in this new realm, you must recognize God's representative who appears at this time. From this point, you must go forth with a new hope, a new lifestyle, a new life of faith and a new view of life. 

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