The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

About the Unification Flag

Sun Myung Moon
January 28, 1965
Tokyo Church

Sun Myung Moon with Unification Church members in Korea, 1960

Everything is in the universe was created through the relationship of give and take action. This Unification flag signifies the cosmos; the entire cosmos centered on the sun symbolizes God Himself. At the center, everything including our ideas is connected. On the flag, 12 lines are arranged in a radial fashion from the center; and among them, four wider lines represent the four directions.

In order that one existence stands as the center, the four corners should be determined. This is namely the four position foundation. Next, twelve lines signify 12 months centered on the four directions -- east, west, south and north. These are moving around through the relationship of give and take action.

Look at the flag, the overall design represents the steering wheel of a boat. This signifies we must steer this cosmos by our hands. As you see, this symbol contains all of our ideals and all elements of the Principle of Creation. In general, the flag represents a nation. This Unification Flag represents our church now. Our idea of the flag is not limited to a church. Rather it is to be raised as symbolic of the coming of the bright day of God's Kingdom where God's purpose of creation is accomplished -- the one world according to God's heart that is the hope of history, of the present and the future.

I believe that if you embrace this flag in your heart and try to live with the heart of God, this flag will fulfill its mission as the symbol of power against all trials and rebellions caused by Satan. You should trust it as I do. Be bold and courageous while going forward on this path. God will be with you like the flag and assist you wherever you go. 

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