The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1965

Remarks by Sun Myung Moon at Arlington Virginia

Translator: by Bo Hi Pak
Arlington, Virginia
April 21, 1965

Note: This is typed from a simultaneous translation from Sun Myung Moon's words in Korean to Col. Bo Hi Pak's English and full allowance should be made for what may appear to be awkward phrases.

It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you today.

We have so many people here on earth but very few know the World of Spirit and consequently few know truly about God. Also, we have lack of knowledge about Satan, those opposing forces against God all these years. It is true that God is here -- and Satan is . History has been the record of humanity -- Man -- between the will of God and the will of Satan. This is our sacred responsibility -- those who are coping in the field of religion -- and those who are endeavoring in the World of Spirit to derive the answer from the very Cause -- the very Origin.

I have been devoting my whole life in the journey of the seeker -- seeker of the truth -and research of the work in the field of religion.

My endeavor now comes to the point that it must be manifested and fulfilled. My utmost interest is focused upon two major points. One, the liberation of humanity -- the true liberation I mean -- the liberation from sin -- liberation from the bondage of evil forces. This is my focus of attention and this is my very endeavor in which I am dedicated; and second, how I can remedy or rectify the broken heart of God -- how the sorrow of God can be interpreted and learned by all people. In other words, how can we liberate the World of Spirit as well as the Physical World from the bondage of Satan. You may not know very well, but I say that I am a rather controversial person, maybe not in this world as yet, but certainly in the World of Spirit.

In order to draw the answer, the solution for the world in which we live -- I term it the external world -- we must draw the answer from the inward world -- inward which is Spirit.

We should realize that the World of Spirit is also a Creation of God -- and God created the Spirit World in his Principles so this Spirit World is not a mysterious world -- this is a world of Principle. Therefore, if we discover the Principle we certainly have the ability to understand and cope with the World of Spirit.

The war against evil forces here on earth is in the midst of the battle -- but weapons cannot be found here -- and we must draw our answer and our power from the Source Of Origin which is Spirit World -- and that Principle must be found by earthly men -the victorious standard must be established before this World -- over there. Once this victorious standard is established or won in the Spirit World, then unity comes first in the World of Spirit. Therefore all these other things done -- - until the battle is won -- after the showdown is made in the Spirit World -- - it is spirit mans responsibility -- they have to witness -- - to carry witness -- - to carry messages to the earthly plane in which we live.

Throughout my life I have met many, many spiritual persons -- sensitives -- and many famous ones. And they often speak of my mission because they knew since the cause has been determined already; in other words, the showdown has already been made.

The World of Spirit is one unified world. Therefore when one big event or happening occurs in that world -- it becomes known to everyone in that realm. Therefore they could carry the witness -- bear the witness. I have many followers who have been lead by the spirit for many years, sometimes ten years, then they are suddenly lead to me.

I am very happy to welcome my dear friend, Mr. Arthur Ford. Now you will come to the point that you will taste some unusual experience. Here in this room you will see two worlds meet at one point -- the World of Spirit and the world in which we live. Those who have never experienced this thing before may feel strange and confused but I would like to stress this point -- the World of Spirit is also the world that God created. That world is run by one same Principle of God. It is not a world of confusion. It is not the world of chaos. It is more organized and a more systematic world than this. Therefore I hope you will come to a deeper understanding of the great contribution our dear friend, Mr. Ford, is making to humanity -- Also, I am begging and asking you he needs concentration- that those who are here in this room must not divert the attention -- please be cooperative with him and be centered upon this one phenomena which you are going to see.

And I would like to conclude my greeting to you by saying that I have my own experiences. I have many stories and many messages to tell- I hope I will have opportunity to express my own experiences later. But one thing is sure, we all are here to erect or fulfill the will of God here on earth -- his kingdom to be established and we are moving toward this common goal -- this common endeavor -- for God.

Thank you for your coming.

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