The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

A Place Where You Meet God (II)

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1965 (1:40 AM ~ 3:40 AM)
Address at Sendai Church, Japan
Unofficial Translation

Issues that I want to share with you are, "A place where you can meet God," "A place where you can meet the True Parents," "The Homeland which you long for," or "A place you meet the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven." Tonight, I will talk on the topic, "A place where you can meet God," for about one hour.

Truth You Need for Meeting God

Reviewing the providential history, God has been guiding us through His word. However, even thought the providence of restoration has been conducted based on God's word, then could God express His word in a concrete and complete manner? If you read the Bible, you see this is not the case. The Bible is written in order to guide us, but expressed in symbols and parables. There are so many truths remained in the Bible that still need to be clarified and explained. These words, as expressed in the Bible, often do not directly relate to our daily life.

Then what has history been looking for? We can conclude that it has been looking for the truth. Thinking of that, today, the world is flooded with so many isms and philosophies, that you wonder if the Bible is really the final truth given to humanity by God. The answer for this question is that it is not. Thus, there is no one who has encountered the complete and final truth up until this present time, as we are still in the process of restoration in human history.

Unless the final and complete truth appears on earth, there will be no perfected man. Unless such a man can appear, it is impossible to find a man who possesses God's original heart. Then, at what stage do the human beings in this world stand, today? You must conclude that humanity is still at a relatively beginning stage in finding the truth. Then, what does the history desire, now? First, it is more important to find the truth than finding God. The next concern is to find the substance of the truth. Then, following that, we need to find the heart reflecting the truth. Now, after finding the truth, you see, it is important to find the substance of the truth and the heart through the substance of the truth. After these three beings are one, God will appear on earth.

Thinking about these, is Sendai a place where you can meet God? You now know that it is not that easy. Therefore, you must find the truth that history has been seeking. You must seek the truth. Where can you find the absolute truth that influences your daily living, entire life, world view, and philosophy of life? It is the fact that humanity has been seeking to find the truth, going through numerous struggles, searching amongst all the isms and philosophies throughout human history. Then, what can save this world? What can save our nation, ourselves? Power cannot do it. It cannot be done by any external things such as wealth or knowledge. No money, power, or knowledge can do it.

However, in general, people desire money and power to control the world -- to gain knowledge, qualification or confidence. Even if you gained all these in this world, you have not necessarily reached a position where God can trust you and recognize you as truthful. Can you be allowed to come near God because you gained all those things? If you are allowed to do so, the money you have gained the power you have enjoyed and the knowledge you have accumulated would be honorable by themselves. It is nice if the truth would embrace these values. However, the truth that appears before you at this time will not accept all such elements of this world. 

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