The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Prayer: Allow Us To Discover The Condition In Which Our Hearts Now Lie

Sun Myung Moon
United States

Father, please allow us to discover the condition in which our hearts now lie. We are aware that although our bodies have gathered together, each heart moves in its own direction. We are aware that we who were created by You should move only according to Your desire, and just as You created Adam, so too our hearts should be molded according to Your desire. Now our bodies have come together to form one altar, but we are concerned as to whether the true natures and essential natures of our hearts have become the temples in which You may dwell.

Please forgive us that even with such hearts we yearn for You, our precious Father. We are painfully aware of how much we need to feel the sensation that comes when our insufficient hearts brush against Your internal character and are suddenly lifted up. We cannot but consider within the depths of our hearts how through Your history of restoration You have sought joy through calm discussion and have sought to manifest our missions solemnly. No one ever welcomed our Father solemnly or stood in a position for You to express Your hidden secrets. Through this moment we have taken to heart how it was only our Father who cried, and only our Father who suffered. Our Heavenly Father should be the True Father of all mankind, and our Heavenly Father and we ourselves must establish a three-dimensional relationship centered on eternal life.

Although we must become sons and daughters who realize these facts, if such a realization does not sprout from deep within our hearts, how can we call ourselves Your sons? How can we call ourselves Your daughters? When we realize that no ties or connections bind us together, we see that we also have no relationship with the Kingdom of Heaven which You would give us. Neither have we anything to do with the place for Your rest after You have suffered through the long history of resentment. Our suffering Father, our loving Father! Should You forsake our pitiful selves, we can only be buried in eternal death. What abilities do we have? We are so weak and so lacking in every way. We feel nothing but fear, and with such hearts receive Your love; turning our eyes toward heaven, we desperately await the hand of salvation.

Oh Father, we pray from deep within our hearts: please save our pitiful selves. History has reached its consummation. Father, You are surely aware of how the surging waves of death attack us from every direction and threaten to swallow us up. Because You have maintained a heart of concern for us and have kept the will to sacrifice for us, when You see us in our present situation, Your heart must rend asunder. Father, we beg that You may pity us and fulfill this moment.

Father, in this moment, we would like to confess our lonesome hearts before You and exchange them for Your heart. Surely You are aware of the pitiful situation we are in. We cannot live unless we can exchange our inexpressibly sad and grieving hearts for Your heart of joy and life. We pray, Father, that You may forgive us. Father even though You have sacrificed Yourself for us and taken upon Yourself all our suffering, still, because we are so fallen, we must again seek Your salvation.

Oh Father! Please let it be that the hearts of all gathered here may flow freely among themselves. Although we once were stumbling now we are all gathered here as brothers and sisters. We have gathered here to turn toward heaven, yearning for the Heavenly Word of restoration that will allow us to reach for Your original idea. So we beg that You take pity on us and raise us up. But who among us can stand before You in confidence? Because, Father, You are confident, we have sought to be confident, and because You have told us how it must become, we have sought to believe this way. But if there is even the smallest mistake here, You will have to forgive us again, so we beg that You will give us direct guidance.

Father, we pray that You take pity on the race of thirty thousand. Without knowing the proper road to follow, our brothers can only wander aimless, crying and screaming on the road of life or death. We know, Father, that Satan is hunting for them and his power is increasing. We must become people capable of feeling grief over this reality and testify to the road they must follow and decrease the power of Satan over them. In this way, we must raise the foundation of victory. Oh Father! If our strength is not sufficient, please give us Your courage. Just as You directed Joshua and Caleb to be strong and of good courage, we beg that You may grant us Your words at this time. We pray that we may become heavenly sons and daughters who will offer the fate of the race of thirty thousand before our Father's altar, link them to Your life, and pay any sacrifice and fight to the end when Satan attacks trying to sever this precious lifeline.

Even today Your sons and daughters are scattered across the country. Father, they are bowing down before You and in tears they cry out with their sad hearts. On this tragic course where men are not able to comfort one another, but must live in a bitter, lonely environment, please take pity on Your sons and daughters who have so few brothers and sisters to whom they can confess their sorrow.

In this moment, by softly caressing each other's hearts we have seen how the world of Your heart moves beyond space and time. Because in this moment our hearts may be struck by Your guidance, we may experience a moment of the joy of being submerged in Your heart. If it may be allowed for this one brief moment, we beg that You may bring us Your word and hope that You may somehow spend this moment in our midst.

We do not ask for words of blessing. We only need the awareness that now is the time when we must know how we are lacking, and now is the time to know the heart that fears having to come to judgment without having wiped away the lineage of sin.

We pray that with such a body and mind, we may be able to approach the word that is permitted to us. We pray that the heart of he who speaks the word and the hearts of those who are about to receive the word may not be separated, but will become one heart and be able to touch Your heart that overflows in deep truth and love. We pray that in this moment, we may take on our Father's internal character and humbly bow before You, and that this may be a moment in which the heart of respect and honor may flow among us and that there may not even be the smallest opening through which Satan may invade. We pray in the name of our precious Lord. Amen. 

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