The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

The Place Where You Meet God (I)

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 1965 (1:40 AM ~ 3:40 AM)
Address at Sendai Church, Japan
Unofficial Translation

I thought about what I should speak to you tonight. I now know what I want to talk to you about. Topics that I want to share with you are, "The place where you can meet God," "The place where you can meet the True Parents," "The Homeland which you long for," or "A place where you can meet the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven." Tonight, I will talk on, "The place where you can meet God," for about one hour.

Loss of Truth, Substance, and Heart

Man fell. What are the consequences of the fall? We lost Heavenly Father. At the same time we lost Heavenly Father, we lost the True Parents. These are the consequences. Combined with these, we lost the true family since losing the True Parents, and moreover: we lost the true tribe, race, nation and the world. Because of the fall of man, all these came into reality. Had our first ancestors not fallen, by heeding to God's word and standing in the position to respond to God's heart, we human beings would have become the substances that God had desired. Then, not only would we have realized God's ideal on earth, but also we would have received God's heart that would move the entire ideal world. In other words, we would have stood in the position to inherit His heart.

As a result of the fall of man, we lost Heavenly Father as well as various required conditions. More importantly, we, substantial beings representing God no longer are able to inherit God's heart, enabling us to live a happy life in the eternal ideal world. We, individually, became such flawed beings. Why did this happen? This did not happen because the connection between God and man is severed. It is not. It is because there appeared an intermediate being -- this being caused the separation. This being is what is called Satan. Thinking of that, this triangular relationship caused these consequences. Thus, fallen human beings must regain the world before the fall. They need to return back to their original place.

You cannot return back to the original place vaguely. In order to do so, the absolute conditions must be set. It is clear that the restoration occurs through certain standards. This is the problem. The standard, that our ancestors did not heed God's word, became the problem -- they did not believe in or unite with God's word. Thus, in order to be restored, you must believe in God's word. This is an absolute condition.

The purpose of faith is to create the substantial being who is one with God's word. The highest and final goal of believing in God, through a lifestyle of truth and faith for a certain time period, is how we create the substantial being that represents God. This representative, who is a manifestation of the word, whom God can absolutely trust and who can stand proudly in front of all creation, must be created.

What should you long for after creating such a substantial being through your life of faith? The ultimate purpose of this providence is to unite such holy beings with the holy heart of God. This is the highest purpose of the path of truth in accordance with this providence. As consequences of Adam losing God's word, substance and heart, all were separated -- Heaven and earth, God and us, True Parents and children, ideal family and us, and the ideal homeland and us. Therefore, how to bring them back together is what's important -- this is the question for truth, question for the substance and question for the heart. This is a logical conclusion.

Three Conditions Needed to Meet God

Where can you meet God as I mentioned at the beginning of my talk? Thinking of what kind of a place you can meet God; first of all, you who want to meet God must know the truth. As you know and possess the truth, through this you will be guided to the purpose of God's desire. Just possessing the truth is not enough. There must be a substantial being who is one with the truth. There must be a foundation. Therefore, God requires a man perfected through His word. Also, the place where you can truly meet God must be filled with a heart that He desires. Therefore, if you establish conditions to satisfy these three questions -- truth, substantial being of truth, and heart, God and you will meet together. 

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